Coupon Tip Tuesday

coupon help, tipsWelcome to our collection of couponing tips! Some are for newbies, and others are for more advanced couponers. You’re sure to find something helpful!! If you are a newbie, this is a excellent place to start!

If you have a tip or a question that might make a great tip post feel free to share in the comments


Fabuless Coupon Database


Printing Coupons Tutorial

Coupon Ethics

Trouble Printing Coupons?


Coupon Binder Organization

Categories for the Baseball Card Holder System

Benefits of Multiple Coupons

Why should I Keep Every Coupon?

The Etiquette of Collecting Coupons

Where to Find the Coupons

All the Coupons in the Newspaper

What to do with all the Newspaper?

Coupon Expired? Donate it!

The Anatomy of a Printable Coupon

How to Tell if a Coupon is a FAKE!

Facebook Coupons


Easy Shopping List

Decoding the Store Ad

Shopping from Your Pantry

Target Price Matching

Walgreen/”s 101

Think Small

When Should I Shop?

How to Avoid Leaving the Store without the Deal

Stock up Prices

What Price to Use to Get the Catalina??

Give Couponers A Good Name

Why Didn’t My Catalina Print?

What Are Catalina’s?

“Healthy” Couponing

Coupon Shopping vs. Costco Shopping

Be Kind to Cashiers

Kindness Pays

Miscellaneous Q&A

Over Coming the Coupon Critic in You


  • Jessica

    My husband loves to fly fish. He ties his own flies, which makes it less expensive, but it’s still a pretty expensive hobby. We wait for deals to buy his fishing gear, but I was wondering if anyone else has any ideas on how to bring the cost down.

  • Rita

    I just came across your website and I am very impressed. I have clipped coupons all over my house that rarely make it to the grocery store so if I could really make your system (the binder/inserts) work for me that would be awesome. There is a lot of lingo to navigate through on your site and feels little over whelming to start, especially since I have tried before.

    I am curious how much do you save each month? I have to admit I am HORRIBLE at the grocery store, I can easily spend $500 a month on groceries for my family of four. And two of the four barely eat! My son just started rice cereal for goodness sakes!

    Do you know what a family of four should spend on groceries in CA? Any other tips appreciated!

  • Monica

    Three years ago I thought I was doing pretty well spending $500 a month on groceries for my family of 3. Now that I know how to coupon effectively I pend about $100 a month for my family of four and we have an incredible food storage that I have built up using coupons!

    We have a lingo page that may help you:

    Also our DVD is a great way for newbies to learn more about couponing:

  • Denise

    Hello. I am having trouble finding the brag section on your site. I would like to publish my purchase after reading the information on your site.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • Tonya

    I can’t locate the info that I recall seeing in the past on this site about where to send expired coupons so that military people can use them….
    can you direct me?
    thank you.


  • john bilderback

    how can you use 2 manufacturer coupons as you have denoted in the Target ad??? Do you use a filler; I am sure the coupon says 1 coupon per item … just trying to understand so I am not fraudulent! THANKS

    β˜…Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, Easy Ups, Baby Dry, or Extra Protection Big Pack Diapers $19.99
    $3/1 Select Pampers Diapers coupon from 4/3 PG
    $1.50/1 Pampers coupon from 4/3 PG
    Final Price: $14.49-$15.99

  • Rachel

    Has anyone used U-promise. Can you still use coupons on you’re purchases if you are linked to U-promise?

  • Justinn

    I have many coupons that most of my coupons read, “limit one coupon per purchase of specified item(s)” But I recently came across a FUZE coupon from SS 4/10/11- $1/2 and it read “limit on coupon per purchase” Does this mean that I can only use one coupon per transaction, or does it mean that I can use all five coupons I have in one transaction? If I can use all the coupons in one transaction and pair it with the store deal of .50 ea if you buy 10, well then I can get all 10 free. I guess I am just a little fuzzy on the lingo here.

    • Monica

      You are so on the right track. One coupon per purchase means one coupon per item, not transaction!

      So yes you can get free fuze!

      • Justinn

        Thank you so much for this response! I recently went to Walmart and used a bunch of coupons that said “1 coupon per purchase” and the check made me pull out my items, void them off and do multiple transactions for them….grrrrrr. I am new and didn’t want to dispute it, so I just let it go but I was pretty frustrated because I have used these coupons in the same transactions before and knew it was acceptable. Is there a coupon handbook I can pull out for the next time this happens? lol thanks


  • terri

    im just starting out couponing and havent done too much yet, im curious if certain stores (like walmart) price match which is where i usually shop why wouldnt you just go there every time so you can get all the ad specials at one place with your coupons? why would you go anywhere else?

  • Kimber

    I have always used coupons although never really thought I was saving much, but have recently started seeing a larger savings. However I would like to stockpile certain things (like most moms I’m sure) like laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper and maybe other things that I might actually use on a regular basis. But I’m stuck… I just haven’t found those deals to really get things next to nothing or even free. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us updated.

  • Dotty

    I am trying to get the bic razor coupon that was in the 8/31 sunday paper and I can see it but am unable to print!! How do I print them??

  • Melissa

    Hello!Β  I am just wondering if there are any stores in my area, Salem/Albany Oregon, that automatically double coupons or double more than 4 at a time.Β  Thank you!


    Looking at the Alb.’s grocery list and I see 2 prices after an item like: $2.24/$1.79 what does the 2 prices mean???

  • jomeda

    I understand that we have 2 Albertsons. One is a Albertsons LLC and the other Albertsons Super Value. My quuestion is this. How do I know when Twice the Value coupons are coming out for the Albertson’s Super Value Which is what we have here in my home town. In fact it is the only Super market we have so I try and make my bucks count. These Twice Value coupons come out it seem only once every when ever. How do I tell when ever is?

  • Joan Blurton

    To Jessica -for fishing gear get on the email list for auctions, such as estate sale auctions. If you don’t know who does them in your area, google for your area/city. Most will put you on an email list, notify you of upcoming auctions, and then let you preview items online. Many auctions are done online now. I get most of my non-perishable household items, collectables, etc that way now. I often see fishing gear available. Since your husband knows fishing, he will know a good deal to bid on.
    To everyone else: I have been searching for the storage ideas I saw about how to store your couponing stash. One idea showed chip bags on a chain on the back of a door. Does anyone know where this was?

  • anna chavez

    hI, iM new to couponing I watch extreme couponing and still dont get it. I live in Chicago and dont have albertsons or all those other good stores where they double the coupons. Can u please give me some advice on how to save. by the way, I have the dvd and still not sure how it all works. wee eat more fresh food than box and can I think that might be the problem. I try to find the best deals on toliet paper and paper products but around here we dont get the best prices!! please give me some advice thank u so much Anna

  • Jessica

    I was wondering if you guys had heard anything about Albertsons new policy on the printed coupons? They told me that they wont be taking the coupons that don’t scan anymore. I asked her if she knew how I could tell if they would scan or not. She said the coupons need to have a 3rd bar code which look just like a bar code off products. They took my coupon but they said they wont be taking them anymore… they were just the coupons I printed from… ????

  • Megan

    I don’t see a list of coupons for the Spokane area?

  • sandi

    i would like a place to take my old coupons to . i would like to see if walmart would take them and keep them for the service people and some one would come and pick them up i know a lot of people shop walmart may you guys could talk to them and see if they would do that may put a bin out and say for the service people i know there are some of the coupons i don’t use this would be help full for alot of us to do thanks for helping if you can

  • marla

    I have coupons for U by kotex they expire on monday feb 6, anyone know where’s the best store to get the more savings? Thank your for your help.

  • Jenny

    How do we trade coupons?

  • Diana

    Can someone tell me how to get cheap toilet paper. I see pictures of peoples stockpiles and see lots of toilet paper and paper towels, but cannot figure out how to do it. I seem to get coupons that are not very good for toilet paper.

    Thank you.

  • Rebecca

    How do you reset a printable coupon?

  • Marsha

    My biggest problem with couponing, is that I usually make my own stuff like, cream of chicken soup or fajita seasoning. I like to steer clear of pre-packaged food because of the preservatives (prudish I guess) and extra stuff in them. We are in a small town so we don’t have much competition …we don’t even have a Costco! It seems a waste of time and gas to me to go to 5 stores in a day to save 50 cents. I went to the website a few years ago to give couponing a go and to make a long story short, my husband asked me to uninstall it because it was hogging too much memory. What would you tell someone like me who is full of excuses. I’ve tried before and it seemed a waste of energy to me.

    • Monica

      Marsha- You are so cute. I feel your pain of no Costco. I always tell my husband I can not live anywhere that is not big enough to have a Costco. When I first tried couponing I gave up too easy. I did not have a blog to follow and WInco would not take my printable coupons. If you make lots of things from scratch you should keep doing that. Instead of focusing on foods with coupons focus on personal care products and deals at Walgreens. Also try again. You may as well have coupons to save on things you are going to buy anyway like milk and cheese. Hope this helps you. Happy couponing!

  • Shawni

    Wow, I am sooo overwhelmed. I ordered your DVD, watched it and was very excited about my new adventure. I have always stocked up so I figured why not use coupons and save some money at the same time. I normally shop at the commissary so going to stores off base is very foreign to me but they are more convenient with my busy schedule. I put together my binder with my one insert and some printed coupons and I even took the Safeway ad with me to the store. I felt like I was rummaging between the binder, the add, the printed coupons, the phone to double check what I had loaded on my card and space…lol! In the end, there was a cereal deal that I could have skipped but it was not to bad I guess. I ended up spending $125 after my coupons. The cart’s original price was $216 sooo, I guess I did ok but I feel like I could have done better. Couponing can be so confusing with the store deals/club card deals/extras loaded on the store card and regular coupons….boy! I told the cashier this was my first time couponing so hopefully I did it all right and she said no worries. I was so stressed after running around chasing deals I said forget it to the multiple transactions….I was beat. It would have been nice to have a coupon print out for my binder so I could have saved some time but you guys don’t have one for my area. I would love to CONSIDER doing one for my area but can you tell me what it entales? Also, any tips to ease the stress and confusion will be appreciated as well.

  • donna6

    How can I join?

  • Shawni

    I have not heard anything from anyone about the DC metro area, did we find someone… See post above.

  • latoya

    i need help. i am astay at home mom and we have no money for food and supposably make to much for food stamps we are a family of 5 and have no food in our house hardly. i have started to gather all the coupons i can get my hands on but now the problem is no money to pay for what the coupons dont cover and dont know where to start…. i am freaking out because we only have enough cereal for like one more day… please help me learn as quickly as possible so i can have food for at least my kids

  • Heather Smith

    I would really really love and appreciate it so much if we could find someone to do the lists for the southwest GA region…PLEASSSSEEEE :/
    It would be so so helpful

  • Kathy

    The last post I saw for Ridley’s Market was clear back in December. Have you permanently dropped them? I get some great deals there, and Fab Frugal helped find me even more. Hope to see them listed again some time.

  • Shauna

    I’m new to coupon ing I don want to be extreme just want to save on our grocery budget so we can get other things paid off. I’m not very smart at it but I’m putting 100% into it. I am just wondering do I have to shop at all the different stores or just can I just shop at one? Right now I buy my food at winco and non food items at Walmart. To get the best savings do I just go to all the stores? Albys,Walgreens,riteaid,ect?

  • Shauna

    I am just getting started and I bought the DVD and everything. Where do you log on and where do I go to print off the price pount sheets? Im very frustrated its alot of work getting started and overwhelming and when I can’t find things it upsets me

    • Becky

      It comes in the email subscription that you should have signed up for πŸ™‚ Just click where it says, Price Point Guide, and enter the password πŸ™‚ If you have more questions, you can email me at fabulesslyfrugal at

  • Erin

    I am new to dallas and new to couponing. Where do I start? And at the risk of sounding really stupid is there a free couponing 101 class? I see coupons in the paper but honestly I’ve never used one and I don’t see how I can get my items free like they do on the extream couponing show.

  • nell richter

    Lost my copy of the spreadsheet with the price of items and what a good price is and the price to buy more. Cannot revive my list I got from your website years ago.

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