My Honest Stitch Fix Review: What to Expect

honest stitch fix review

OK friends… I’m going to give you my honest Stitch Fix review! But first, let’s get real people… how many of you have all the time in the world to head on over to the mall, escape to the dressing room with all your dream items (when let’s be honest, most of them won’t fit right or they won’t have your size), while your baby quietly sits in their stroller and just observes? If we were to take a vote maybe 1% of you have the time to go to the mall, find your perfect wardrobe, and avoid all your OTHER adult responsibilities.

Well, if you are a part of the 99% of us who are searching for a way to make the day longer, we may just have your golden ticket to a new fresh wardrobe with little to no effort or time spent. Amiright or amiright?

Enter Stitch Fix

I have a fun company to tell you about that just might help you solve the aforementioned problem!

In 2011, a company named Stitch Fix was formed. Katrina Lake, the founder, and CEO of Stitch Fix realized that there are many men and women just like you and me who are crunched for time but want to have a wardrobe where they can feel fashionable and unique. Lake then dreamed of a service that would take away the dressing rooms and checkout lines and replace them with a trendy, cute box at your doorstep filled with 5 clothing pieces personally selected for you!

stitch fix review

My very first Stitch Fix Box

How to Receive Your Own Stitch Fix Box

In order to experience this trendy, cute little box, simply head on over to Stitch Fix to create your own account.

Stitch Fix is 100% Personal! No two people have ever received the same box! YES! You’ve got your very own stylist… COOL!

Once you sign up, you will create your style profile. Here you will give your personal stylist an idea of what you are specifically looking for! You will share info on what type of clothing you are wanting (business casual, party, formal, etc.), and you will also share what size you are and colors or prints you enjoy. It was actually fun going through my style profile!


Many reviews of this site showed that creating a Pinterest board of outfits you like or would be interested in wearing increases your rate of your stylist finding exactly what you are looking for. SO YOU SHOULD DO THIS! Here is my “Stitch Fix Fashion board” that I took the time to create.

Since I shop online a lot, I just went to my order history on a few different sites and pinned the items that I’ve purchased that I love. I also browsed my favorite sites for clothing that I’d buy if I wasn’t restricting myself! At the end of the style profile, you can link to your Pinterest board. I know this is one reason why my box turned out so great (more on that below).

Once you have shared all your thoughts and inspiration with your personal stylist, it is time to seal the deal! There is a $20 styling fee that will be paid at the checkout, BUT, we have great news! Once you receive your box, if you decide to keep anything, the $20 will be counted as a credit to use on any item you pick. So basically, it’s free to sign up!

Now the waiting game begins! Your personal stylist will analyze your profile and will begin the creative process to create the perfect style box for you! They will take into consideration your size, lifestyle, body shape, and any other information that you provided them with!

So once again, BE SPECIFIC when creating your profile. And then say goodbye to lines, gross fitting rooms, or packing all your kids into the mall PRAYING they don’t spill their bottle on the nice clothes.

Now Comes the Fun Part!

Keep your eye out for your box! Your stylist will put your box together and send it right to your front door. At your own convenience, you can open it, try it on, walk around, and feel out all 5 pieces. You can then decide what you want!

Each box will come with a postage-paid envelope where you can send back any or all pieces. You have three days to check out the pieces and return what you don’t want. You will only be charged for the pieces you keep and if you keep all 5 items, you will get 25% off your whole order! Also, shipping is free every single time! It is incredibly easy and WONDERFUL!

My favorite part of the entire experience was GETTING THE BOX! I opened it LIVE on facebook so you could see my initial reaction to each piece. View it HERE (I also have it embedded at the end of this post!

After I recorded the video I took some time to try each piece on… and I was pleasantly surprised! In the video I initially only liked one of the pieces… after trying all five of them on, my mind was swayed! Here is what I had in the box…

Stitchfix review

I appreciated that there were “styling cards” that helped give ideas of how each versatile each piece could be styled!

Styling guides: Stitch fix review

It’s amazing how things can change once you take the time to try them on!! Here I am wearing each piece…

#1 – THE GRAY LOOSE SHIRTStitch fix grey loose shirt

When I first pulled this one out, I wasn’t very impressed… but once I tried it on, I felt a lot better about it! It’s a little baggier than I prefer, but it looks really cute on! Do you agree? While I thought it was cute, I decided that I didn’t love it enough to justify the expense.

Final Verdict: REJECT – Sent it Back

Shirt #2 – THE STRIPES!

Stitch fix striped sweater

If you looked at my Pinterest board (and my closet) you’ll see that I am a fan of stripes! So when I pulled the striped hoodie sweater out, I was immediately in love!

When I tried it on, it was confirmed that I REALLY love this shirt! The fabric is awesome, the fit is excellent, and I really like the way I look and feel in it! It’s one of my favorites now!

Final Verdict: WINNER!!


Stitch fix jeansTake a look at those jeans… if you watched me in the unboxing video, I was NOT impressed with the jeans and the stretchy waistband! I mean, who wants to walk around feeling like they are wearing maternity jeans, right? THEN I TRIED THEM ON… Oh my. Awesome fit. Super comfortable. AND they DON’T FALL DOWN! I have a no hip/butt problem, so I’m often found pulling my pants up! These don’t fall off my bunzies!

My daughter, who is 6 feet tall, also tried on the jeans and LOVED THEM as well! I can’t even explain it, but I think that since I’ve never purchased a pair of jeans above $30, I may have been missing out on this whole new world of really great jeans! I’m in love and I decided to keep them!

Final Verdict: WINNER!


Stitch fix review plaid shirt

My initial reaction was… ho hum. I really love plaid, but I like it in form fitting flannel button up shirts. I wasn’t a fan of the colors either. I had written in off in my head. But I needed to give it a chance, so I tried it on. Then I changed my mind!

The fit is great, it’s comfortable, but not sloppy looking! I think it looks really cute and the colors are great on me. My daughter loved it as well, so it was a double whammy… I knew we could both wear it! I actually REALLY like it now… so does she. I keep finding it in her closet!

Final Verdict: WINNER!


Stitch fix vest review

OK. I am loving the new *blush* and gold* color combos lately. But this particular shade was more rose color than blush IMO. So I didn’t love it. I did like the gold on it (Seriously, a year ago I hated gold! It’s so weird!). But the pockets weren’t very functional, it was about a size too big for me, and I didn’t love love love it.

Final Verdict: REJECT – Sent it Back

Stitch Fix Review: Conclusion

So in the end, I sent two of the items back. I logged on to my Stitch Fix account and let them know what I was keeping and what I was sending back. THEN I got to send my personal stylist a message and give her my feedback for each post.

Did I tell you she sent me a personal note in my box? YES! That’s cool!!

I told her why I didn’t like the ones I sent back, and let her know why I loved the 3 pieces I kept. I also got to give some instructions for my next box… I asked that I get it on my BIRTHDAY and I requested some pieces that are my two favorite colors right now. So I’m excited to see what she puts together for me!

TIP: The more specific you get, the more your stylist will get to know you and your style!

Stitch fix review

Overall I paid $174 for the three pieces. Now some of you may freak out about that price, but here is what I can tell you from experience… I’ve sent a LOT of pieces to Deseret Industries that either shrunk, didn’t fit me well, pilled up, or became warped. I think that is what you get when you purchase cheap clothing!

I think in the long run I will be saving money. These are classic pieces that will last for a long time. PLUS I can share them with my daughters who are the same size as I am… granted not everyone has that advantage, but I am saving money when we share clothes. 🙂 I felt good about the purchase and haven’t regretted it since!

Stitch Fix Review: Commonly Asked Questions

Now many of you could be feeling skeptical wondering if this site could really have the clothing/jewelry/accessories that are right for you. For the ones who aren’t completely sold yet, here are some common questions that I had when I first looked at the service.

This all looks great, but how much will it cost me?

The average price point for each item is about $55 BUT, those of you who are looking to spend a little less, in your style profile you can say how much you are comfortable paying and your stylist will not send you anything over your price point. We all know the feeling of falling in love with the PERFECT dress and realizing its $100 over our budget. Don’t worry, that won’t happen here!

What brands does Stitch Fix use?

Stitch Fix has over 250 brands they use to fill their boxes. Some are well-known and some are up-and-coming labels, but you will always receive quality items! This part really excites me because far too often we stick to the brands we know because they are FAMILIAR, but Stitch Fix can broaden our horizons and help us find new brands that we would never try if we just were going to the mall. And hey, maybe you will find your new favorite label in the process!

What sizes do they style?

Stitch Fix does a great job catering to all styles. In women’s, you can find clothing from XS-XXL and 0-16 and the men’s sizes range from XS-XXL. There are also petite, plus size, and maternity items!

Is this a one-time service or a subscription?

That is the beautiful thing about Stitch Fix! It is 100% customizable. When you sign up (or even later on, once you have tried out the service) you can decide to sign up for automatic deliveries. You will choose the frequency (ex: on demand, every 2 weeks, every month, every other month, or even every 3 months) and your stylist will automatically send you a box on the date you requested. Or, if you are just wanting to try this out at your own pace, you can sign up for a one-time delivery just to feel out the service. Whatever is best for you!

So, What’s Next?

After reading many reviews about this service before I tried it myself, the only CON I could find was that the clothes weren’t their style, but almost every one of those reviews confessed rushing through their style profile and not giving much detail to their stylist.

SO, mommies and daddies, if you are looking for something to save you time and the stress of in-store shopping, TRY THIS OUT. Give your stylist as much info as you can! I know it could take a few extra minutes out of your day to create that Pinterest board, but it will SAVE you from having to go to the mall to replace your favorite blazer in between soccer games! And, at the end of the day, what could you lose? Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Here is my Stitch Fix Unboxing Video in case you missed it!

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