DIY- Liquid Dishwasher Detergent!

Believe it or not, you can make your own liquid dishwasher detergent and it's so easy!  It does call for one ingredient that you probably don't have on hand called Castile soap.  I would recommend picking this up because it's sort of a universal... Read this post

Repurpose Inspiration: Dining room hutch turned playroom learning station!

One day, while The Hubs was driving in his work truck, he found this with a sign that said "Free" on it: Now, the sweet guy knows me well enough to know that any piece of free furniture has potential in our home, so he called me, asked if I wanted it,... Read this post

DIY Carpet Shampoo- Just add water!

Have you ever  had  those  last  bits  of  laundry  detergent  left  at  the  bottom  of  your  container?  There's  just  not  enough  detergent  to  use  in  a  load  and  you  can't  just  get  it  all  to  pour  out... Read this post

DIY Fridge Magnet Cups {Picture Tutorial}

Having all 4 kids home all day we go through lots of cups. It drives me crazy! I’ve tried a few different things to take care of the “cup problem” but nothing has worked…until I saw this idea on Pinterest. I finally got everything gathered this... Read this post

30 Second Fix for a Tight Waistband!

We've all been there...wanting to wear our favorite jeans that we just can't seem to button.   Many of us here are women which means, we've all suffered this fate at some point in time.  We bloat, we swell, we have babies,  and yes, we sometimes... Read this post

Repurpose Inspiration: Yard Sale Find Turned Craft Room Accessory!

As a fellow frugalite, I am sure you can guess that I am always on the lookout for neat and cheap things at garage sales. If you were to come over and visit, I'd give you the grand tour of our living room and tell you how I furnished it for less than... Read this post

DIY Kitchen Sink Cleaner

I LOVE my kitchen! That is, until my normally shiny stainless steel sink gets covered in gunk and loses its shine. That's when I normally resort to wiping it down with a wet rag because I'm too scared to scratch my sink with a cleaner that's too harsh.... Read this post

DIY: 5 Minute Chocolate Frosting!

  Yummy - yummy - do I love chocolate! :) If you are like me - you find a ton of deals on cakes but not always on frosting! :) I made a homemade carrot cake a year or so ago and have been making my own frosting ever since then! :) One of... Read this post

DIY – Recycle Your Old Cd Case Covers

  Here is a great Idea on how to re-cycle your old CD covers that are laying around.  You can make these any way you want with pretty much any supplies you have laying around.  First you need to pick out pictures you want to use.  I always... Read this post

DIY Bug Repellent

It’s summertime!  That means we are spending hours upon hours doing everything under the sun…literally!  If you’ve been outdoors, you’ve probably been pestered by those little vampires we know as mosquitoes.  If you’re... Read this post
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