100+ Diffuser Blends and 5 Reasons Why!

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Why Should You Diffuse Essential Oils? Breathing in the oils aromatically is an amazing way to receive the benefits, plus it's spread throughout the air for others to enjoy as well! Because you are only using a few drops, it really helps your oils last while still gaining all of the awesome benefits! Depending on which oils you put in your diffuser, you can do all kinds of great things! Protect against environmental and seasonal threats Eradicate unpleasant odors... Read this post

Natural Relief of Temporary Sinus Pressure

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You know when your sinuses are plugged up, and you just want to pull your sinus out through your eyeballs to relieve the pressure?  I seriously hope you don't!  But if you are like me, and you are familiar with that sensation, you know how horrible it... Read this post

One Way We Can Empower YOU

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We've been blessed these past 7 years to be able to work from home and create an income.  After the first couple of years blogging, it was exciting to be able to hire other moms who could work from home and earn a part time income.  The only bummer... Read this post
How I lost 60 pounds after my 8th baby

12 Week Fitness Challenge! {Starts January 9th}

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I've been sharing a lot about my weight loss over the two years... In May, I got on facebook live and shared a few of my favorite tips to help you lose weight. Want to do exactly what I've done?  Now you can follow my exact plan and I'll coach... Read this post

I Can’t vs I Don’t Eat Sugar!

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  I Can't vs I Don't Eat Sugar! There is a difference. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Above you see my friend Cathy. Doesn't she look incredible? So much younger and healthier. Can you believe she had 8 children? She understands this idea that... Read this post

Our Favorite Detox – Online Class, May 24th & 26th!

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Monica and I have been sharing a lot about our health changes lately.  That's because getting healthy and taking care of our bodies has brought us to a whole new level of life enjoyment!  We FEEL good!  Not only are we able to be more physically active,... Read this post

Essential Oil Workshop

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Calling all readers in the Boise, Nampa and Meridian area! Are you interested in learning more about essential oils or our Fitness Challenge? We have an amazing opportunity to attend a  FREE workshop this Saturday in Meridian where you can learn about... Read this post

DIY Fridge Refreshers!

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Tired of having a stinky refrigerator? I can't be the only one to open the refrigerator occasionally and wrinkle up my nose because of the smell inside of it. Right? I sure hope not! There is nothing worse than going to grab something out of the refrigerator... Read this post

Natural Throat Soother

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Have you ever just had a dry, scratchy throat?  You know, where you sound like Professor Umbridge "Hem-heming" her way into a conversation?  Well, we found an all natural way to sooth your throat!  And it can even be organic, depending on the... Read this post

How I Lost 25 Pounds

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This is my journey to health and fitness Part I I am a little nervous and excited sharing these pictures with you. On the right is a picture my sister-in-law took last summer so I could share a new maxi dress with you. On the left is a picture Cathy... Read this post

Natural Bug Bite Stick

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"Mom! A bug bit me!  Now it itches really bad!"  You know, that no matter how diligent you are with the bug repellent, or how great you are about keeping the Bug Repelling Candles going, you are going to get bitten by a bug.  The darn things will... Read this post