How to Find The Perfect HOMESCHOOL {Plus a Possible Work at Home Opportunity!}

Welcome Back to Our Homeschooling Series!

We are on our second day of our homeschooling series and let me tell you, this series has taught me so much!! I have LOVED getting your input so PLEASE comment below and let me know any comments or questions that you have! You guys truly make these series interesting and I love hearing your points of view.

If you have missed our previous post be sure to check it out:

If you are just now tuning in, you have probably noticed, this week we are focusing on homeschooling and how to provide your kids with the best education possible. I know how hard it can be. I have 8 CHILDREN and of course I want them to get the best schooling around, but sometimes it is just so difficult to do that, especially in the pre-school/kindergarten years. Those years are SO important and are when we establish a pattern in our kid’s lives. So that is why I have sought out ways to help ensure we give our kids the BEST education out there and guys, you will be amazed at this company that I found.

I know that we are focusing on homeschooling this week, but this company really stood out to me because they provide childcare/preschool and make it so that it is truly a home away from home experience! Hear me out!

Introducing Wonderschool

I stumbled across this company and I am just amazed at their mission and goals! Wonderschool was started by parents who were seriously concerned about the quality of their children’s education. There aren’t enough preschools to meet the demands and high quality preschools are SO scarce! One study (Center for American Progress) found that only 8% of preschools it surveyed across 8 states (outside of North Carolina) are high-quality. 8%!!! Can you believe that?? So, these parents decided they wanted to do something about it.

Their goal was to make it so all families could find affordable, quality preschool/child care and make it seem like the kids never even left their homes. Many say that the best learning happens within the walls of your own home and I 100% believe that statement! There is just something about kind, nurturing parents helping their kids grow! (Yes, I do realize that sometimes those kind parents have to be stern and teach a lesson at times! But it is always done in love!) The team at Wonderschool dreamed up a plan where a teacher could work on a very personal basis with young children, teaching, playing, and helping them grow right within the walls of THEIR own home! Doesn’t sound too bad does it? Well guess what? They made it happen!

What is Wonderschool?

Like I said above, these parents, Chris and Arrel to be exact, dreamed up this idea and they made it a reality. Starting the Bay Area of California, these two began finding highly qualified educators and asking them to move their educating to the home! These educators with years of experience started starting up preschools/day cares all over California and now they are starting to be all over the country.

These schools have a set of guidelines that they follow that help children get the most out of their education! I personally LOVE them because they are the same goals my husband and I have as we raise our children!

Wonderschool’s Attributes:

  • Ensure that all children realize their full potential
  • Provide highly trained and experienced staff to run these unique schools
  • Allow the children to have plenty of 1 on 1 attention
  • Ensure that safety is the number one priority! Whether that be physically, emotionally, or mentally!
  • Community Based: When you enroll your child in a Wonderschool, you are supporting your community because each teacher ACTUALLY lives in the area, understands how it is to live there, and gets the needs/wants of people of your community.
  • Provides opportunities for teamwork and friend making
  • Peace of mind for the parents! You can be sure that your kids are in good hands

How to Find a School Near You?

Those of you who have read about this and are just itching to find a school near you, let me tell you all about how to find your perfect Wonderschool! All you need to do is head on over to the website and find a school near you! Now, a lot of the schools are in California! If you are not from California, there is still hope! There are schools popping up ALL OVER the US and they are hoping to add schools to 18 more US cities this year!

So all you need to do is find a school near you and one that fits your child’s needs. There are bilingual schools (I saw some for Spanish and Russian as I was browsing! I am sure there are more!), schools that are more affordable than others, and schools that offer different schedules! Everything is so customizable!

You can get online to ask the prospective teachers questions, schedule tours, check out calendars, and even take a look at what the everyday schedule will be like if you choose to enroll your child.

Here is an example of one of the school’s schedules! Each school is different and has completely different schedules/subjects.

  • 8:30 AMDrop off time/ transition to go indoors for work cycle
  • 8:45 AM Group time / Work Cycle (indoor & outdoor classrooms)
  • 10:00 AM Morning snack
  • 10:15 AM Outdoor exploration/ Play/ Gardening
  • 11:15 AM Songs/ music/ story
  • 11:30 AM Lunch
  • 12:15 PM Calming activities before nap (stretching/yoga/story/lullabies)
  • 12:30 PM Nap / Quiet activities
  • 2:30 PM Gentle wake up to potty and hand washing
  • 3:00 PM Afternoon snack
  • 3:20 PM End of the day group time circle, music, story
  • 3:30 PM Dismissal, Parent pick-up

And what about if they don’t have a school in your area OR you are looking to make some extra cash?

Well, do we have good news for you! You can start your own Wonderschool! Wonderschool hand picks their employees and they want to get to know you on a personal level. All you have to do is go HERE and provide your information! They will soon be in contact with you and will help you know how to get started. Even if you are just slightly interested and want more info, I would contact them. The awesome thing about partnering with Wonderschool is that they help you with the licensing, marketing, setup, and a software platform! There is a team there to help you all along the way so that you will never be alone. What I love about that is that these people have already GONE THROUGH what you are going through so they can give you the shortcuts you need to not make hundreds of little mistakes along the way! No need to re-invent the wheel!

If you are interested in being a Wonderschool teacher this could be a huge game changer for your family. Some teachers are currently making DOUBLE of what they did when they were teaching in the public school systems. You could be making a gigantic difference in your pocketbook and do it right within the walls of your own home.

If you don’t feel like you are qualified enough to be a head teacher OR maybe do not want that sort of commitment, you can also apply to be a substitute or an assistant to an already up and going school! That way you can also make a little extra income, but not have to deal with such a large commitment.

It is All About Quality and Experience

For me, not just in education but in LIFE, it is all about quality and the experience. All children deserve a quality education. At times I worry because I feel like my kids are running from here to there and they spend a little quality time with Mom and a little quality time with Dad, but their other interactions are in big groups. When I saw this program all I could think of was the possible quality time my kids could be spending with someone so great. I read all the teacher biographies on the website and these women look amazing! Our children need positive influences in their lives and Wonderschool will help them have that during those moments when you have to be at work, school, or taking care of other matters.

Check out Wonderschool and sign your child up if you feel like it is a fit for them! Someone should start one where I live because I would love this for my little kids!

Like we’ve talked about thus far in our homeschooling series, each child is different. Wonderschool could be the thing that gets your child going. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity!

Coming Up Tomorrow on Our Homeschooling Series:

  • My guide on how to plan a homeschool curriculum
  • Fun ways you can help educate your kids (even if you DONT homeschool)
  • Personal stories and tips from moms who have PLANNED out and mastered homeschooling curriculums

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