Webinar: How to Naturally Cleanse and Detox Your Body

Have the holiday treats taken their toll on you? Are you OVER sugar and sweets? Yet still have a hard time resisting? Are you in a battle with cravings? Then it's totally time to do a cleanse! Click here to register for the webinar! It's time to... Read this post

Why I Love My Bathroom Scale

UPDATE February 16, 2015... I still use this awesome scale to watch my fat percentage and muscle percentage.  For me it's more about those numbers than it is about pounds!  18 months later, I'm down 60 pounds overall... I have more strength and muscle... Read this post

Shed Pounds Naturally Starting Jan 9th!

In 2016, team FF has had a HUGE response to our fitness challenge. We have already coached more than 500 participants! Amazing things have taken place!  pounds have been shed addictions have been broken caffeine soda has been abandoned ... Read this post
How I lost 60 pounds after my 8th baby

12 Week Fitness Challenge! {Starts January 9th}

I've been sharing a lot about my weight loss over the two years... In May, I got on facebook live and shared a few of my favorite tips to help you lose weight. Want to do exactly what I've done?  Now you can follow my exact plan and I'll coach... Read this post

Get Ready for Cold & Flu Season!

Be Prepared for Cold & Flu Season! (Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own! Check out my stay healthy tips!) It's that time of year again. Sure, it is an awesome time because of the fun holiday shopping, family time, and... Read this post

Why I’m NOT Saying Goodbye

Healthy|Life on Purpose
I could probably write a book about all the lessons I’ve learned and the personal growth I’ve experienced over the last 8 years of my life (in fact, maybe I will one day). But today I want to share with you where I am today, and why I am still here... Read this post

How I Get Tan With Out Sun or Tanning Beds: FakeBake Product Review

In February I was feeling pretty mayo.  Don't we all look pale and mayo in February?  We're tired of winter. We're tired of gray skies.  So I asked one of my favorite Group X leaders at the YMCA how she was looking nice and toned.  She had a nice... Read this post

I Can’t vs I Don’t Eat Sugar!

Healthy|Natural Solutions
I Can't vs I Don't Eat Sugar! There is a difference. Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Above you see my friend Cathy. Doesn't she look incredible? So much younger and healthier. Can you believe she had 8 children? She understands this idea that I... Read this post

How I Lost 25 Pounds

This is my journey to health and fitness Part I I am a little nervous and excited sharing these pictures with you. On the right is a picture my sister-in-law took last summer so I could share a new maxi dress with you. On the left is a picture Cathy... Read this post

Couponing Made Me Fat

In 2008 I started couponing. I had also just had baby number two. I started bringing foods in my house that I had not bought before like Oreos, sugar cereal, fruit snacks, chips, refrigerator biscuits, coffee creamer and Chips Ahoy cookies. I bought... Read this post
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