6 Home Organization Tips: Organize Your Home Once and For All

How to be organized at home

Good news! You are not alone with your cluttered mess that you just can’t seem to permanently organize.

You may even feel as if you have cleaned, organized, and systematized your home a million times. However, for whatever reason, the mess always sprouts up again. Every now and then, you may have jolts of motivation to get your home clean and decluttered, but it never seems to stick.

To help combat these common household issues, start implementing these various home organization tips listed below. Adding these into your everyday lives will provide positive change all around your home! 

How to Keep Your House Clean and Organized

Use the tips below as a sort of checklist for organizing your home. If you implement each one, everything should stay clean and tidy almost effortlessly.

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1. Develop a transition zone

If you’re wondering where to start when organizing your home, developing a transition zone is a great first step. This will give you an area to store school bags, purses, and even the copious amount of shoes that are scattered around your home.

Each family member can have their own space in this entryway to store their own personal belongings. Everyone will be able to drop their bags on the way in and scoop them conveniently on the way out. This is perfect for bulky coats as well.

The end goal of this area is to install a habit with your family, by leaving these clutter prone items in this transition zone!

2. Choose the right storage containers

It’s time to stop stuffing our belongings into whatever small space will allow them to be fit into. It may leave them out of sight for a while, but it is not an efficient strategy to keep your living area clean and positioned to continually stay organized.

Choosing the appropriate storage cubes will keep your belongings ordered. You will also know exactly where everything is. How many times have you found yourself making a bigger mess by simply looking for a certain item? Too many to count!

However, when you choose the right storage containers, you will be able to label each bin and give yourself a better, more organized way to find whatever it is you are looking for.

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3. Determine a clutter focal point

Determining where your focal point of clutter is will be extremely beneficial. Discovering and identifying the part of your home that is the source of the mess and chaos will force you to better keep that area in check. Once you have that point under control it will help keep the other parts of your home easier to maintain.

For many homes, this focal point could be your garage, basement, closets, or even just a junk drawer. If these storage areas become overwhelming, you will then find yourself storing your belongings throughout the house, where they shouldn’t be placed! Once you organize the focal points, you will be able to store and declutter your living spaces.

It can be helpful to set aside a day every two weeks to focus on those points.

4. Color code everything

This will make your life a lot easier! Knowing where to find each of your belongings by a quick glance can save you enormous amounts of time. Colors can also have a psychological effect on you as you go through your day. Going with green can promote healing, success, and hope among your loved ones while choosing yellow will give a sense of optimism.

Whether you choose warm, cool, or energizing colors you can reap the benefits of the colorful display. However, to best optimize your spot, try incorporating an array of colors! For more help with color organizing, refer here.

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5. Make your bed in the morning

Making your bed seems so simple, yet it can cause a huge impact on your organization. Doing this small chore sets the tone for the rest of your day. Not only will your room look instantly cleaner and more put together, but you are also accomplishing something right off the bat. Therefore, leading to a more productive day and opportunity to accomplish more.

Another benefit? You’ll likely feel more inspired to keep the rest of the room tidy, to match your bed. Not to mention, your stress levels will decrease, and your overall mood will improve!

6. Don’t procrastinate

When doing a daily sweep of your home, remember not to procrastinate. If you see something that needs to be put away, it’s important to do it right away.

Constantly leaving small chores for later will pile up and leave your house a complete mess! Enforcing the entire family to pick up after themselves will leave your house tidy for longer periods of time. Working together will make this even easier.

It can be a struggle to get the whole family involved, however, there are a few tricks to get your kids involved with the chores.

Home organization tips


Realistically, our homes will never be perfect – and that’s okay! However, it’s crucial we do the best we can to provide a clean environment to live in, and following these home organization tips will help.

Have any other tips on how to be organized at home? Leave them below!

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  • My husband and I recently moved into a smaller home, and I feel like it is so cluttered and nothing I do makes a dent in it. I like your tip to use storage bins since they’re easier to organize and label. I think it would also be smart to look into hiring a professional organizer that can help me choose the right bins and get everything else under control too.

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