How to Earn Extra Cash as an Uber Eats Driver

How to work for Uber Eats and make extra cash

Need to make some extra cash? Maybe you want to save up for Christmas or throw an awesome birthday party for your child?

Well, if the idea of working for someone else and being tied down to shift work or office hours doesn’t appeal to you, then you just might want to look into being an Uber Eats delivery partner! This is PERFECT for moms and college students!

What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is a platform created by the familiar Uber where users can signal a driver to deliver food right to their house with just a touch of a button!

Since its conception in 2014, Uber Eats has been a success everywhere it has been made available…. more than 100 cities in North America and growing! So, of course, there is a big need for flexible Uber Eats Delivery Partners to make sure that it’s millions of users get a convenient bite to eat every day.

If you’re considering venturing into the world of side hustles, becoming an Uber Eats delivery partner may be the perfect way to fill a few extra hours each day by earning extra cash. But first, make sure driving and delivering for Uber Eats is right for you.

The Gist of the Opportunity

Much like catching an Uber to the airport to avoid steep parking fees, Uber Eats utilizes a phone app for transactions.

Got some time to kill while kids are at soccer practice or in school? Simply log in to the Uber Eats driver app and set your status to available. A delivery will be pinged to your phone and you will have thirty seconds to accept it before it is offered to someone else.

After acceptance, you zip over to the restaurant to pick up the order. Upon arrival at the restaurant, you’ll need to ensure the contents in the delivery package match those listed on the app. The collected food gets placed in a thermal bag – cold and hot foods kept separate – and delivered to the Uber Eats user!

It almost sounds easier than prepping, making and then cleaning up your family’s own dinner, right?!

How does ubereats work

Flexible Schedules for Busy Parents

If flexibility is key when finding work, Uber Eats is a great option to consider. In this gig, you can make your own schedule. Heading out of town for vacation? No problem. Want to attend your daughter’s dance recital? Deliver when you want and take a break when you can’t.

When you are delivering, though, expect to be busiest during peak eating hours – lunch and dinner. Moms with children in school might find those noon hours work wonderfully, as they can be done between seeing the kids off on the bus and picking them up at the end of the day.

To find customers, simply turn availability on through the app; wait for a new order alert, accept it within thirty seconds and get to work! Once your availability time is over, simply switch your status in the app to offline. EASY!

Learn the pros and cons to becoming an uber eats delivery partner

Where Does the Money Go?

Uber Eats drivers never deal with cash. Customers pay through the app and the delivery driver gets paid through Uber as well. Customers may choose to tip a driver at the end of a run, but this is also done using the app.

Want your money daily? You can choose this option (up to five times per day) through a system called Instant Pay, or Uber can direct deposit your earnings into your account once per week.

Since your total earnings are influenced by the number of deliveries you do, your earnings may not be steady. One day may be busy and profitable; another may be slower. Moms seeking steady income opportunities may find this lack of dependability frustrating. Yet if you are looking at the extra cash as a bonus, you may not care that it fluctuates from day to day.

Uber eats driver

Uber Eats Delivery Driver Requirements:

  • Depending on your area, you may be able to ride your bike, scooter, or drive your trusty vehicle for deliveries
  • Your vehicle must be 1998 or newer
  • You need to have a valid Driver’s License and insurance for car delivery. You need a valid state-issued photo ID for bike delivery.
  • You need a smartphone to be an Uber Eats driver so you can use the app (which not only alerts you about delivery opportunities, it also navigates you to the restaurant and the delivery destination)
  • You must be at least 19 years old
  • You need at least 1 year of licensed driving experience (for car delivery partners)

How Do I Sign Up to be an Uber Eats Delivery Driver?

If you enjoy driving and the idea of a flexible schedule, then the next step is to register to be an Uber Eats delivery partner and see what is available in your area! If it’s not available yet, hold tight… Uber Eats is growing rapidly and it could be in your area before you know it!

You don’t have to dress up for a fancy interview, rearrange your lifestyle or interrupt previous obligations. You just sign up and then wait for the background check to clear (this takes about a week) and if cleared, you’ll be ready to start delivering and making some cash!

Uber Eats is a perfect income opportunity for moms and college students! Go HERE to register today!

Learn how easy it is to earn some extra cash as an Uber Eats Delivery Partner plus the pros and the cons!

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