CuriosityStream Review: Is It Worth It?

In this CuriosityStream review, we’ll be going over what exactly CuriosityStream is, the content that’s available, the pricing, and more. Is it worth signing up? Let’s find out!

Is CuriosityStream worth it?

It seems like a new streaming service pops up every single day now, but most of them are generally offering the same thing: a huge ocean of content, half of which you’ll probably never watch. Not only that, but all of this content typically comes at a steep monthly subscription cost.

If you’re looking for a new streaming platform with fresh content at an affordable price, you might like CuriosityStream

What Is CuriosityStream?

Founded by John Hendricks (the founder of the Discovery Channel) in 2015, CuriosityStream is like the Netflix of documentaries. Instead of browsing for TV shows and movies, CuriosityStream lets you access thousands of documentaries at the click of a button.

Although that may not sound as exciting as binging the latest season of your favorite TV show, you’d be surprised! Once you start exploring some of the content CuriosityStream has to offer, it’s easy to get hooked.

What Content Is Available on CuriosityStream?

How to build a dinosaur documentary - one of the shows

Don’t worry, you’re not going to be stuck with a single type of documentary on CuriosityStream. Just as Netflix and other streaming platforms have different genres to explore, so does CuriosityStream.

These aren’t just any old documentaries either. CuriosityStream has award-winning, exclusive, and completely original documentaries on their platform. They’re constantly adding new content too.

CuriosityStream categories sneak peek

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the different categories you can browse:

  • Science
  • History
  • Technology
  • Nature
  • Society; and
  • Lifestyle

They also have a category specifically made for kids with awesome documentaries that will teach them about nature, technology, geography, space, and more:

CuriosityStream content - kids category shows

Although you probably don’t want your kids to be spending too much time staring at a screen, it’s hard to feel too guilty when they’re watching educational documentaries!

Content breakdown:

Quantum Mechanics documentary with summary and ratings showing

If you’re wondering how CuriosityStream sorts its content, the experience is similar to Netflix and other streaming platforms. When you click a documentary you’re interested in, you can see a few things:

  • Ratings – Each content has a percentage rating from 1-100%. The higher the better. You can even see how many users rated a piece of content to get an idea of how popular it is!
  • Summaries – These are pretty standard on all streaming sites, but CuriosityStream does a great job here. Their summaries are straightforward and descriptive.
  • Related content – Perfect for binging!

As for the length of the content on CuriosityStream, it varies between films. Some of the documentaries you’ll find will be longer, feature films (typically around 30 minutes to an hour long) while others are entire series with several episodes and multiple seasons.

What Devices Can You Stream On?

CuriosityStream devices

CuriosityStream, just like most other streaming platforms, can be streamed on a computer, TV (including Apple TV, Fire Stick, and Roku), tablet, and phone! There are no regional or device limitations either so you can stream on as many devices at once as you want, from anywhere in the world.

On top of that, CuriosityStream allows for offline viewing which is fantastic if you’re on the go or without wifi.

How Much Does CuriosityStream Cost?

With a massive content selection and zero limitations, you may be wondering…”Well, how much is all of this going to cost me?” It seems like something like this would fetch a high price, but you might be surprised at how affordable CuriosityStream is.

For a yearly plan, CuriosityStream is normally priced at only $19.99 for 12 months of HD streaming!

It gets even better! You can get a 25% discount bringing an HD annual plan to only $14.99/year. For 4k, it’s $52.49/year.

All in all, compared to something like Netflix that starts at $12.99 for their most basic, standard definition plan, CuriosityStream is quite the deal!

CuriosityStream promo code holiday2020

To get 25% off an annual plan, head over to CuriosityStream using this link and enter the promo code holiday2020 to get started!

CuriosityStream Review: Pros & Cons

CruiosityStream worldwide

To give you a real, honest review, here are some things I like about CuriosityStream, and a couple of things I would change to make the platform even better:

What I Like About CuriosityStream

  • Educational content – As I said, I feel a lot more productive streaming documentaries compared to non-fiction content. I still love non-fiction for winding down though!
  • Massive selection of content – I don’t think I’ll ever run out of content to watch on CuriosityStream!
  • Great Parental Controls – pretty much all the content is family-friendly on this streaming service, but there is a “Kids Mode” option, just to be safe.
  • Playback Rate – I love to speed up my content, so I’m grateful for the option to speed up (or slow down) the playback.
  • Flexible streaming – I love that I can stream on multiple devices, anywhere I want, and even offline if needed.
  • Very affordable – With the current 40% off annual deal, CuriosityStream is a steal! And even without it, it’s only $2.99/month for HD streaming. Can’t really beat that.
  • Referral program – If you refer your friends to CuriosityStream you can get cool rewards like a free t-shirt!

What I Would Change

  • Big price jump for 4k – I was pretty surprised at first to see how much more expensive the 4k plan is compared to regular HD. I’ll stick to HD myself for now!
  • No PayPal payment option – This won’t affect most but it was something small I noticed when signing up. I would love to be able to use PayPal to pay for my subscription.
  • Better “Video Player” – on my TV (Samsung), we don’t have the ability to skip ahead by 10 seconds, although you can on the phone app (which could cast to your TV).

Brain Overload documentary title

Is CuriosityStream Worth It?

Yes! I can say with 100% confidence I believe CuriosityStream is worth the price. It’s very affordable, and you’re paying for something that’s going to expand you and your kids’ minds which, in my opinion, is worth every penny.

Plus, even though this is an educational streaming platform, the content I’ve seen so far is really entertaining too. It’s learning without feeling like learning. Our Deal Team Manager Stacy even says she’s loving the platform (she recommends the Apocalypse WWI and WWII series).

Remember: Sign up here and use the promo code holiday2020′ to get 25% off an annual plan.

I hope you found this CuriosityStream review helpful! Leave a comment below if you have any questions!

CuriosityStream review


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