Easter Traditions

Easter is coming soon. It is totally going to sneak up on us. My children LOVE holiday traditions! But I have not established very many Easter traditions yet. Last year I gave each of my children a picture of Christ with a child to help them remember why our family celebrates Easter. I do not think you have to spend a lot of money to make Easter special to your family.

I was playing around with the setting on my camera and took that picture of the pictures of Christ I gave my kids last Easter along with an Easter candy jar. If you like it feel free to pin it. I thought it was a nice reminder. If it offends you I am sorry that is not my intention.

So what makes Easter special to you?

I asked for some ideas on our FabulesslyFrugal Facebook page over the past few weeks, and did some searching on Pinterest. Here are a few favorites:

Easter Cookies with Scriptures

Easter Story Cookies may be my favorite tradition.  It’s so nice to be able to share the REAL story of Easter, so it’s not all about the Bunny and the Egg hunt!

Easter Crafts for Kids: Kids Easter Craft on Pinterest. Kids Easter Craft ideas on Facebook.

Decorative Crafts: I loved this Egg Salad Sandwich idea that Fab FruGal Kre found on Pinterest. This is like decorative food. Some people are so dang creative. I love it!  Check out the other Easter Decorative craft ideas fabs had on Facebook!

Dessert Recipes This is a major favorite desert around here and it turns out many of you make it for Easter! you can find this delicious dessert on our blog  and you can pin it on Pinterest. Find a few more Easter recipe ideas from our fab facebook friends!

Easter Activity ideas: These little Rice Krispie Eggs are super fun for kids to make and yummy to eat! I mean they have candy in them. What kid does not like candy? I wish mine did not like candy so much. 🙂 Make this cute Easter Egg pinata and have your kids work for their candy a little harder. 🙂

Favorite Candy: Hands down my favorite Easter candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs!  I look forward to this Easter favorite every year! Another favorite of mine is the Reeses Eggs. Peanut Buttery Goodness! We can’t wait to see coupons for these, and I bet they’ll be coming soon!  See what Easter Candy our fab facebook friends like. Snag some candy coupons!


Egg Ideas:



Kool Aid Easter Eggs

7-Finished Eggs


all-natural easter egg dyes


cheese eggs in muffin tin


Peeps!Peeps on a Stick

chocolate peeps


Find all our Easter Food, Easter Egg, and Easter Basket Fillers!

Share your favorite Easter Candy, food, memory or craft in the comments! 


  • Tina

    Something I always did for my children for Easter was to leave a trail from each of their bedrooms to their Easter baskets. Each child had a different color and beside each egg I used my fist covered in flour to leave bunny tracks. They would wake up Easter morning and have an egg hunt before the day even got started. They are grown now and one grandchild on the way and I believe they are carrying on this tradition with him. Those moments are priceless! Enjoy them and make as many as you can while they are young!

  • birdsandsoap

    We’re doing an Easter tree. Each day we hang an ornament in preparation for Easter. It highlights the journey of Jesus from the trail to the tree. This year, instead of corny ornaments, I thought this would be more. I want my heart to be prepared, and I want my kids to know why this day is more important than Christmas. I found a free devotion series and print-out for ornaments. When you add your email to the list, Ann Voskamp will send you a free printable link to make (print and hole punch) ornaments and daily readings. http://www.aholyexperience.com/2010/03/beginning-easter-tree-2010/

  • Bonnie

    I love all the Easter traditions people are sharing! My kids have started getting an egg with a clue in it, which leads them on a scavenger hunt throughout the yard and the house, and finally ends at their basket. I think they enjoy the hunt more than they enjoy the actual baskets of goodies! Sometimes we do the hunt on Saturdays, and then focus on the spiritual aspect of Easter on Sunday.

  • Susan

    Monica, never say “sorry” when it comes to your faith. It’s your blog; you can share your faith if you wish. Your readers do not have to agree with it, but they should be respectful. It’s not like you’re telling anyone what they should believe or that their beliefs are wrong.

    We try to focus on the religious aspects of the holilday, but, like Christmas, the secular traditions come into play. Easter baskets are a tradition, and I take the opportunity to fill my daughter’s basket with “spring” things that she will need and use, like new flip flops and new shorts. When she was littler, I always included new small yard/sand toys in her basket. I put small items like hair accessorie, jewelry, small toys like a “littlest pet shop” or coins into plastic eggs. Last year I rolled up a Walgreens Register Reward and put it into a plastic egg for her, and she loved that.

    We don’t really have any food-related traditions, but I like the idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Monica

      Susan and Miriam-

      Thank you for your comments and your support.

      I have been doing this blog long enough to know that if I post anything religious there are sure to be people who are offended.

      I am not ashamed of my religious beliefs. I would not have shared a small piece of them on this blog if I was.

      I am not sorry I have a religion. I feel bad if people are offended that I shared my religion. 🙂

  • Miriam

    I agree with Susan, don’t say “sorry I have religion” on YOUR blog. If the others don’t want to be religious, they don’t have to be. You showing your children Jesus doesn’t force your religion on anyone else. If they don’t want to read about your religious Easter traditions, they can skip this blog entry. That is not a difficult thing to do. Easter is supposed to be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus for many Christians (or if you are Jewish, Passover). You wouldn’t be offended if someone showed pictures of their menorah, right?

    • Miriam

      I just realized that could have come off wrong. I find nothing wrong with any one having a religious or unreligious Easter. I just don’t think anyone should have to justify themselves for it either way.

      Also, I know that the menorah is for Hanukkah and not passover, I should have picked a different symbol. I was just on a Jewish thought process there. I just meant that religious symbols shouldn’t be shunned or considered offensive.

  • Breanna

    I grew up with an athiest mother, so Easter was never a religous holiday for us. Just something fun to do with the kids and spend time with our families. My mom died when I was 11 so I cherish those times. I really enjoy putting my kids easter baskets together, and spending time with my extended family around the kids and a meal, and the freshenss that the easter season brings.

  • birdsandsoap

    Oh, yes, the spring items in the Easter basket is great! Thanks for the reminder, Susan. Since I was a little girl, my mother would get me a new swimsuit and a new dress (usually my Easter dress) every year. I looked forward to opening the giant eggs that held those items. I know spring is a little early for swimming, but it always got me welcoming the sunshine. I’ve carried it on with my girls and they love it too. I put some other ideas on my pinterest board a while back. There is a neat recipe for resurrection rolls, you tell the story of calvary while you mix, and when you bake, the bread rises and the large marshmallow in the center melts to leave an empty “tomb.” http://pinterest.com/birdsandsoap/easter/

    • Monica

      Love the roll idea! I think my children would love that. Great way to have an interactive activity, great food and a spiritual lesson all in one!

  • Jeanie

    Thank you for this post and for all these great ideas!

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