DIY Carpet Stain Remover

Do you have spots on your carpet that you just cannot seem to get rid of no matter what you do? I am sure many of you will say yes and I used to as well!

Until a friend of me told mine about a pin on Pinterest (of course, right?) Now time out from carpet stains.

One of my many joys in life is finding other uses for items I have on hand. For example, using vinegar for multiple cleaning products, or using conditioner for my hair and to make fabric softener. This  awesome carpet stain remover does just this!!

Ok done blabbing – back to carpet stains!


Hydrogen Peroxide
Blue Dawn Dishsoap
Old Toothbrush
Cleaning Gloves (optional)

The original pin called for 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide  and a “few” drops of blue Dawn Dishsoap mixed together… well what’s a few? I put about 4 drops into the hydrogen peroxide and mixed it together with the old toothbrush.

Ok now we are all mixed and ready go!

Start scrubbing! You will see it start working almost immediately. It took me less than 2 minutes to get this stain up out of my carpet. Though I wish I could tell you what it is, I can’t. However, whatever it was, it was not coming up with a steam cleaner, with some expensive carpet stain remover I purchased  from Bed, Bath & Beyond, or with other store bought cleaners.


Yes — it is gone! So after messing around and getting a few other odd and end spots off my carpet .. I decided to put this DIY carpet stain remover to the test!

Do you have  any fingernail polish stains in your carpet? Ha .. you must wonder what my house looks like inside! 🙂

Anyhow, one day while daddy was in charge of the girls and mommy was gone .. they decided they would paint their nails, by themselves. Well, they heard daddy coming towards their room and they spilled half a bottle of RED fingernail polish on their carpet!!!! I have tried everything over the past two months to get this stuff out and it wasn’t going anywhere.  So I decided to give this a shot.

This is what it looked after six minutes of scrubbing. I stopped when I realized my finger had white spots all over it. At first I panicked, until I did a quick Google search and found out that this happens sometimes to people with sensitive skin (me.) Anyhow .. this is why gloves are optional. It has now been about 3 hours and most of the white is gone already, then I will go back in and finish scrubbing that spot!  Don’t worry though, it only happens to a few people here and there and it’s nothing but a cosmetic issue. 🙂 Just thought I would share for others with sensitive skin.

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  • Christie D

    I would caution people who use this as hydrogen peroxide WILL bleach things in comes into contact with and carpets are made of special fibers and so not all carpets can handle each chemical the same.
    So, doing to much scrubbing in one spot may result in a bleached carpet area a few hours after use as the hydrogen peroxide sits there and does what it does best. That is also why it’s used to whiten teeth. So, maybe offer a tip for those with color in their carpet to use a small capret cleaner to rinse after using this and not usign it to scrub hard stains as the damage may occur before rinsing. 🙂

    • Christie, thanks for the tip. As always, we should test before we try any type of cleaner on a carpet!

    • Faye Bates Cooper

      I am SO impressed!! I had the carpet cleaners out six months ago and all stains were gone. Well, in three months the same spots came back. I had some Kirby Carpet Cleaner, so I went to work…. still didn’t take the spots up. I read this on pinterest and thought WHY not and gave it a try. WA-LAA! the spots are gone, my finger is white but I’m sure that will get better.

  • I was wondering if it would leave a small bleached spot??

  • Stephanie

    Going to try this! I will take a small bleached spot over a dark brown carpet spot! 🙂

  • In response to Amber’s question. It may leave a bleached spot. I know that the store bought carpet cleaner I use does leave bleached spots on my carpet sometimes, and peroxide has bleaching properties. If you have any samples of the carpet in your house, test it first.

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