Painted Canvases {Easy DIY Craft Tutorial}


This is a super easy, inexpensive fast craft! It will be sure to brighten up any room or space!

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Canvas size of your choice (Hobby Lobby carries a package of 2 11×16 for 7.99 you can also buy them individually if you’d like)
Frog tape (this is THE ONLY tape I will use, it DOES NOT BLEED. I don’t recommend using the Scott’s blue painter tape… it will bleed. You can find this at Home Depot)
Sponge brush

Decorating tip: It is always more appealing to the eye to decorate in odd numbers (i.e. 3, 5, etc..) Also, don’t hang photos higher than eye level. You want to actually be able to see the photo or art display!

I have been in my home for over a year and have been wanting to hang curtains on a wall in my TV room, but haven’t wanted to spent the money on the rod or curtains. Since stripes are so in right now I wanted to make striped curtains, but once I priced them out I decided it was more than I wanted to spend. I had some canvases laying around that I covered in fabric years ago… I now hated the fabric so I just stored them away. I decided to pull them out and re-use them! I decided since I wanted striped curtains I would make striped canvass next to the wind I wanted striped curtains on. I love how it turned out. Before you throw something away, see if it is something you can re-use and make better!

First decide what size of stripes you want. I wanted mine a little thicker so on an 8×10 I measured out 3 stripes. Start by measuring the center of your canvas and then divide that by how many stripes you want. I used a pencil to lightly mark so see if I had the desired look, then I taped my lines.

Once all your tape is on turn the canvas upside down and press down firmly while rubbing your finger over all the taped areas. Turn the canvas over and to the same to the edges. Be careful not to push on the canvas when it is right side up so you don’t dent the canvas.

Now you are ready to paint! Paint the untaped parts of your canvas and repeat several times. Make sure your first coat is dry before applying the second coat.

Once you have painted several coats and the paint is dry you can peal off the tape!

I hung my canvases length wise on an empty wall and spaced them evenly. Use a level when you hang photos or projects on your wall.. you want them to be level. I usually don’t ever hang the first photo or project in the right spot.. thats ok, just make sure you cover up the hole with your project and you can fill it later!

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I love how clean the stripes turned out! The only thing I actually bought for this project was the grey paint that was under $2.00 at Hobby Lobby.. that beats the $100.00+ dollars I would have spent on a rod and curtains!

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