Peach Freezer Jam-In Less Than 2 Hours! {Picture Tutorial}

I’m so excited about canning this summer!

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8 Peaches (makes about 5 cups)
3 TBSP Lemon Juice
6 TBSP Instant Pectin
3 Pint Jars (you can use smaller Jelly jars, but you’ll need more)

Start by cutting the peaches in half, and removing the pits (after washing them of course!).

If you get a peach (or whatever) that looks like this…

Just cut it off.  I could have been a lot more careful about what a cut, but I was in a hurry, because I was doing a “Naptime” activity, so from start to finish, it needed to take less than 2 hours!

However, if you get something that looks like this, after cutting the bad part off, I don’t use it.  Up to you… you could just cut a deeper chunk until it’s totally gone, but I didb’t want to mess with it.

I cut up about 1/2 of a case of peaches.

And into the bowl they went!

Half a case is about 24 peaches (I made 3 batches). You could peel them if you wanted, but to me, that’s to much work 🙂

The recipe says to cut them into small pieces.
Well, either I’m lazy, or I’m in a time crunch (probably both), so I just pop about 3/4 of them into my food processor (a blender works great too!)

Get them going by pushing down with a spatula.  Don’t push to hard, or you’ll cut off the tip of your spatula.

Then, after they are mostly pureed, I mash them with my berry masher.

Push down HARD. (this is easier to do in a pyrex type baking dish, but I didn’t have the counter room)

Then pull up.  You want the pieces to be pretty small.

You can find the recipe for the Jam on the inside of the instant pectin jar.

5 cups of fruit (my 24 peaches did 3 batches, I’m just not going to bore you with it)

2 cups of sugar/splenda

3 TBSP lemon juice (aprox 1 lemon)

Then stir it up, and wait.

For 10 minutes…

Give it one good stir, then add the pectin.

6 TBSP of it. Add it slowly and stir well, making sure there are no clumps.

Ladle it into the jars

Wipe the rims.

Center the lid

Then adjust to finger tightness

Wait 30 minutes.  I usually take this time to clean up 🙂

Clean up is super easy!  Just use a couple of the Lysol wipes in the purple container, before it gets hard, and the scrubby side is great for picking up anything that may have dried on!

Clean and ready for my next project, BEFORE the jam is ready to freeze!

Admire your jars.

I always end up with what I call a “sample” jar… not full enough to do anything with except refrigerate and eat right away.  It goes great on the No Knead Bread I told you about last week!

The jam made with the Instant Pectin is commonly referred to as freezer jam.

Freezer Jam is good for 1 year in the freezer, or 3 weeks in the fridge.

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