Best Back to School Hairstyles

We are back on our Back to School Series and it is already DAY 3! I have loved sharing all these random tips, tricks, and advice to help each one of you have a smoother transition into this new school year!

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Let’s Get Started!

I was blessed to give birth to both boys and girls! I love each of them! Boys are a little easier to get ready as they go do school in the morning because it is literally wake up, get dressed, brush teeth, eat and out the door! Girls on the other hand are a little harder, but so much fun!

I love girls! All of mine love to have the cutest hairstyles but let’s be honest, we don’t really have a lot of time to primp before school. With my first girls, I struggled with getting their hair done at all, but over time, they learned to do their own hair and I learned different hairstyles that were quick and beautiful.

Now, I realize that some moms LOVE to do hair and are super talented! While at the same time, we have moms who have lots of other talents, but hair isn’t one of them. To get you prepped for Back to School, I wanted to supply a list of a handful of different hairstyles that every mom can try out! There are some that are more advanced and some that can be done in seconds!

I honestly believe that if you send your child to school, dressed up, cleaned up, and on a full tummy… they will get so much more out of the day! Studies show that if a child is done up (clothes/hair) nicely, they have a higher chance of scoring the best grades on tests because they will have more confidence. Just by taking an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning to do your daughter’s hair, you can make a big difference on her day!

Back to School Hairstyle Ideas:

Like I said, some are more time consuming than others, but there will be at least 1 or 2 that your daughter will love! So grab your daughter, have her pull up a seat with you, and go through all my ideas. Just click on the title of the hairstyle to go to see the tutorial! I promise I won’t leave you stranded!

French Rope Twist

Cute Curls That Last

Zig Zag Updo

Knotted Head Band

Snake in the Tree Braid 


Waterfall Braid

Pony Tail Twist

Knotted Pull Back 

Lace Braid

Twisted Side Braid

Milk Maid Braids

Thanks Bookends & Daisies!

Bow Bun

Thanks Small Fry!

Asymmetrical Pony Tails  

Thanks Hello Glow!

Pony Tail with Twist Braids

Thanks Pretty Hair is Fun!

Boxer Braids

Thanks Shopping Mama!

What are your favorite BTS hairstyles? Which ones are your go tos for when you are in a hurry! Comment below and let us know! We would love to add more hairstyles to our list of favorites!

These will take up just a few minutes of your time but it will help your daughter feel ready to take on the day! Do which ever ones she likes the best and let her pick out her favorite styles. You will build so many memories just by spending a few minutes with her 1 on 1 doing her hair each morning. I can still remember the sweet memories my mother and I had as she did my hair before I ran off to school.

We wish you the best of luck with your styling adventures and we can’t wait to keep sharing the rest of the awesome content we have prepared for you this week. We are all about BTS Prep and i don’t know about you, but this series might be one of my favorites! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see what else is in store.

Happy Back to School!

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