Do It Yourself Hard Water Stain Remover! Only TWO Ingredients!!!

A few years ago, I showed you how to make your own glass stove top stain remover using some pretty unconventional stuff! That stain remover madness and victory motivated me to tackle my other huge eye-sore: the outside glass door! I decided it was time to rid myself of the dreaded hard water stain! And guess what, I decided to use things you’d never imagine to get rid of these stains! This awesome DIY Hard Water Stain Remover does wonders!

Let me explain a little. All of my water comes from a well. This well produces nothing but hard water. Hard water tends to be FULL of minerals and is always such a pain to remove. Even though I have a water softener system, I’m still plagued with horribly hard water!

Now, I’m very lucky to have an automatic sprinkler system on my lawn, but the sprinkler somehow manages to spray the door off my back porch. For the last year this thick, disgusting, layer of hard water has developed. It’s so bad, it’s almost impossible to see out of! See?

I’ve tried everything to remove it! No Windex, Scrubbing Bubble or Lime-A-Way could make this stain budge! After my success with a potato as a stain remover, I decided to try some of the other crazy concoctions I’ve read about.

I’m sure many of you find hard water stains all over as well! They can cover your car, any window at work or at home, and many other places. I have only tested this solution on windows so before trying it on the paint of your car, do a little test spot to make sure it is safe!

I can hardly wait to share with you what I found. It was one of those INSPIRATION moments that I seriously cannot get over how amazing it worked.

So, guess what?

I found a Hard Water Stain Remover that is AMAZING!! You’re going to love this one too…I promise!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

Yes, that’s it!

Now, I promise you we’re not making cocktails! I read about the cleaning power of Coke and then another article about the cleaning power of Vodka so I decided, “why not try both at the same time”?! (Light-bulb moment!)

All you have to do is pour a half and half mixture of Coca-Cola and Vodka into a spray bottle.

Now, spray your mixture on your worst hard water stain. Cover each part of the window or area that you are spraying. Make sure to get a good layer on it so there is enough to do the job.

After that, Do not wipe it! Let it sit! You will begin to see the hard water breaking up just like this… You just simply need to walk away and pretend that NOTHING is happening. Let the solution do the work for you. Come back in a few minutes.

Let your mixture dry on the surface you are working on. Chances are, the stain won’t come off in one shot! I sprayed my glass at least three times! After the third dousing, I walked away. This is what I found an hour later…

AWESOME right?! You can even see where the paint has come clean underneath the glass! It literally did all that work without me having to do ONE scrub. It honestly does miracles.

Just FYI, I did not clean the glass with anything other than the Coke/Vodka mixture before I took that last shot! I didn’t even wipe it down!

Now that the hard water has been “eaten away” you can resume cleaning the glass with your normal cleaner.

That is all you have to do! This Hard Water Stain Remover is awesome guys, trust me! You do not have to break your arm/back scrubbing until your hands are raw. All you have to do is spray and walk away! That is it!

I hope this post saves you money on useless products and hours spent scrubbing till your arm falls off! That is why I decided to do it! There are some things you simply cannot JUST SCRUB OFF. This hard water stain was one of them. I just sprayed (3 times), waited until it dried, and let it do the work! After that, I headed back to see that all the hard work had already been done for me. All I had to do was use my normal window cleaning product, I prefer Windex, to finish off the clean! I’m serious guys, this is AWESOME!

How many of you are daring enough to try this? Comment below and let us know! We would love you to comment below your before and after pics so all our Fabulessly Frugal readers can see how AMAZING this is!

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  • Would this ruin my stainless steele refridgerator…..the little water runs have stained the doors in little trivits….have used everything to restore it and the only thing that works a little bit is baby oil,but it dosen’t remove them it just buffs it out for a short time !

  • oh wow! I have miserable hard water stains for the same reason you do. I can’t wait to try this!!! The panhandle of Texas will thank you if this works!

  • Going to try this on my shower door. Previous home owners did not clean the glass shower door regularly and I’ve tried everything I can get my hands on for 3 years since buying the house. Lucky for me, the neighbor left a bottle of vodka behind. Its cupcake but just as proof.
    Thank you so much!

  • Curious – did the water drips at the bottom come from the cleaner or were they there before?

    • Hi Linda! The drips came after I drenched the window. The hard water actually stained the paint on my house! The dripping is the remover mixture (remember, I didn’t wipe) that leaked off the window. It cut through the hard water on the paint too! I’m actually planning on spraying the remover on a couple of other areas around my house that turned white from the hard water to see if I can get rid of that too!

  • And you’d have a good time while you were waiting! πŸ˜‰

  • I have a housekeeping business and have been looking for a solution to this problem for as long as I’ve been doing it, 29 years! Thanks for the tip, I’ll be sure to try this!

    • You got it, Waco! I hope this makes things a whole lot easier for you! Just be sure to pour your Vodka mixture before you get to the house! Don’t want any homeowners getting suspicious! πŸ˜‰

  • I am glad you found something that worked. As the owner of a residential cleaning services this is definitely one of the problems most homeowners have. I have found one product that does work like a charm, regular SPRAY Comet. Not the powder but the one in the spray bottle. It contains citric acid and eats through hard water, soap scum and calcium. Just apply and let it sit for a few minutes then scrub with a scrubbing sponge or a soft bristled brush. I have been amazed at the results.

    • Thanks for the tip Louise! I might try that for inside. Unfortunately, I’m 4’10 and my windows are over 8 feet tall! I’d have to pull out a ladder to scrub that high up! Luckily, there’s no scrubbing involved with this mix! It’s a spray and walk away! πŸ™‚

    • What can I use on natural stone shower walls? PJ

    • I have hard water where I live as well. One my windows that get accidentally sprayed from the sprinkler and for my stainless steel frig. …I use white vinegar and lemon essential oil. Put vinegar in an old array bottle, add 10 to 15 drops of essential lemon oil. Fingerprints off the frig. and windows spotless. You can also mix some rubbing alcohol in the mix for added cleaning power.

  • Hi there guys, I just want to thank you for this idea. I’m actually searching for an excellent glass stain remover and I saw this. Just this afternoon, I tried it to our shower enclosure that I’ve been trying to remove water stains for several months but now I’m very happy with the result, well, I just don’t have pictures of it but it’s really effective plus when I let my dad see it, he wants to try it to his car, so we’re hoping to see the results there too. πŸ™‚

  • Can we make cocktails out of it? I mean…it would make the cleaning so much more fun! Great tip! I’ll tr it as soon as it’s not freezing out!

  • One for you, one for me.

  • Could I use rubbing alcohol instead of vodka?

    • Rubbing alcohol will remove mild stains! So if your water stains aren’t too bad then yes! But if they are super bad, vodka is the only thing I’ve seen that does the trick!

  • Someone set something on my dining room table and it has left a spot. It doesn’t look like a wet spot. The finish is just not as shiny in that one place. Any ideas?

    • I have a dark wood kitchen table and have discovered that hot dinner plates discolor the wood to a slightly lighter/gray color. So now we use place mats. πŸ™‚ Is that what happened to your table?

  • Does this work on granite counter tops? I have hard water stains around the faucet areas and have tried everything. It is a black granite and really shows the hard water white stains πŸ™

  • does this work for hard water stains in toilet bowls?

    • Give it a try Amina! Your mileage may vary on this one… I would just be sure to drain all the water out first before you clean it of course! Good luck, let us know how it does!

  • Thanks for the recipe!! This window had 5 year of hard water buildup. I would scrub and use everything under the sun it never came off. I tried this and it was a miracle!!!! Took 3/4 times spraying but I can now see out a clear window.

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