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Enter the coupon code at checkout to buy the certificate for $3 and your total restaurant bill will need to be a specified minimum amount (be sure to read the fine print for each offer, not all offers have the same terms). You are also required to pay an 18% gratuity. Even with the fine print, you can end up saving at least 50% on your total bill! Save even more by using the Ebates link here to make your purchase and you will get 15% cash back in your Ebates account.


$35.00 total bill (if it’s just the two of you, you can splurge and get dessert or an appetizer)
+ 6.30 (18% Gratuity) = $41.30
– $25.00
( gift certificate) = $16.30
+ $3.00 (the cost of the gift certificate)
= $19.30 for a nice dining experience!

Check to see the participating restaurants in your area. adds new restaurants every day! I like to check out the restaurants in the areas that I know we will be visiting soon too. Remember that Certificates do not expire.

Still unsure? Read our FAQ and check out the Tutorial.

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