Garden Tip: Reusing Items for Gardening Tools

Reuse and Recycle Materials for Your Garden!

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Over the past few weeks I have been busy at Lowe’s getting compost, soil, and tools for my garden to fill in some low spots of the garden boxes. While I was there I wanted to find a small watering can for my kids so they could help with the watering, and also find an easier way to pour plant food and seeds. Unfortunately, I didn’t find exactly what I needed or it was quite expensive….so instead I got creative with the things in my kitchen that I could reuse as garden tools…for FREE! I love it when Frugal Living ideas and Gardening come together!

DIY Garden Tools

Plant Food container
This was something I was particularly looking for since getting in between the new growth plants can be tricky with a full bag of plant food. So this alleviates my problem quickly! Simply, wash and dry out an old creamer container (or anything that has a pour spout). Then, take off the label, fill it up with Plant Food, and you’re ready to go with a FREE plant food gardening tool!

Plant Food

Watering Can
This is a simple solution that we have done several times in our home but never with the intention of making it a watering can. (My kids love to run around with a hole in the top of a water bottle and use it as a water squirter.) A smaller half gallon container can be easily handled by little ones, so that is why I chose this size. To begin with, wash out your container and then replace the cap. Grab a clean nail (I used a 2″) and hammer holes in the lid. I also made a hole in the upper side portion of the container to allow for air flow. Easy as that!

Watering Can

Seed Containers
This gardening tool is something that I have wanted to do for a few years. It’s an easy way to keep seeds from spilling out of packets for the multiple plantings with crops such as radishes, spinach, or lettuce. In the picture above I have Garlic powder pictured, but you may want to reuse a seasoning that isn’t as pungent. 🙂 Simply wash and dry out the container you are wanting to use, pour in the seeds and label the container according to the instructions on the seed packet.

Another thing that you can do is save containers for the herbs from your own garden after harvesting and drying.

Seed Containers

Soda Bottle Greenhouse
This is an easy way to encourage early growth indoors before planting seeds outside. My daughter planted a pumpkin seed for school against a clear sided cup to watch the growth process take place. After a slow start we decided to help speed it along with the idea of a small greenhouse. To do this simple wash our and air dry a 2L soda bottle, then cut off the top of the bottle. Easy as that, and you’re done!

Soda Bottle Greenhouse

Here’s some other garden tools that I love to have with me when I’m working!

Garden Caddy

Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy – $12.58

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  • Fits snugly on 5-gallon bucket
  • Sturdy canvas construction with deep pockets for various hand tools
  • Includes cell phone, beverage, and seed packet holders – perfect for not having to run inside when the phone rings!
  • 8.9-by-10-by-13.4-inches at 2-pounds


Sloggers Women’s Garden Shoes – $23.53

Ships Free with Amazon Prime (Try a FREE Membership)

  • Women’s waterproof rain-and-garden shoes designed for maximum comfort
  • Made in the USA from 100-percent recyclable material…even more recycling for your garden! 🙂
  • Deep lug sole provides sure-footed traction in water, mud, and muck
  • Variety of size options available for the perfect fit, but prices will vary

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  • When reusing spice bottles (much cheaper than the little planting tools I’ve seen), you may want to keep in mind that some things can’t be planted together. I can never remember the list, but if you choose a bottle from something not on the list, you won’t have to wonder if that’s what stunted the growth.

  • These are actually really good ideas. I like to care for the little plants indoors until they are big enough to be outside and withstand the weather. I do really like the seed containers because it is always hard to keep the seeds in their little packages when you are not using all of the seeds.

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