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  • TLC Extreme Couponing: It’s back! It’s back! Would love your thoughts on the show!




  • OK.  This new comment feature is pretty AWESOME!  

  • Annette

    I refuse to watch the show, enough said.

  • Missy

    I feel so crushed when I go to my local Walgreens ONE DAY after things have come out on sale and everything is gone.  This past week I missed out on free Colgate Toothpaste and a couple other deals.  I wonder if I can put in an order with Walgreens in advance and I also wonder if they restock for a one week sale?  Does anybody know?  Thanks so much!



    • Susan

      Missy, the Walgreens stores near me (Boise area) restock mid-week.  Oten they will get more of the promotional items.  Not always, but often.  I’d suggest asking what night your store gets a new truckload and then try to get there pretty early the next day. I’ve had good luck finding the “hot” items that way.

      • Missy

        Thanks so much Susan – I will ask the Manager about that.  I went in the other day with a coupon scenario for Soft Soap and asked why my Register Rewards didn’t print out and she was really nice and told me that Portland, Oregon is a special zone (?) and we have Walgreen Rewards cards and earn points for gift cards that add up fast but don’t get some of the nationwide RR deals.  I didn’t say anything about the store being cleaned out of all the good stuff in one day because I was on the verge of tears anyway (silly, I know, but I had my heart set on getting some free toothpaste!) so I will *ahem* collect myself and go back in and ask her if they get a mid-week shipment.  I have gone in before midweek and seen shelves cleared out but I think I may just need to get more assertive and show up at the front door when they open.  Thankfully I have ethics and never buy more than 2 of anything at one time –  if there are many items I might buy 4.  I don’t want to be accused of being a shelf-clearer like that obnoxious lady on Extreme Couponing who says, “Yeah, I’m a shelf-clearer.  You snooze, you lose.”  How selfish.

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