DIY: How to Paint Text on Canvas

  If you are a frequent Michael's shopper, you know their canvas items go on sale frequently. Every time they do, I try to grab a couple because they are cheap and you make some great gifts with them. You can even do signs for your own home. However,... Read this post

DIY Two Ingredient Static Guard!

Ok. So, this do it yourself happened out of necessity. Yesterday I noticed that my four legged children weren't moving around very much and when they did, they walked around stiff legged. Right before it was time to go to bed, I called them over and pulled... Read this post

DIY Christmas Plate!!!

  Need a fun Christmas Craft to do with the kids.  Why not make a Christmas Plate!  It is so easy... All you need: 1 plate (I got mine from the dollar store) 1 bottle of Gloss Enamels red paint 1 bottle of Gloss Enamels green paint 1 or 2... Read this post

Do it Yourself “Pledge” Spray! Two Ingredients!!

I'm so in love with this DIY. I cannot believe how easy and CHEAP it is to make your own "Pledge" spray! All you need are TWO ingredients!!! Here they are: 1/2 Cup Olive Oli Lemon or Lime Essential oil (you can substitute 1/4 cup lemon juice) You... Read this post

Do It Yourself Bathroom Wipes!

Do you remember that awesome post Amber did a while back; DIY Cleaning wipes? Well, we're going to use a few of her steps to make our own bathroom wipes! I'm so excited about this DIY! Ok, ok, moving on... I LOVE Cottonelle Moist Toilet Wipes. Even though... Read this post

DIY Paper Filer in Under 5 Minutes and Costs less than $1!!

I absolutely love how easy this project is! I got sick of looking at all of the papers I had laying around my room and I didn't feel like spending any more money buying a little plastic holder to file all my paper in. So, I took things into my own hands!... Read this post

Do It Yourself Hard Water Stain Remover! Only TWO Ingredients!!!

Adult|Inside The House|Cleaning
A few years ago, I showed you how to make your own glass stove top stain remover using some pretty unconventional stuff! That stain remover madness and victory motivated me to tackle my other huge eye-sore: the outside glass door! I decided it was time... Read this post

Do it Yourself Vapor Shower Disks!! Only THREE Ingredients!!

I used to love those vapor rub disks that Vicks used to make a while back. I haven't been able to find them in years! Luckily, I came across an awesome Pin on Pinterest...Homemade Vicks Shower Disks. Her idea is fantastic! The only problem? She uses essential... Read this post

Top 5 Halloween Milk Jug Crafts!

There's just something about Halloween that makes me want to get crafty!! Last night I showed you a simple way to reuse your old milk cartons with my DIY Spooky Milk Jug Ghosts and it made me wonder what other wonderful things we could make with our left... Read this post

DIY Halloween T-shirts! Only $1.50 each!

I LOVE Halloween!!! The only thing I don't love, is paying $10 or more for a shirt I'll wear once or twice during the holiday. So, I decided to make my own! It only costs $1.50 a shirt to make! Want to make one too? Here's how! Ok, everything I used... Read this post
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