My New Favorite Slow Cooker (aka Crock Pot) Accessory!

I have a love hate relationship with my crock pot (or do you call yours a slow cooker?).

My Crock Pot sells for about $35.54 on Amazon and is the 19th most popular…

I love it… because it makes dinner time sooooo easy!!

I hate it… because it makes clean up a pain in the fanny!


Hold on to your pants ladies and gents!  This product makes clean up a breeze!!!

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners – $5.99

Maybe you’ve heard of these and never tried them… that’s how I was too.  Yesterday I finally tried them and guess what?  I nearly cried it was so wonderful!  I cooked some steel cut oats overnight (thank you Vitacost!), and man I think my pot would still be soaking if it weren’t for these liners!  Then last night I made some chicken for dinner (side note: so happy Zaycon is bring chicken next month!).   That’s right folks, I used my crock pot TWICE in one day (I should have taken pictures)!  Usually my slow cooker would soak for 2 days (I’d keep putting it off, even though we all know soaking for 2 days aint going to do it a bit of good).

These awesome liners made clean up a breeze!!!

These liners have saved my SANITY!!!

  •  Liners fit 3-6.5 quart round AND oval slow cookers
  • 4 heavy duty (and special) plastic liners per box
Now this isn’t the lowest price you’ll find…  here are a few other options:  

Walmart Deal Idea:

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners (4 pack) – $1.98
Use $1.00/1 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liner
Final Price: $.98 (or $.25 each)

Want another option with out going to the store?

PanSaver Liners (25 pack) – $10.99
(Better reviews than the Reynolds product)
Price each: $.44

No matter how you do it, go buy these (or these) now (you can thank me later).

ps – curious about the #1 selling slow cooker on Amazon?  See all the fancy slow cookers/crock pots here.

Because Amazon’s prices fluctuate so much and some times so quickly, please don’t be mad at me if you miss this great price!  Also, see why we ♥  Amazon Prime for free shipping!


  • Beth

    *I* never have trouble getting my crocks clean. My children do a good job washing them! LOL!

  • misty

    I was able to get the #1 Crockpot a few weeks ago at Sams Club for 24.00. It came with a small crockpot as well for dipping. It was a wonderful buy.


    Love,love, love my crock pot.

  • Sara

    Just wanted to let you know that if you own a “round” crockpot instead of the larger oval one, you can use the baking bags instead. My 99cent store sells 5 of them to a box.

    This “trail” of the baking bags vs crockpot bags has saved me tons of money in the last few months.

  • Marcie

    You can also get Three boxes of the 4 packs (total of 12 bags) here at Walmart for $5.61

  • Elizabeth

    I seriously will not use my crockpot without these liners because I hate cleaning it so much. BEST. INVENTION. EVER. Now invent one for my oven and I’ll be Julia Child. LOL

  • Jessica

    Those liners are life savers!

    If you love to use your slow cooker/crock pot to make items for tailgates and potlucks, then you can find an item that is equally as awesome as these liners: insulated slow cooker carriers! I sell personalized ones on my site, so come check them out!

  • Rosanna

    I’m not sure where you’re buying those, but $5.99 is a rip-off! I buy mine at Wal-Mart for $1.97 and use a $1/1 coupon making them $.97.

  • Heather

    I have always wondered about these as I am also a 2 day soaker of my slow cooker…even with spraying Pam, etc inside before I use it! Thanks for the coupon…I was headed by a Walmart today! I was able to score two boxes…of which they were a special promo, 6 BAGS for the price of 4! Keep your eyes out for these if you are going to Walmart…they are in the same location and look the same, but have a line over the 4 with a red six on it on the bottom right hand corner!

  • Susan

    I LOVE my slow cooker! It’s a West Bend waterless and wasn’t cheap, but it is just awesome. I use it at least once a week, more in the winter. I don’t find it hard to clean at all. It rinses out easily and nothing sticks to it.

    I won’t use liners because of the rumors that they cause cancer. Maybe they do, maybe they don’t, I really don’t know, but the way I see it is why even take the chance when it’s so easy to avoid. Same reason I won’t use those Silpat baking mats or microwave anything in a plastic container.

    • Amy

      I respect your desire to protect your family from any unnecessary exposure to carcinogens. I definitely see your perspective of not introducing any potential health risks to your family. On the other hand, there are so many potential health risks out there that you don’t know about that sometimes I think we can become too obsessed with worrying about what the negative effects that we may forget about the enjoyable things such as not having to spend so much time cleaning up your crock pot and getting to spend more time with your loved ones.
      There are many people out there who are diagnosed with cancer who have no clear history or risk factors for their diagnosis. I’m not saying that we should all go out and smoke a pack of cigarettes, I just believe that a lot of the time we get so caught up on what might cause cancer that we aren’t able to enjoy the little things.
      I will get off my soap box now, like I said before, I do respect your opinions and this is in no way meant to be argumentative or disrespectful.

    • Vanessa

      Per the Reynolds website:

      Are Reynolds Slow Cooker liners BPA-free?
      Yes. Slow Cooker Liners are BPA-free and approved by the FDA for cooking.

      Per me: The rumors that they cause cancer are completely unfounded. I don’t understand why people spread rumors like this which have no basis on fact which in turn hurts a company for no good reason.

  • Susan

    I can’t tell from the picture if this model has a removable insert or not. But crock pots where the “pot” can be fully immersed in water are much easier to clean.

    Also, I had a ceramic crock pot before investing in a higher quality stainless steel model, and the ceramic was a lot more of a pain in the neck to clean.

  • Barbara Wixom

    I completely agree! I discovered crock pot liners several years ago and I will never go without them! Awesome product and easy to get a good deal on with the $1.00 off coupon. I keep a good stock of these.

  • keegan

    I put the liner in my crockpot, fill it with whatever, and freeze it. It pops out, I wrap it with a twist tie and another heavy duty bag and label it. Then I just pull it out and drop it in. Fluids/ spices and everything all in one. But I own one of the smaller round ones, so this method doesn’t take up much room. And I don’t have to wait for the frozen veggies to partially thaw for my lid to sit on tight, like I used to. I have a 7 and 14 year old and both of them like to say ” I made dinner”, when they start it for me in the mornings. 😀

  • Kay

    If you run out of liners, and you have to use your slow cooker anyway. I have a great tip for stuck on foods. Fill your crock with hot water and add 2 to 3 dryer sheets and soak overnight. The chemicals in the dryer sheets that soften your clothes, soften the stuck on food as well!! Works every time!!

  • Audrey

    Are the liners BPA free? I didn’t notice any info. Thanks.

  • gale

    I don’t think I want to cook in a plastic liner for hours. I used to use them but then started to wonder what in them is leaching into our foods. Even if it isn’t BPA there are other non-food chemicals in them. I’ve started to soak and wash my crock instead and feel a lot better for it.

  • connie

    I have a removable bowl in mine and use the old trick of baking soda. I put it in the sink, add a quarter cup of baking soda and very hot water. In a few hours everything just slides off- it’s all natural and cheap!

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