The Air Fryer Gift Guide

First off, do you already have an air fryer or are you still on the fence? When I took the leap to start cooking with the air fryer I never looked back! Especially when I found the Cosori Air Fryers. 

They are great machines and make for the perfect gift this holiday season. For more great gifts to give along with an air fryer, you can so watch my YouTube video Air Fryer Lovers Gift Guide!


What Do I Love About the Cosori Air Fryer?

I have found that the Cosori Air Fryer is such a great brand and produces great products.

Plus, when you purchase an air fryer from Cosori, go on their website to register your air fryer and they have a great 2-year warranty that you can register your product for. 

Plus, on the off chance that you receive a lemon of an air fryer, they have amazing customer service. They stand behind their product and are great to work with. 

The Cosori air fryer is a great investment for your kitchen. I have had Cosori Pro II for 2 years now with no issues!


What is the Difference between the 5.8QT and the 5QT Cosori Air Fryer?

Cosori Pro II

The 5.8qt air fryer is a decent size about 9×9 inches and 4 inches deep! Great for larger families. You can fit a good amount of food in the basket. 

Plus it is a basket-style air fryer so it makes it easy to take the food out and leave any of the crumbs behind.

Speaking of the crumbs the air fryer is super simple to clean, most times you can just wipe it out with a paper towel or spray it with Dawn Power wash soap. 

As for the buttons, they are on the front and come with the standard cooking ranges, but they can be programable.

So once you find the setting you like for your food you can set it and never have to change it again. 

I would say of the two, the Cosori Pro II 5.8qt is my favorite air fryer.


Cosori Air Fryer, 5QT

The 5qt air fryer, it is only maybe an inch smaller than the 5.8qt but has the same amount of depth as the air fryer basket.

This Cosori air fryer does however have the tray at the bottom that pulls out, rather than the basket with the handle attached. 

It has a glass top, which is where the buttons are located on it, and it can go up to 450 degrees, and works great for cooking steak! Plus it is on the quieter side for air fryers.


Air Fryer Essentials

Sometimes the tools you have for the air fryer can make the cooking process easier and make the food turn out even better! 

Top 2 Essential Accessories for the Air Fryer


Mistifi Oil Sprayer

I love using my oil sprayer when I am cooking with the air fryer. I fill mine up with avocado oil, first because it is a healthy oil, but also because it has a higher smoke point than most oils, making it safer to use at higher temperatures. 

An oil sprayer is also a great tool because the oil is what can help your food crisp up without dunking it in a vat of oil. 

Instant Read Thermometer

Using an instant read thermometer is great because it can help you cook meat, poultry, and fish to their safe cooking temperatures without having to guess if you reached the correct temperature. 


More Great Air Fryer Tools to Use

There are so many great tools that you can use when cooking in the air fryer. If you want you can head over to for some easy shopping for your cooking fanatics as we have them all listed there! 

Make sure to take a look at these:

Yummy Air Fryer Recipes Cookbook – I have made this book filled with 170 recipes for simple and easy things to make in the air fryer that also has conversions from Fahrenheit to Celsius too!

Shishkabob skewer rack

Cake barrel (great for more than just cake)

Pizza pan

Meater – This is a great Bluetooth thermometer that can go directly into the air fryer when cooking and connect to the app on your phone so you can see exactly what temperature your food is at without having to open the air fryer.

Grill Grate – This allows your food to look like the food was made on the grill outside, but now you can grill indoors! It is a great heat conductor too!

They also make a Grill Grater to fit a shelf-style air fryer.

Parchment paper liner– It is great if you want to do some oil-free cooking, as well as minimize the cleanup of the air fryer.

It also prevents the food from sticking to the air fryer basket but still allows for airflow through the air fryer. 

Silicon mats– These are great because they are more environmentally friendly since you can clean and reuse them over and over again.

However, I will say that the food will tend to stick a bit so you will need to use some oil to prevent that. 

Silicone Basket– The basket is great because you can cook so many different things in it and it molds to fit your air fryer fairly easily.

Plus it does have little ridges on the bottom of the basket, lifting the food up so that there is still airflow for the food that is being cooked. 

Levoit Air Purifier – This one might be a little out there. It is more for when you are cooking those stinky (yet delicious) foods and you don’t want your whole house smelling.

This air purifier will help minimize the stink in the house. 


For the Beginners!

If you are new to the air fryer, first off WELCOME and I know you are going to love it! Secondly, I have a video that will give you 4 awesome recipes to use to get yourself acquainted with the air fryer and gain confidence cooking with it! Check out my YouTube video of 4 of the easiest recipes for the air fryer, to get started!

And of course, have fun and try new things! You never know what will become your favorite recipe.



Air fryer tips and tricks


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