Homemade Fabric Softener (DIY) – $.01/Load!

If there is one thing I hate buying, it’s fabric softener! I will admit, because the lack of great sales I find on it, I rarely use it! I love to use it though, so I had to come up with a Plan B! Homemade Fabric Softener!

I was excited when I found a recipe for homemade liquid fabric softener, especially when I read the main ingredient: hair conditioner! When you think about it, fabric softener does the same for clothes as hair conditioner does for our hair! How many of you can got to your stockpile right now and find at least a dozen bottles of hair conditioner? I know I can! So let’s give it a second use! Ready to do this? (Be sure to Pin this on Pinterest if you like this DIY household item!)

Items you will need:

(2) cups of hair conditioner

(3) cups of distilled white vinegar

(6) cups boiling water

(1) Mixing utensil

(1) Bucket/Pail/Pot

(1) Empty Bottle

(I used an old clean bleach container) First of all, you will notice in my picture I only have a 12oz bottle of conditioner! Well, I am terrible at math! Not to worry, I had extra bottles so I grabbed a ½ cup out of another bottle! Many of the recipes you will see out there say cold water is fine, I on the other hand prefer to have the water hot because it helps break down the condtioner, meaning less stirring for me!

STEP 1. Pour the 6 cups of boiling in water into the pail

STEP 2. Add the conditioner

STEP 3. Add the vinegar

STEP 4. Start stirring

This whole process took me about 4 minutes! My favorite part …. I get to make the scent myself, not pick one off the shelf, and with the million different scents of conditioner out there, a million different scents to be had! I did go out an buy the vinegar for $1.82 at Walmart, used  a third of the bottle ($.60) and conditioner I had on hand ($.48) For a grand total of $1.08! This is a 96 oz bottle that I filled, and according to Snuggle, 96 oz = 96 loads! This makes it $.01 per load! I have washed my laundry with my homemade fabric softener and I am loving the red raspberries and Brazilian silk scent! Don’t forget to pin this! Looking to make your own laundry detergent too? Tamra has you covered on that, come check out her DIY Laundry Detergent video!

Instructograph Version of (DIY) Homemade Fabric Softener

Softener Back in the day (read: 1800’s), doing one’s laundry means walking to the nearest riverside, while lugging around the clothes, the good ‘ol washboard and the washing bat. Nowadays, we have all kinds of washing machines, laundry detergents, and something that our ancestors have not heard of–fabric softeners. For the modern man and woman, it’s not enough to keep the clothes immaculate and spotless. Fabric softeners are now thrown in to, as its namesake, soften the material. So instead of you wearing clothes that would feel rough due to the static clinging in synthetic fibers, you now have clothes that are clean AND smooth to the touch. Try your hand at this homemade fabric softener so you can save up and even pick the scent of your choice!

DIY Homemade Fabric Softener an infographic by the team at DiscountQueens.com


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