Halloween Candy Alternatives for Trick or Treaters

Check out these ideas to hand out to trick or treaters that are NOT Halloween Candy! 

Halloween will be here before we know it. I get tired of all the sugar my kids come home with on Halloween and a few years back I decided it was time to be apart of the change I wanted to see. Why can’t we hand out something that is inexpensive and not candy on Halloween night to the trick or treaters? I decided I wanted to make a change.

Just because it’s not candy, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Plus, some of these are bulk buys too and because it’s not candy, if you don’t use it all this Halloween, you can use it for party favors or more throughout the year. Think ahead to birthday parties, Easter and maybe even Christmas stocking stuffers! Here are some of my favorite items to hand out instead of candy!

Fun Things to Hand Out on Halloween INSTEAD of Candy

These finger lights are ALWAYS a hit! I’ve been handing these out for the past few years and now the kids search me out at the church trunk or treat! They are fun to wear, especially on Halloween night as they are walking around in the dark! You can usually get 100 Finger Lights for less than $15!


LED Finger Lights

  • Fit all ages
  • Last up to 24 hours
  • Pack comes in green, blue, white, and red!
  • Batteries included

Click HERE to snag these finger lights!

Light-up Glow Stick Bracelets

This is another fun one for Halloween night… the glowing lights are fun for the kids to enjoy immediately while walking in the dark… although this one won’t last as long as the Finger Lights do.

  • 100 Count
  • Glows for 8-12 Hours
  • Assortment of 5 Different Colors

Click HERE to get the deal!

Glider Planes

These are fun for all kids! This could be a fun toy for them to enjoy the next day!

  • 8 inch foam glider plane
  • Individually packaged
  • Assorted styles
  • Easy to assemble

Click HERE to get see the planes!

50 Assorted Stamps

  • Comes with ink
  • Boys/Girls alike will love these
  • Fun designs

Click HERE to get the deal!


72-pack of Kid’s Coloring Books

  • 72 books per unit
  • 5″ x 7″ each
  • 6 pgs. per book
  • 4 Designs/Assorted

Click HERE to get the deal!

12 Pull Back Racer Cars

  • 12 Pull Back Racers
  • 2 1/2 Inch Size Plastic Race Cars
  • Friction Powered
  • Pull Back And Go Style

Click HERE to get the deal!

Stretchable Flying Frogs

  • 12 Green Frogs per order
  • 3.5″ long, Stretchable
  • Fun to fling around and watch them fly!  

Click HERE to get the deal!

zoo eraser tops

Zoo Animal Pencil Top Erasers (12 dz)

  • Neon Zoo Animal Pencil Top Erasers
  • Assorted designs
  • 144 count

Click HERE to get the deal!

Vinyl Glitter Sticky Hands 1 1/4″ (6 dz)

  • Individually wrapped
  • Assorted bright colors
  • 72 count

Click HERE to get the deal!


Punch Balloons 

  • 10″ balloons!
  • Assorted colors
  • Rubber band handles

Click HERE to get the deal!

Vinyl Paratroopers

  • Fun for all ages
  • Pack of 72
  • 6 different assorted colors

Click HERE to get the deal!

Mustache Lip Whistles

  • 4 Dozen Mustache Lip Whistles
  • 48 whistles included
  • Perfect for all ages

Click HERE to get the deal!

72 Pc. Halloween Toy Assortment

  • Huge assortment
  • Colorful
  • Something for everyone

Click HERE to get the deal!

Play-Doh Pack

  • Bag contains 15 one-ounce cans of Play-Doh brand modeling compound
  • Made using safe materials
  • Kids can create their own masterpieces

Click HERE to get the deal!


Mini Finger Gyro Fidget Spiral

  • A variety of shapes, styles, and colors
  • Comes in a fun pack of 24 finger gyros

Click HERE to get the deal!

15 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Those are just some of the my favorite ideas, what ideas do you guys love? I am sure I am not the only mom who hasn’t handed out candy on Halloween night? We don’t want kids to think that is lame or that candy is better! We can make LESS SUGAR = MORE FUN! Plus, Halloween candy often gets super expensive right before Halloween so this could save you money! So, get to buying and find the perfect item for you!


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