National Consumer Panel – still accepting applications

Here is a SIMPLE way to earn FREE stuff!

Join the National Consumer Panel.  If you are chosen, they will mail you a scanner… all you do is scan your groceries (my kids would LOVE doing this while the groceries get put away!).

National Consumer Panel freebies program is totally free! You do not pay anything for the scanner. They pay YOU in cash & prizes.

If you decide the program isn’t for you or want to quit at any time, you can return the scanner free of charge. They pay all postage!

This is a fun way to earn free stuff and make your opinion count! Click here to join!

Thanks to readers input – we’ve decided NOT to promote this offer!  We don’t want to waste OUR time, let alone YOUR time on things that don’t deliver!


  • Julee

    I just sent my scanner back after doing this for about 4 months. It’s a lot more than just scanning your groceries. For every transaction, they want to know what store you shopped at, if you used a frequent shopper card, and if you used coupons. Then you scan each item and tell it how many you bought of each item and what coupons or sales did you use for that item and for certain stores (not albertsons) you have to enter the price you paid. After scanning all items, you enter how much you paid for everything. It takes a long time, especially if you did 5-6 transactions in one shopping trip. Plus they want to know about every purchase, even gas & clothing.
    Might be worth it for some people, but not me. And even after 4 months of this, I didn’t have anywhere near enough points for any free stuff.

    • Cathy

      Bummer! I didn’t know that! Thanks for the feeback Julee!

    • Julie M.

      Julee…how big is your household? Were the rewards good at all? Just curious if my family of 6 would make it?

      • Julee

        Julie M – there are a total of 8 of us that I do the grocery shopping for. And with my double shopping trips at Albertsons – I entered a LOT of trips. I just flat out didn’t enter our “other” shopping transactions because they took wayyyy too much time, finding the store on my scanner list and then inputing every little thing for each item I bought, plus I didn’t want to carry my scanner and paperwork around with me everywhere for all of our on-the-go purchases. There were some great rewards, it looked like – but like I said, at 4 months, I didn’t even have enough points to get anywhere close to even the most basic rewards.

  • TeacherLaLa

    Word on other blogs is this is a time waster. Too bad.

  • Samantha

    I’d have to agree. My household of 5 lasted about 6 months before we threw in the towel, and we don’t even buy that much compared to many families. In that time, I never accrued enough points to do anything with. My scanner got lost in the mail on the way back and they tried sending me to collections. Definitely do not recommend.

  • Cathy

    OK Gals – Thanks for your input. We hate putting stupid offers up!! So thanks to your feedback, I’m going to pull this one down!

  • Jaimee S

    I did it with my family of 7 (5 kids) and I agree with Julee-after 6 months I sent mine back I was in it long enough to earn points for fisher price toy i could have paid $5 for at the store. I did get a small screwdriver (had to replace the battery) and an insulated grocery bag-but that was it-so not worth all the time you spend scanning!

  • Julie

    I’ve been doing it for a few months now, and I don’t usually find it takes up that much time. Then again, we don’t have a lot of purchases other than groceries and household stuff (we hardly ever buy “on-the-go” stuff), and my kids do like to help with the scanning. It can take a little while on days you do a lot of transactions, I guess, especially if you shopped at a store where you have to input the prices. I’m saving up my points for something I want that I would never actually go and buy for myself (a waffle iron). I do actually have enough points already to get something (just not the waffle iron). You just have to be consistent about transmitting your data and taking the surveys (the surveys take 5 minutes or less each and earn you 150 points each). I usually take the surveys when I’m either at work or just watching TV anyway, so they’re not really costing me any time. And I usually have my husband and kids put the groceries away while I scan, so it works fairly well for us. Anyway, I’m too close to having my waffle iron to quit now, but I don’t know if I’ll stick with it after that. Just my two cents. (Also, I only have two kids, so there are only 4 of us that I’m scanning for.)

  • Sophie

    Well, I just got my scanner this past weekend. I only have a family of three, so It may be different for us. I will try it out and see!

  • Linda

    Got my scanner… all the details…..back it went! Too much work for too little gain! 🙂

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