52 Weeks of Pinterest: Week 31 – Gender Reveal Balloon Box!

This year I wanted to go with a resolution I would have no problem sticking to! Then as I was pinning an item on Pinterest, a light bulb flashed on above my head. Ok, maybe not literally, but this great idea popped into my head. Those of us who are Pinterest users know that we pin hundreds of things a week, but do we ever do them? So I decided this year I would do one of my pins every week. At the moment, 52 weeks of Pinterest was born. Each week I will do something I found on Pinterest rather it be a craft, new recipe, organizing technique, or whatever!

The last few weeks I have been looking around on Pinterest for some fun and creative gender reveal ideas for my expecting sister. For both of my daughters, my husband and I found out from the ultrasound technician and I thought a gender reveal would be cool and something fun to experience with my sister!  There are so many cute and fun ways out there, but we decided to go with the Gender Reveal Balloon Box.



To do this, the parents have to have some patience and be willing to wait a little bit longer after the ultrasound to find out the gender. That is the hardest part of the gender reveal box, everything else is easy sailing! 🙂

What you will need:

Large Cardboard Box
Blue or Pink Balloons
The gender note or gender ultrasound
Some ribbon to tie the box shut

Our original plan was to have my sister tell the nurse they were to doing a gender reveal party so they didn’t want to know the gender. She was going to bring an envelope for the nurse to write it on a paper,  seal it,  and then give it to me so I could go buy balloons so no one would know until the box was opened.

HOWEVER – she forgot an envelope. I did go to the appt and waited in the waiting room. The nurse actually came out and brought me the gender ultrasound. So it worked out!

Earlier that day, we painted 3 sides of the box black and the side flaps as well. I didn’t care about the back/bottom of the box because it wouldn’t be seen.

We just used acrylic paints. First painted the box black, then painted BOY in blue, GIRL in pink, and OR in white.




I just used a box I had on hand and it was skinnier than I had realized until I went to get the balloons. If you want a lot of balloons coming out, you will want a wider box than I used. I was only able to get 4 balloons inside this one.

Once I had the gender ultrasound on hand – I headed to the dollar store to get some blue balloons. I took my box in the store with me to see how many and what size of balloons I needed. You will want the balloons sitting in there loosely so that when the box is opened they just float right out of it instead of someone having to pull them out. At least this is how I wanted it so I could capture their emotions in the pictures with the camera.

I placed the ultrasound picture in the bottom of the box below the balloons.

Finally I tied the box shut with blue and pink ribbon. I did this so all they had to do was pull the ribbon off and the balloons would push through the top of the box without any help!


Again, I didn’t paint the back because only they would see it and I was focused on pictures and only what I would capture on camera.


This was so much fun to do not only for the expecting parents but for me too. We had the family come down to a park to do this so it was a great way to get the family involved in the experience as well!

If you know of any expecting moms, please share this fun idea with them.


And yes – auntie is so excited to have a nephew coming!! ♥

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Hope you enjoyed Week 31 of 52 Weeks of Pinterest, come back next Saturday for another attempted pin!If you don’t want to wait a week for a new pin idea, checkout our DIY posts, there are some great ideas there as well!

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