Coupon Organization: Never Cut a Coupon You Won’t Use Again

You’ve patiently waited to see what method of coupon organization I’m currently using

This method is a combination of the first two I tried {and featured}. Amber, one of our contributors, showed me this fabulous idea last summer, and I finally implemented it a few months ago. I must say – it is working for me!!

  • It has the functionality and portability of the binder, without spending hours clipping coupons you may or may not use.
  • Incorporates the ease of the filing method, without the frustration of not being able to quickly see what coupons you have while roaming the isles of the store.

#3 – ClipLESS Coupon Organization

So instead of using an expandable file folder that isn’t very portable, you can use your favorite binder! (I strongly suggest getting something that you can close shut thanks to velcro, snaps, or zippers!!).

Personally, I am using my super cute “Stylin Binder” bag. I love it because:

2 – It’s fabulously portable!
3 – It velcros shut, so I don’t have to worry about dropping it and having all the contents fly all over the place!

NEXT – Purchase some sheet protectors. I remember seeing them advertised super cheap during the back to school sales (like less than $.20 for a pack of 12). Since I missed those sales, I purchased a huge box of 225 at Costco for around $13.00. Obviously you won’t need that many, so you could split it with several friends, or just buy a smaller pack on sale somewhere. (I bought a big one so I’d have extras to giveaway at our classes!). You’ll want enough to get you through about 13 weeks (one sheet protector per set of inserts – 30, give or take a few, should cover it!).

Here is the cool part, not only are you going to put your group of 4, 5, or 6 inserts inside the sheet protector, you are going to give each set a “Cover Page” that lists all the coupons (and their expiration dates) on the front.

It looks a little something like this:

  • I highlight  the coupons that I am excited about (this makes for quick and easy viewing! Now when I’m in the store roaming the aisles, and I see something on a great sale, I can quickly scan my cover pages to see if there is a coupon to use)!
  • Each page has the coupons listed in alphabetical order and I put the newest ones in the front of my binder.
  • Of course, you’ll have to get over the “I’ll look stupid standing in the aisle clipping coupons” feeling. C’mon girl (or guy)! You’re walking out of the store paying 50%-90% less than the dude that’s lookin at you funny! Who cares if you’re clippin in the isle!
What do you think?
Do you want to give it a try? Here’s a video we did with our bloggy friends, This should help you catch the vision!

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