Easy DIY Bubble Arts & Crafts Projects!!

Fun with Bubbles Supplies and Process

Have Fun and Be Creative with Bubbles!

This year my daughter is learning about Bubbles in her Science class and throughout the fall we have enjoyed experimenting, playing, and trying new bubble solutions! One of our favorites has been bubble painting, and today we wanted to share it with you! As we began painting and chatting about the upcoming Holidays we had the idea of making our own wrapping paper…so we decided to take the bubble painting a step further and turn our project in to an easy DIY Arts and Crafts project! Join in on the fun and make some fun crafts to give as a gift or enjoy for yourself! Also see two of my daughter’s favorite activities so far and experiment with them too!

Have fun with Bubbles!! To begin with you’ll need to gather the supplies you need for the bubble solution. I was able to get glycerin from the pharmacy, but I had to go to two different stores, so the next time I need it, I’ll order it ahead and have it shipped to me. For the dish washing detergent you can use anything that you already have under the sink! Just mix together using the recipe below.

Bubble Solution Recipe:

  • 1 Cup of Water
  • 5 teaspoons dish washing detergent
  • 2 teaspoons Glycerin (optional)

Bubble Painting

Bubble Supplies

Supplies Needed:

To get ready for bubble painting use the Bubble Solution recipe and pour our the solution in to shallow trays or bowls. Then add tempera paint to the solution and stir. After you have stirred them up you are ready to paint!! Blow bubbles in to the tray until it is over the side of the tray. (***Make sure that your children DO NOT suck up the solution! You can help with this by poking holes through the top of the straw to help the suction not be as effective.***) Once the bubbles are ready, lay the paper over the top of the bubbles and then lift up! You can mix colors by layering the coverage. Allow to dry and then cut out your creation and mount it on dark paper.

Fun with Bubbles Collage

Bubble Painting Wrapping Paper

Bubble DIY Wrapping Paper

Get creative with your wrapping paper this Christmas with Bubble paint paper. Instead of using regular paper you’ll need to get a roll of paper. I got mine from IKEA for about $5, but you can get them for pretty cheap on Amazon, or at a craft store. Cut a generous (but workable) about of paper and then decorate the paper with bubble painting and allow to dry. Once it’s dry it will be ready for wrapping and making each gift you give a special surprise. Each year I make calendars for the Grandmas and Aunts in our family and the kids picked out which of the wrapping paper they made to wrap up this special gift.

Stretchy Bubbles Play

Bubbles Pipe Cleaners

Supplies Needed:

This was a fun project/playtime that my daughter enjoyed. Once you are all done painting, you can get cleaned up and experiment with bubbles. Make your own bubble wands with metallic pipe cleaners and stretch out the bubbles!! Make sure to get your hands wet as well or the bubbles will pop. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Recipe:

Let the kids give a fun gift this year that will keep them squeaky clean! For this project I used and Orange Essential Oil for the scent, and we loved it! Mix up your solution and pout in to containers. Wrap if you would like to or get cleaned up and enjoy the bubbles right away!

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  • I did this one year as a poor college student and made homemade wrapping paper for Christmas. If I remember correctly, it was an idea featured in Martha Stewart’s Living magazine. Fancy! ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I don’t think my recipe required glycerin because I wouldn’t have been able to afford anything other than what I had on hand: dish soap, water and blue paint. It made beautiful paper though!

    • That’s awesome Jennifer! Yes, the glycerin can be taken out of the recipe if you’d like it to. It works to help the bubbles hold together longer on a molecular level which helps to get a higher amount of bubbles to paint with. (That’s what we learned about in my daughter’s science lessons!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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