FABULESSLY FRUGAL FRIDAY: Saving Money on Your Car/Gas

While many of these are not feasible in my life, so many of them are! And with gas prices on the rise, we can all use a few tips to save money at the pump!

  • Run errands once a week and use the most efficient route.
  • Walk as much as you can.
  • Stay home as often as possible.
  • Keep tires filled to their proper pressure.
  • Don’t suddenly stop or accelerate.
  • Carpool.
  • Bum a ride with friends and chip in for gas.
  • Ride your bike.
  • Coast when you see a red light ahead, instead of hitting the brakes.
  • Use public transportation.
  • Try to get by with one car if you have two.
  • If you have one car that you only drive a couple of times a week, consider getting rid of it and using cabs.
  • Drive your car until it’s old. This works really well when you buy a car that will run for 200,000 miles.
  • Keep up on your car’s maintenance.
  • Turn your car off at lights.
  • Coast when you can.
  • Limit city driving.
  • On a long trip, keep a steady foot.
  • Make it a challenge to see how far you can go on a tank of gas.
  • Use a discount card to buy gas. (Many grocery stores offer them, as well as Costco).
  • Fill up early in the morning when the air is cool, and the gas is dense. You’ll get more gas and less air.
  • Fill up when your tank is half empty.
  • Shop around for insurance. The rates can vary a lot!
  • Use gasbuddy.com to find the lowest price on gas.

Thanks Being Frugal!


  • Karissa

    Filling up in the cool of the day is TRUE….we find we get 50 more miles per tank if we do this consistently…also Chevron gas is much higher quality I get 2 more mpg on it than places that offer discount.

  • kk.lee

    “turn your car off at lights” ??? Really? Doesn’t it take more gas to start a car than idle for a minute?

  • Suzanne

    I know it’s summer, but if you can leave the air conditioning off, that’ll save gas, too! I also posted a list of tips for saving gas on my website, Laughing Wallet (www.laughingwallet.com/save-gas.html). I can’t get away from driving, but it sure helps when you can make it cost a little less!

  • Ali R

    Yes, shutting your car down at the lights does save money in the newer fuel injected vehicles. It doesn’t take the gas dump that the older, carburetors took. BUT BUT BUT the constant starting does take its toll on the starter sooooo…. you have to balance that wear and tear on the small fuel savings. I realize the hybrids cycle on and off constantly but they have special starters that can handle the constant on/off cycling.

    IMHO the cost of the part and labor replacing the starter will far outweigh the fuel savings, particularly if you are keeping a vehicle to 200K miles.

    I would think, if you have a regular route with an exceptionally long light or two, kill the engine. But to make it a regular habit and increase your starts 10 – 30 fold/day may not be the best plan.

    The very, very best way to save fuel is of course to keep your vehicle in good running condition, clean fuel/air filters, properly inflated tires, etc. You are in the daily control by driving gently, no jerky starts, abrupt stops (remember, the mark of a successful merge is no one being required to use their brakes), cruise control is a huge fuel saver.

    Of course, YMMV ;-P

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