How to Freeze Zucchini

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If you grew even one plant of Zucchini you probably have so much you don’t know what to do with it all (I do).  One of the best ways to preserve Zucchini is to freeze it.  It is SUPER quick and easy to freeze and has many different uses.  You can cut it up and use it in stir fry or kabobs. or shred it and use it in Zucchini  Bread, lasagna, egg dishes and more.

 Freezing Sliced Zucchini

1.  Fill a large stockpot three quarters of the way full with water and heat to a  boil on the stove top.

2.  Wash the fresh zucchini with water to remove any dirt. Dry the zucchini and place on a cutting board.

3. Slice the stem and the end of the zucchini off and throw away or add to your compost pile.  Slice the remaining zucchini into 1/4 – 1/2-inch pieces for  freezing.

4.  Prepare a large bowl with ice water to cool the zucchini after it is blanced in the boiling water.

5.  Put the zucchini slices in the boiling water for up to three minutes to blanch.  Start timing once the water has returned to a boil. Blanching the zucchini stops enzyme production,  this helps the zucchini maintain its taste and color when frozen.

6.  Remove the zucchini from the boiling water and quickly put it into the ice  water.   Keep  the zucchini in the cold water for three minutes (add ice if necessary). strain off the water and allow it to drain for five minutes to remove excess  water.

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7.  Put the zucchini into freezer bags or vacuum seal bags for storage. Remove as much air from the bag before sealing it. This helps keep  ice crystals from forming on your zucchini.  Seal the bag and label with the contents and date you froze the  zucchini, so you can identify it in the freezer later!

Grating Zucchini

1.  Wash and cut the zucchini in half lengthwise and remove the seeds.  (I usually use my large zucchinis to shred.)

2.  Use a hand grater, food processor or Kitchen Aid grating attachment to shred the zucchini.  Grating zucchini with the skin on preserves its crunch when frozen.

You may also want to steam or blanch grated zucchini before freezing.  (see above)  I then measure the shredded zucchini into a freezer bag.  I like to measure it according to what most of my recipes call for ie Zucchini bread 2 cups.  Grated zucchini can be added to quick breads, egg dishes, lasagna and many other recipes.

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    Now that i know i can freeze zuchinni…..Can i freeze those Fresh Express coleslaw kits you buy from the store??? Any help or tips would be appreciated! Your blog is amazing and wonderful Thank you !!


    anyone know ifi can freeze coleslaw?

  • Elizabeth Gibbeson

    Another great way I saw was to add a little sugar or very carefully, add a little salt to the grated zucchini to draw out excess water. Drain well. Measure into a 1 C measure (or whatever sizes you want) and turn upside down on a parchment lined baking sheet. Freeze. You can wrap individually and put a bunch in gallon bags or just put them into bags. Zucchini pucks.

  • Goldnrod

    My question is: do you get a quality product after freezing?
    I have always heard the zucchini came out horrible after freezing. I don’t want to put in all the work & fill up my freezer, if I’m just going to have to throw it all away in the end. Better it just give it away (we’ve got a garden).
    I do make a lot of stir-fry, and have been making ‘zoodles’ with my julienne tool.

    • Jil Green

      I have a garden too, and love my zucchini. I hate to drop the bomb, but it is not the same once frozen. What we do is eat all the fresh cooked dishes while it’s growing and can, freeze and shred for the
      freezer at same time. Canned and frozen slicbrees can be used in casseroles. Shredded can be used
      for bread and cookies (very watery, squeeze out like frozen spinach) I add the shredded also to
      stir frys, mashed potatoes and eggs for color. Happy Gardening!!!!

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