Found A Catalina?

If you have found a CATALINA DEAL you want to share or just have questions about Catalinas LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE or email!

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Thanks Fabs!


  • None

    My catalina for the fruit snacks didn’t print today.

  • Melissa

    I bought 6 boxes of honey nut cheerios 12.25 oz today at Albertsons. I had a raincheck for it from two weeks ago. I was pleased to find that there was a catalina that printed for 3.75 off of milk when I did this transaction. I did a transaction of 8 boxes the same size and I got two catalinas for 3.75 a piece. I bought two gallons of milk with my next transaction of 6 boxes of honey nut cheerios used my coupons and catalinas and paid 1.60 for all the items. that was about 20 cents a piece for all of it.

  • Teresa

    My catalina at Albertsons for Fiber chewy bars did not print, I bought six. Also, do you know if the catalina for the BC frosting is for Select Harvest soup?

    • Monica

      Bummer sounds like the fiber one cat is not working.

      not sure what you mean….”do you know if the catalina for the BC frosting is for Select Harvest soup?”

  • Sara

    I went yesterday but my Pillsbury Grands one and the Fiber One did not work and the cashier had no idea what I was talking about.

  • Theresa

    Received a $5 catalina when I purchased 10 Digiorno pizza’s at 3.29.
    Got 5 $1 so not sure if it is for every 2 you get $1 ??

    I ended up paying 1.79 each after the catalina.

  • Kristin

    New Safeway catalina. Ragu sauces (alfredo and tomato) B4G$1. Printed twice when I bought 8.

  • Sophie

    I got a notice today at FM:

    Buy Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes Any Flavor (except Potato Buds and Betty Crocker Pouch Between 11/29/10 and 12/26/10 and save:

    Buy 3, get $1 ONYO
    Buy 4, get $1.50 ONYO
    Buy 5 or more, get $2.00 ONYO

  • Kristi

    Got this today at Safeway:

    Buy Arrowhead Brand 100% Mountain Spring Water .5-Liter 24-Packs
    Between 1/19/11 and 2/11/11 and Save:

    Buy (2) & Get $1.00…..OR
    Buy (3) & Get $2.00…..OR
    Buy (4) or more & get $5.00….
    Coupon off your next shopping order

  • Kari

    Bought two of the Kikkoman sauces and didn’t have the catalina print out. Asked the cashier about it and they didn’t know anything about it. ๐Ÿ™

  • katie

    new to ff and was looking for current catalina offers. (under “stores – current catalina”) looks like everything listed expired in 2010. am i looking in the wrong place?

  • katie

    i was in a lacy, wa safeway yesterday and bought 2 frozen California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas and received 2 $1.25 off my next order catalinas.

  • Stacie

    I got rain checks for the snapple senerio. Is the catalina still running and is it worth it with out it? I have coupons for them.
    Thanks for what you all do to help us out!

    • monica

      The catalina is over, but it would still be worth it if you submit the rebate! I would wait for doubles if you have enough time on your raincheck!

  • angi

    As I shopped our Albertsons yesterday, I was handed a sheet full of cat deals. They did not list the current McCormick so it couldn’t have been a complete list. Also, there was not any dates on it to tell when they ended but again, a full page list.

  • kimarie

    I bought 30 yoplait yogurts and received 2 – $1.25 catalinas @ Fred Meyer. Not sure how many trigged them though.

  • Maria

    Select American Beauty Pastas are on sale with preferred card. 3 for $5 – each 3 print out a $1 catalina for next purchase. Total of .67 each

  • rachell

    i have query if i will use the catalina for paying of american pasta will it print out again for another catalina or not..?..tnx..

  • rachell

    i have query if i will use the catalina for paying of american pasta will it print out again for another catalina or not..?..tnx..

  • Amy

    Wisk detergent is spitting out a $2 catalina

  • Brandy

    Was in a nampa, id albertsons and bought 2 of the 1.45 lb cans of similac and got 10 off next shopping trip. Woot woot!! I thought they were done with that one

  • Nameless

    Just because you here about a catalina offer doesn’t mean that the cashier knows about it. We do not get informed about all the deals that will print out. Free Milk yes Buy 10 Save $5 on your next purchase probably but unless the company (SAFEWAY ALBERTSONS and so on) tell the cashiers about the promotions they dont know. Cashiers want to bring in as much buisness as possible but sometimes coupon shoppers can make it dificult. The ones that dont like to follow the policies make it hard. Cashiers have to sign they saying they will follow the rules and then they get a customer that thinks they should get it all and then some. I like to use coupons too but I am not addicted to it like some people. When you are buying thing that will probably expire before you use it that is too much. If you like to shop so much take it to your food bank.

  • Krista

    I used WIC checks to buy baby food (gerber 1st foods in the jars) and I got THREE $1 catalinas for my ‘next’ purchase at Fred Meyers. I turned around and bought produce with them!!! I used my whole month’s worth of checks in separate transactions. Each check was about 12 jars of fruit/veggies and 6 or 7 meats. So not sure how many are required to get the catalina to print but it said “thank you from Gerber”!!!!

  • amy

    Fred meyer cover girl… I purchased 2 single eye shadows and used a $2.50/2 from last weeks RP insert. Used the in ad free masscara w/covergirl purchase coupon and got a $2 catilina

  • Jaymi

    I did the buy 4 save 4 on general mills cereal today at Safeway and got 3 free milk catilinas! I bought 8 boxes all together!

  • Kendra

    If you buy 4 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars you will receive two catalina coupons a $4.50 off of any gallon of milk and a $4.50 off of any 24 pk of water.

  • Please

    I would love to see current updated lists as often as possible!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tracy

    I bought 2 bags of Purina One dog food last night (on sale for 15.99 as opposed to the usual 19.99) and got a $5 catalina back. Definitely a pleasant surprise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tami

    There are catalinas on Axe products, Silk Milk and V8 because the guy in line in front of me got them with his purchase (he didn’t even know what they were) but I am not sure what combos you need to get them. How do I find out????

  • darci waschell

    i just got back from albertsons and bought 6 dreyers ice creams and got a $5 catalina… not sure if you could buy less and still get the same amount but I was sooo excited!!

  • Kandace

    I bought Bacardi frozen drink mix today and got a catalina. Buy 3 and get $1 onyo, 4 and get$2 onyo, 5 and get$3 onyo. I bought them without a coupon but that was a pleasant surprise

  • Kim

    Went to Albertsons today 7/9/11 and this promo did not work. Bought 4 of the NV Granola Thins. I was bummed. Went to customer service and had to return the items. : (

    General Mills Promo
    Get $5.00 on your next shopping trip when you buy 4 participating items in a single shopping trip.
    Participating products include Chex Mix 15 oz, Gardettos 14.5 oz, Nature Valley Granola Bars 6.7-8.9oz or Thins 6 oz, Fiber One Bars 5 ct or Brownies 5.34 oz at $2.50 each

  • Ailene Hert

    The General Mills Promo that you have listed at Albertson’s is running at Safeway, as far as I know. I bought a bunch of cereal today and got a coupon for $2.00 back on more cereal!

  • Bobby

    Good Seasons 4 pack salad dressing mix $1 catalina did not print at Fred Meyer yesterday.

  • Kate

    Fred Meyer buy 2 Skittles and/or Starburst (Free Redbox) catalina didn’t print either. ๐Ÿ™ Guess my kids will love the candy anyways.

    • Kate

      I think it might of been because I didn’t get the correct size of candy. Oh-well, live, learn and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • FAYE

    a little birdy told me that next week in albertsons, there will be a catalina on M&Ms. I don’t know the details of it, but watch for it coming and it runs concurrently with mm promo going on at albertsons as well! If you have any of the mm pretzel coupons, it could make for a really great deal!

  • Kerry

    I’m not sure what I got the catalina for but at Albertson’s I bought 2 Athenos Feta Cheese for $3.99 and 1 bottle of Hidden Valley Coleslaw dressing for $2.79 (all before coupons of course). I received $1 off next purchase.

  • Peggy

    Not sure how my catalina was triggered. Albies, bought milk, bread, cheese, and a bunch of propel. Used doublers. Received $4 cat.

  • Gwen

    I read on a blog today 8/1/11 this info.

    Glade scented plugins,oil $1.99
    Buy 2, receive $1.00 Catalina
    Use $1 off Glade Scented Oil PlugIns or (2) refill singles from SS 7/31
    or $1 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil refill, twin pk or (2) singles
    Pay: $0.99 each with double, receive $1.00 catalina
    Final Price: $0.49 each

    The price was accurate but it did not kick out a catalina at Albertson’s today. Do you know if this is an accurate catalina? Thanks!

  • Tera

    From 8/8/11-9/11/11
    Buy Kleenex Hand Towels
    Buy (1) Get $1 OYNO
    Buy (2) Get $1.50 OYNO
    Buy (3) or more Get $2.00 OYNO

  • Katy

    At Safeway, Purchased Half gallon of White Wave Silk very vanilla soy milk yesterday. Reg price: 3.79, card savings: .50, J4U store coupon:.80, MFR coupon: 1.00, final price 1.49, Catalina for .75 off 2 half gallons

  • Amber Chase

    Just got a $3 catalina after buying 3 boxes of Kellogg’s at Safeway. Spent $7.50, minus $1/3 coupon, so $6.50 OOP. Got $3 catalina good toward next purchase, plus entered the codes from Cars to get another $5 Visa card! Woohoo! Going back again!

  • Kylee

    You mentioned on the Albertson’s match-ups that there is a Catalina on V*8 Fusion going on at Safeway’; however, I don’t see it listed. Do you know what the Catalina is? Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I noticed the $2 General Mills Catalina, does this Catalina print along with the $5.00 Catalina off your total next purchase if you buy the General Mills cereal under the $5 Box Top promo on the back of this week’s Albertsons’ ad?

    Also, do the redemption of “off your next purchase” Catalinas work the same way as Walgreens Register Rewards? Meaning, if I had two transactions that qualify for a $5.00 Catalina each, will the use of my $5.00 Catalina from the first transaction keep me from getting a Catalina for the second transaction? Thanks so much for your help! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Monica


      Yes the $2 catalina will print with the $5 one! You can roll the catalinas as well. So using them to buy the next purchase of the same items will work out just fine.

      Most stores work this way, walgreens is the tricky one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hollie

    On homepage its showing Mavis’s listing of the hamburger helper deal as dated 8/11/11 to use with doublers from this sunday’ s paper to get the $5 cat and $2 cat plus box tops. But all the cat listings say the cat’s were over on 8/7. Is it still going??? Thx

    • Monica

      The hamburger helper catalina is going until 8/31. Our catalina expert Melanie has been out of town so she has not had a chance to update the list. Thanks for your patience.

  • Christina

    Hey Melanie – my Albertsons in Southern California (San Diego) produced a $1 off Haagen-Dazs 3 ct ice cream bars or 6 ct snack size bars yesterday on two of my purchases. It must be some kind of dairy trigger because sour cream was on one purchase and Tillamook cheese slices on the other.

  • julie

    I bought two of the small Milo’s dog treats at Albertsons today and got a coupon for two dollars off a big bag of treats instead of a dollar off my next purchase.

  • Krisha Gurley

    received a $7.50 OFF 2 NESTLE GOOD START FORMULA catalina when I purchased 2 large tubs of ENFAMIL today. Must be a steal customers from the competition campaign…. I like it.

  • megan

    Last night I bought mustard, pickels, lettuce, tomatoes. (we had burgers for dinner) I got a 3 cats. nfree bakery cooker up to $3.49, 1lbs banans free, and free bakjery brad up to $2.29 all the cats say free when you use youe preffered card. I used the U-scan I notcied that everyone else wa getting the mystery free print outs? anyone know what this is all about?

  • megan

    Cookies and bakery bread. Sorry trying to feed my baby and type!!

  • Tera

    Just got a Catalina Advertisement from Safeway:
    Buy any refrigerated Jell-O Snacks (pudding, gelatin, mousse, temptations) Between 9/05/11 & 10/02/11
    Buy (3) $2 OYNO
    Buy (4) $3 OYNO
    Buy (5+) $ OYNO

    This would be great paired with some coupons and a dairy markdown!!! I frequently find these half off at my Safeway!!!

  • Sarah

    I just bought today at Albertsons gerber puffs, yougurts and they are running a cat buy 5 $2 dollars back 7 $3 back 8 $4

  • Candy

    I recieved the cat for hamberger helper today at Albertsons. I was dissapointed that it is for $2 toward hamburger, chicken or tuna and not toward additional hamberger helper : ( We are a family of vegetarians and wont be able to reap the benefits of this one.

  • Nik

    At the Albertsons in Boise there is a display of Jello with a stack of peelies for .55 cents off your Jello. That might spur along your Catalinas.

  • Faye

    I got a cat at albertsons when I bought 3 carnation instant breakfasts. I bought 3 and got $1.50 catalina.

  • Stacy

    Tried to confirm the Hallmark catalina today and did two transactions – cat didn’t print. I called the catalina company and they say the cards need to be purchased in one transaction.

  • doretta

    Today I bought 8 Gold n Soft margarine for $1.29 each at Safeway in Gresham,Or. I used four $1.50 / 2 coupons with four doublers . Paid $2.32 and received four .75 cent catalinas

    • anne

      Hi, just wanted to ask how do i find out when Safeway doubles. Is it
      like Albertson, in the paper? I’m from Seattle area and am planning a trip to Oregon soon and would like to try doubling there.

      • Candy

        Safeway in the portland area prints doubles in their weekly circular. They limit it to 4 coupons, up to $.50, per household, per week. We are fortunate enough to have 3 safeways close and teenager’s willing to go through a checkout line to help out. The ads are available at the front of the store. Hope that helps!

  • Hailey

    $2 OYNO WYB 3
    unsure of dates at the moment

  • Heather

    Frozen Ore-Ida Products
    Buy (2) = $1, Buy (3) = $2, Buy (4) or more = $3
    10/3 to 10/17

  • Heather

    Centrium, ProNutrients, or Caltrate
    Buy (2) = $4, Buy (3) or more = $6
    9/25 to 10/27

  • Wendy

    Safeway catalina 10/3/11-10/17/11
    Buy Ore-Ida Frozen Potato Products and save
    buy 2 get $1
    buy 3 get $2
    buy 4 or more get $3

  • annie

    at fredmeyer got a cat from blue diamond it says buy blue diamond almonds 6oz or larger, nut thins, or almond breeze between 10/10 and 11/6 buy 2 get .75 off, buy 3 get 1.50 off, buy 4 or more get 4.00 off

  • Caitlin

    Buy Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz or larger, Nut Thins, or Almond Breeze: Buy 2, get $0.75 Catalina, Buy 3, get $1.00, Buy 4+ get $4.00 at Safeway. Good through 11/6

    Buy Nature Valley Granola Bars (6 count or larger), or Nut Clusters: Buy 3, get $1.00 Catalina, Buy 4, get $2.00, Buy 5+, get $3.00 at Safeway. Good through 10/30

  • Melissa

    Found a catalina on Gerber 1st, 2nd, or 3rds baby food at Safeway. Only valid till Oct 30, 2011.
    If you purchase 12-14 you get a $3 catalina, 15-19 and you get a $4 catalina, 20 or more gets you a $5 catalina. Hope this helps some others out.

  • Katy

    Tried to get the cat for Campbell condensed soups today, bought 6 cans of condensed clam chowder and no Catalina. sad times. but I did get the one for lucerne and now I am stocked up on milk, coffee creamer and eggnog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Leann

    The cats didnt print for the campbells soup……what do I do? Did 4 transactions with 10 in each and never got any cats!

  • Meagan

    Fred Meyer
    Oregon Chai
    (I spent the coupon already so I don’t know the dates, but I think the promo for the store that has chai at 2/$1.99 goes through this week?)

  • Deserae

    Last night at Albertsons I recieved a notice of a catalina for L”Oreal Paris Products Spend $20 or more and recieve $5.00 OYNO. Offer valid 1/8/12 thru 1/28/12.

  • Deserae

    Purchase Crystal Light (Single packets excluded) bewteen 01/09/12 and 02/05/12 and get

    Buy (3) &get $1.50 OYNO
    Buy (4) & ger $2.50 OYNO
    Buy (5) or more & get $4 OYNO

  • Adrianne

    Safeway; bought a bunch of Gerber baby food and received catalina notice for upcoming oyno.

    Buy 10 get $3 oyno
    Buy 15 get $4 oyno
    buy 20 get $5 oyno

    I remember it started 1/6/2012 but a tossed the receipts and cant remember when it ends now. Anyone else seen this??

  • Kari

    I got 2.00 on any purchase catalina when I bought 10 boxes of Hamburger Helper and a catalina for buy power bars and get so much off but I don’t remember the amounts exactly. I didn’t hold on to it but I know the max was buy 20 get 4.00 oyno.

  • Kari

    That was at Albertson’s fyi

  • Kimberly

    Store: Fred Meyer
    Product: 32 oz Coffee-Mate Creamer
    Catalina value(s): $1.25/2 Coffee-Mate creamers, 32 or larger
    Promotion dates: Expires 3-4-12

  • Michelle

    went to albies today to buy 4 nestle butterscotch morsels and get $2 cat, and none printed…store clerk/manager said they knew nothing about a nestle catalina deal…very dissapointed.

  • Rheana

    I was just wondering why in you list of safeway deals for the week 2/8 it says cats for $10 when you purchase certain $50 gift cards. Why is it not listed in the cats for safeway? Thanks

    • Monica

      Great question. We did not list the gift card catalina on the Catalina list because it will only be good for the sale week.

  • katy

    Got this Catalina a few days ago @ Safeway: Buy any V8 beverage 46 oz or larger bottles (including V-Fusion, Splash and 100% Vegetable Juice) between 2/22/12 and 3/18/12 and save up to $3 on a FUTURE order with coupon (coupon printed at register).

    Buy 3 = $2
    4 = $2.50
    5 or more = $3

    Coupon off next shopping order. Expires 3/18/2012

  • Mary

    Can you please let me know what a Red Envelope gift cert. is? Albertson’s has a catalina on haagen dasz icecream. buy $10 and get a $20 red envelope gift cert. is this 20 that I and use for anything I want can I get more than one? I’m totally new to couponing.
    Thank You,

  • lisa

    i have a question for the sale at albertsons on the nature valley bars do you get the $5.00 cat plus the $2.00 cat when you buy the protein bar ones? If not could you list which ones they are … thanks so much Lisa

  • Jennifer

    Kraft cheese cat!! I bought 3 bags of Kaft Triple Cheddar shredded cheese ( used .50/2 Kraft shreds and Albies store coupon for 2.49/bag) and a $2 catalina printed. This was at the Greenhurst Store. Not sure if you need to buy 3, I was really not expecting it so I don’t know how many you need to buy.

    3 bags Kraft cheese=7.47
    printable coupon= .50
    $2 catalina= 2.00

    total 4.93 or 1.65/ bag!

  • Mary in PDX

    I bought 4 NV protein bars, used (3) .50/1 and used 3 doublers: paid $8.96 and no catalinas printed at all! No $5 and not the $2 one. I nees to go back to the store with ad to show I should have had the $5 cat, but how do show that the $2 cat should have printed also? where is it coming from? If its from albies directly, how/where do I get proof? Thank u so much for ur help!!!

  • Teresa

    Fred Meyer Visine Thank you $1.00 off next store shopping order.

  • Dionne from Arlington

    Safeway Catalinas: 207th in Arlington, WA
    Printed today: 3/27/2012
    COUNTRY CROCK: 1: Use your store loyalty card when you buy Country Crock spreads products (15 oz. or larger) between now and 10/22/2012
    2: Receive a $1.50 Next Shopping Order coupon when you purchase 1 Country Corock spreads products (15oz. or larger). Purchases can be made over multiple trips.
    (small print: All purchases must be made using your store loyalty card. Participating product purchases can be made over multiple shopping trips. Program ends 10/22/2012. Limit 5 rewards per participant. Participation by invitation only. Non transferable. One reward per trasaction.)
    Buy 2 & Get $1.00
    Buy 3 & Get $2.00
    or Buy 4 & Get $3.00
    …coupon off your next shopping order. Coupon printed at register. All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer is good between 3/30/2012 and 4/22/2012.

  • Steve. Smolka

    Today (4/18/12) at Smith’s Food and Drug In Las Vegas:
    I bought 8 of the Stouffer’s Farmers’ Harvest 12 oz meals in the flat tray.
    I got a Catalina Coupon for $5 off my next shopping order.
    Would there be someone who could tell me more about this deal? What would I get if I would have bought fewer or more meals?

  • Diana Lowell

    I went to Fred Meyers today and purchased two Advils that were on sale for $7.99 for 100 count used a coupon for $1.00 off each one then when I checked out I received a Catalina for $2 from Pfizer

  • Lia

    On 04/29/2012, I purchased a package of Pampers Size 6 baby dry diapers for 9.94 and received a $3.00 off your next shopping order catalina, compliments of Pampers.

  • Heather Lee


    Between 4/29 and 5/22

    Buy (2) Cottonelle 12 pk toilet paper get $2 Cat
    Buy (3) or more Cottonelle 12 pk toilet paper get $3 Cat


    Buy (2) Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes (42ct or larger) get $2 Cat
    Buy (3) or more Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes (42ct or larger) get $3 Cat

  • Heather Lee

    Also at Smith’s from 4/25 to 5/15

    Buy any (3) of participating grilling products and Save $2 on a future meat purchase

    Choose from the following:

    Hidden valley Salad Dressings
    KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce & Marinade
    Lawry’s Marinades
    McCormick Grill Mates Bottle Blends
    Ball Park Hot Dogs
    Hillshire Smoked Sausage
    Glad Containers
    Kingsford Charcoal
    Kingsford match Light Charcoal
    Reynolds Foil (37.5 sq ft)

  • Venessa

    I think Ralphs is owned by Kroger, so do the Kroger Catalina’s work at Ralphs?

  • Sheila

    Received a print out from Fred Meyer: Buy ONE MorningStar veggie foods product and receive a $2.00 Catalina good on your next shopping trip (exp. 6.30). They have a $1.00 coupon at Regular price here in Eugene is $3.99.

    Also at Freddies–Purina products:
    Spend $20-$29 get a $2.00
    Spend $30-$39 get $5.00
    Spend $40 or more and get a $10.00 Catalina from Purina between 5.28 and 6.10

    Purchase Tide PLUS one additional Downy, Bounce, or Tide Boost and receive $2 off your next shopping trip.
    Purchase Tide PLUS TWO Downy, Bounce, or Tide Boost and receive $3 off yuour next shopping visit.

    Valid 5.20-6.9

  • Autumn

    Buy any Gerber 1st, 2nd or 3rd Foods between 6/15/12 and 7/08/12 and save up to $5 on a future order with coupon.

    Purchase requirements
    Buy 12-14 & get $3
    Buy 15-19 & get $4
    Buy 20 or more & get $5
    …coupon off your next shopping order

    Coupon printed at register

    All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 7/08/12

    This printed for me today at Safeway

  • Kimberly Green

    Not sure if what I have is a Catalina or not (new to all of this). I went in and bought 4 boxes of Raisin Bran (on sale for $1.88) had coupons and doublers so they were only $1.13/box. When he handed me my sales slip – it had the regular coupon and another one that said compliments of Kellogs – $4.00 on my next shopping trip. I am guessing it is a Catalina – as I have never had one before.

  • Erica

    I purchased 2 cottonelle 12 pk toliet paper with Fred Meyer 2 for $11 store coupon and used $1 dollar off coupon available as an e coupon and recieved a $1 off cottonelle 12 pk or larger coupon ( exp. 10/9/12)

  • Cat

    Today I was shopping at Safeway and wanted to get in on the pretty good deal they had for Post Honey Bunches of Oats (14.5oz). They’re on sale over the weekend for $1.88 a box, so I bought 4 boxes. I used two $1/2 coupons and found out that a $3 catalina from Post printed out at the end of my shopping trip. Totally unexpected! I ended up getting the cereal at $0.63 a box. Thought I’d pass along in case anyone else wants to get some cereal this weekend.
    Here’s the info on the catalina:
    Good at Safeway for Honey Bunches of Oats 7oz or more. Valid 8/6-9/2.
    Buy 3 & get $2 ONYO
    Buy 4 & get $3 ONYO
    Buy 5 or more & get $4 ONYO

  • Lena

    At Fred Meyer today I bought a Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Kit, and a Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist starter kit. I received 2 Catalinas, I am not sure what goes with what product as it is not specified on the receipt. I received a $2 Catalina (I think from the diffuser as it costs almost double) and a $1 Catalina, both from Glade.

  • Deborah

    I had a coupon for “Save $3 off meat wyb 6 Knorr sides.” So I went to Smith’s in Pocatello 11/30 & bought 6 (I bought rice sides) & scored free steaks. I got back a $1 catalina that said “Thank You from Knorr.”

  • Jennie Alice

    I’ve consistently received a manufacturer’s coupon for $1.50 off 8 Tillamook Yogurts from the catalina machine when I purchase Tillamook Yogurt. Right now the yogurts are on sale for $.59 each, so combined with my Just4U promos -$2, plus my own printed coupon -$1, I paid $.09 per yogurt today for six yogurts. This is in Northern California.

    I used my Pellegrino Catalina today ($3 off a 12 pack) and I think it prompted a catalina to print for Buy 2 or more and get $1.50 coupon off your next order for Arrowhead .5-liter 6-Packs. Deal expires 12/30.

  • Arkansassie

    Hey ladies! I am brand new to the website. SOOOO happy to find y’all! I noticed Schnucks Grocery store was not on your Catalina list, however they do offer them. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks again! Look forward to some $avings!

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