10 Fun Family Games to Play at Home (Perfect for Family Game Night)

Fun family games at home

The Best Family Game Night Games!

I have been seeing photos from my friends on Facebook playing some of these silly and fun family games on family game night and I want to play too! I found some great deals on them as well! These would make great gifts for a family too!

So, if you want to change up your family game night with some fresh new games, try these fun at-home game ideas!

1. Pie Face Game

pie face game avaiable on Amazon

If you’ve never heard of the Pie Face game, it’s one that’s been quite popular on the internet lately! It’s super simple too, it’s basically like pie roulette. Each player takes turns turning the handles of the device and one unlucky person will get a pie in the face.

The only thing extra you’ll need to start playing is some whipped cream. I’m sure this one would be a hit and provide tons of laughter on family game night or during a party.

2. Pie Face Showdown

While we’re on the subject of getting pies in your face, I might as well tell you about the Pie Face Showdown game too. This one is very similar to the one above, except less random. It’s also only a two-player game.

The thing that makes it so fun is it’s a bit of a competition. Whoever can mash their button the fastest will be able to launch the pie into the other player’s face!

3. Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Game

bean boozled fun jelly bean game

Bean Boozled is a truly thrilling game and there’s no other game quite like it. If you’ve ever tasted one of the Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, you already have an idea of what this game has in store.

This special edition of Bean Boozled comes with 10 normal flavors and 10 weird and wild look-a-like flavors. To play, just spin the wheel and eat the bean it lands on. Just hope you don’t get the disgusting look-a-like version!

4. Boom Boom Balloon Board Game

boom boom balloon silly game

This is another game the kids will have a blast with. The entire premise behind the game is to keep the balloon from popping, which is bound to happen eventually, but the suspense is what makes it fun.

5. Poopyhead Game


Just by the name “Poopyhead” you already know kids will find this game hilarious! It actually sounds quite fun to play too, and it comes with some really funny poop headpieces to wear during gameplay. Definitely a silly one but that’s what family game night is for, right?

6. Wet Head Game

wet head

Wet Head is another roulette type family game but instead of a pie in the face or bad flavored jelly beans, the loser gets doused in water. It’s a simple game too, just pass the hat around, spin the wheel, and pull pins until someone loses!

7. HedBanz

I’m assuming a lot of you already know how this game works! It’s all about guessing which card you have on your headband! The first to guess what’s on their card wins.

Although this seems really simple, this game has tons of replay value. Depending on who you’re playing with and what cards are chosen, the game goes differently every time. AND the entire family can play this one together and have a blast doing it! 

8. Watch Ya’ Mouth

This is a hilarious family game that I already know would make for a great white elephant gift idea. The idea behind it is that you wear these mouthpieces that not only make you look really goofy, but they also make it really hard to say anything properly!

To play the game, one person wears a mouthpiece and attempts to say regular phrases (the game comes with 143 family safe phrases), while the rest of the players try to guess what they’re saying.

9. Exploding Kittens

While Exploding Kittens may sound a bit violent at first, it’s actually a pretty cute and family-friendly game. Recommended for ages 7+, this card game only takes about 5 minutes to learn and provides hours of fun!

10. Double Ditto

Last but not least, we have a fun family board game that’s all about quickness. It’s also another game with a TON of laughs and replay value.

Here’s how it works: Players will receive a card from the Ditto Master such as “Commands You Teach Your Dog” and then they must try to write down an answer they believe the other players will also write down. For each matching answer, you receive a Ditto Point. Most points win! Easy.

Family game night games

Final Thoughts

You probably already have some great family game night games in your roster, but it’s always fun to try something new every once in a while! We tried to include the best family games we could find on this list so we hope you found something for the entire family to enjoy.

P.S. If you’re looking for some good DIY family games, check out these pool noodle games and marshmallow games

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Fun family games to play at home

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