Exclusive Newspaper Deals {Bay Area, Oregonian, Denver Post, and MORE}

September 29, 2012 24 Comments

Attention Portland, Denver and Bay Area!

We have a {New} Newspaper Deal for YOU!

(See if we have a Newspaper Deal in your area!)

YOU can now get an exclusive Oregonian newspaper deal!

Because this deal is so exclusive it is only available to attendees of our mini-coupon class webinar.

Newspaper Deal plus Q&A Webinar:

Tuesday October 2nd 
Denver Post 1:30 CST
Oregonian 12:15 PST
Bay Area News Group 1:00 PST

  • These newspaper deals are only available during the webinar and for 15 minutes following.
  • The “newspaper” will not honor the deal if you call in to try and get it.  Its only available when you attend THIS webinar.
  • The deal is so AMAZING that we aren’t even able to share the details here. So join us on the webinar to find out about it!
  • We’ll show you our favorite way for organizing coupons in 15 minutes a week
  • We’ll have some time for your questions and answers!

These Newspaper Deals are so fabulous you do not want to miss our webinar!

  • You’ll pay a flat fee per copy of the paper…  the price is so low, we aren’t even allowed to publish it (find out during the webinar)
  • Receive up to 5 copies of each Sunday paper

The OREGONIAN delivers in these counties:

  • Washington
  • Multnomah
  • Clackamas
  • Colombia County (only available in select areas within this county)
  • Yamhill Counties (only available in select areas within this county)

The Bay Area New Group includes These Papers:

San Mateo County Times, Marin Independent Journal, Oakland Tribune, Alameda Times-Star,Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey County Herald, San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, The Daily Review, Tri-Valley Herald, Fremont Argus (Does not include San Fransico)

This incredible deal is only available to readers who attend our mini-coupon class.  The class will be 30 minutes long and we will have a few minutes to answer your questions, so be sure to join us!  PLUS, it’s FREE!

Register for one of these webinars on Tuesday, Oct. 2nd here:

Denver Post at 1:30 CST <—- Register
Oregonian at 12:15 PST <—- Register
Bay Area News Group at 1:00 PST <—- 

(We only have room for 200 attendees in each class… be sure to watch for an email coming from Cathy and Monica of Fabulessly Frugal  no-reply@anymeeting.com to get the link to the live webinar! Check your spam filter if you don’t see it with in 5 minutes of signing up.)

ps – don’t live in Portland, Denver or Bay Area and still want to attend?

You are welcome to attend!  In the mean time….

See if we have a Newspaper Deal in your area!

Can’t wait to see you all there!


  1. Im a mom of 5 kids I need help trying to find out if I can buy multiple newspapers ,so I can get all the coupons.Im drowning trying to buy groceries every month i spend 500 to 700 dollars cash every month thats hard to afford.Please help me someone, I live in Tillamook, Oregon,we only have a safeway and a fred myers.both way to expensive

  2. I attended the webinar on Oct. 2 and, I thought, signed up to get 5 newspapers every Sun and Tues…so I was very unhappy on Oct. 14 to get only 1 copy of the paper…I tried calling the Oregonian, and they needed to know the deal info from the webinar which I can’t remember… I thought it was something like $99 for 5 Sun/Tues newspapers for 1 year…is that correct? Or was it $99 for 1 Sun/Tues newspaper for 1 year? My credit card was charged $99 on 10/13, so if I was supposed to get 5 newspapers I need to know…

  3. Will there be a webinar for the Tacoma News Tribune?

  4. will the Oregonian mail to Amity, OR, just south of McMinnville, about 45miles SW of Portland, in Yamhill County?

  5. Oh no! I’ve been waiting for a deal on the Oregonian FOREVER… but I work during the day, so I won’t be able to catch the webinar. Is there any other way I can get in on this info???

  6. Rosa Amelia Paredes says:

    I would like to see online if possible I do need help organizing myself I papers all around the house and my other half is starting to look at me funny please help me.

  7. The five paper deal from the Idaho Statesmen has gotten prices,so I am just going to drop the statesmen,and just order my coupons I need.

    • Thomas- What do you mean it has gotten prices? If you ask for the Fabulessly Frugal deal you should be able to get 7+5 deal for $4.00/week!

  8. I will be signing up for the webinar – I am very interested in these subscriptions. When I lived in Europe I had several subscriptions and they were my source for coupons. So here is my question – you talked about delivery subscriptions – what about mail subscriptions ?? Are these deal prices going to be available for the mail people?? I have check my local papers and there are no such deals here in Dallas – these papers are very high to purchase and delivery doesn’t give you much of a discount.

  9. Will this webinar come back another day? I have Jury Duty this Tuesday…yay…not really. PLease let me know. Thanks! :)

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