Dollar Shave Club Review (Starter Box Deal Inside)

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Here’s my Dollar Shave Club Review!

I think we can all agree that paying for razors at the store is NOT fun. Those darn things are expensive!

For the longest time, I got away with buying whatever razors were on sale or cheap/free with coupons, but my frugal razor days came to an end when the hubs informed me they just weren’t cutting it anymore. Literally. He wanted the expensive Gillette Fusion ProGlide razors… I want to cry every time I purchase that package of 4 cartridges for around $25! Yikes!

So, after hearing about Dollar Shave Club from a friend, I decided I needed to test it out for myself. It seemed too good to be true! That’s why I decided to write this Dollar Shave Club review!

P.S. – I’m going to be very honest here and let you know that after watching my hubby use these lovely 6-blaze razors, I started using Dollar Shave Club razors for MYSELF! That’s right… I use these razors on my legs and pits too! 😀 This is an awesome shave club for women.

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P.P.S. – If you’d like, you can skip my Dollar Shave Club review and just go straight to my Dollar Shave Club deal!

Dollar shave club razors

Enter The Dollar Shave Club!

Like I said, years ago a friend told me about this awesome company he started ordering razors from. He said they were great and we really needed to give it a try, so I did!

First of all, shipping is FAST! And I was impressed with all I got for just $5!! You’ll totally “shave” time and money with Dollar Shave Club’s $5 Starter Kitover a $14 value!

Each starter kit includes ALL OF THIS!!

  • The Executive handle, which is Dollar Shave Club’s top of the line razor
  • Four Executive cartridges
  • Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter (1 oz) – I LOVE this stuff!
  • Post Shave Dew (1 oz)
  • Prep Scrub (1 oz)
  • Bathroom Minutes – DSC’s monthly newsletter
  • Best of all, free shipping!

My total came to $5 with tax and shipping included! Let’s not even factor in the extra cool things that are in the box, OR the really nice handle… but for FOUR blades, that comes to just only $1.25 per 6 blade razor. You’d easily pay at least $6.25 for comparable razors from the store!

The “Executive” blade is the most expensive cartridge (and the best one… it has SIX blades and shaves SOOO nice!) and still comes to only $2.25 per cartridge per month after the initial Starter Kit! Pretty fab if you ask me!

Dollar shave club review razors

How the Dollar Shave Club Works

You can buy the Dollar Shave Club’s Starter Kit for only $5 dollars, and after that, you’ll get a restock box about a month later with full-sized products of the trial sized ones you just got.

Don’t want full sized? You can TOTALLY customize what shows up in your box. It’s SOOO easy! You can pick your delivery day and the more items that are in your box, the higher your discount! Just want razor blades? No problem! Need to skip a shipment? No problem! Want to add some shave butter, shower gel, or toothpaste to your next box? You can do that too!

The Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit also has additional items like trial sizes of Post Shave Dew and Prep Scrub. If you love those, you can add full sizes to your order!

I ordered the full-size Shave Butter and the hubs loves it! It gets the job done and has a nice manly smell to it. We’ve been using Dollar Shave Club for years now and will NEVER go back to our old days of cheap razors!

Dollar shave club razor and shave butter

Dollar shave club executive razor handle review

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am very pleased with the ordering process, quick delivery time and product quality of the Dollar Shave Club. It’s been AWESOME to STOP spending so much money on razors at the store!! AND now my college-aged son is using Dollar Shave Club as well! (Hint: it’s an excellent gift idea!)

The only complaint I have about the Dollar Shave Club is that I wish I would have signed up sooner! Make sure to get your $5 starter kit as soon as you can, you will not regret it!

Join Dollar Shave Club today!



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