How to Start the Keto Diet (Keto Tips for Beginners)

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Why I Started the Keto Diet After a stressful time in my life, I found myself completely depleted with extra pounds packed on to my midsection. I knew without a doubt that I was back in that food coma... that cloudy state of mind... the tired, uncreative,... Read this post

The Ultimate Guide to Freezing and Thawing Food for Amazing Dinners on a Budget

Preparing food ahead of time can be a great way to save money and help you out when you’re in a pinch. We’ve all been there before where we forgot to take something out in time for dinner, and have started to question whether or not we should... Read this post

5 Great Pool Exercises to Boost Weight Loss

Pool season is here and if you’re looking to lose some weight, or get in shape, then pool exercises are a great way to do it. There are so many wonderful benefits to working out in a pool. If you’re overweight or have an injury and regular exercise... Read this post

How I Save Big on Organics Like Bobs Red Mill, Braggs, Seventh Generation, and More!

Are you conscious about what you put into your body? Do you like to purchase brands like Seventh Generation, Bobs Red Mill, Braggs Raw Apple Cider, Annies, Cascadian Farm, and more? Then keep reading my friends! Because I've found a great way for you... Read this post

14 Meal Planning Tips {Plus Meal Planning Service!}

Meal Planning Tips! First of all, what exactly is Meal Planning anyway? It is whatever way you organize yourself to cook a meal - the plan you make before you shop. Meal planning is a personal thing though because something that works for me might... Read this post

Fresh Ideas from the Freezer!

Ready for some quick meal ideas! Yes! Utilizing ingredients, sides, or main dishes from the freezer aisle is a smart move! Seriously, there are so many ways to put frozen foods to use for you. They make meals easier and faster to prepare and plan,... Read this post

Fitness Challenge Results {Before and After}

We have seen some awesome results from the TERRAFit fitness challenge! These lovely ladies gave us permission to share their personal before and after photos. You want to take a look? Would you like to see these kinds of changes for yourself? You... Read this post

Money Saving Health Tips for 2017!

We partnered with SearchRx to bring you these money-saving health tips! With the recent holiday season and New Year’s Eve right around the corner we have all been facing the temptation of overindulging. While the holiday season is a time for... Read this post

Webinar: How to Naturally Cleanse and Detox Your Body

Have the holiday treats taken their toll on you? Are you OVER sugar and sweets? Yet still have a hard time resisting? Are you in a battle with cravings? Then it's totally time to do a cleanse! Click here to register for the webinar! It's time to... Read this post

Why I Love My Bathroom Scale

UPDATE February 16, 2015... I still use this awesome scale to watch my fat percentage and muscle percentage.  For me it's more about those numbers than it is about pounds!  18 months later, I'm down 60 pounds overall... I have more strength and muscle... Read this post