Coupon Organization: Never Cut a Coupon You Won’t Use Again

Missed the start of this series? {Part 1} and {Part 2} and {Part 3} and {Part 4}.

You’ve patiently waited to see what method of coupon organization I’m currently using

This method is a combination of the first two I tried {and featured}. Amber, one of our contributors, showed me this fabulous idea last summer, and I finally implemented it a few months ago. I must say – it is working for me!!

  • It has the functionality and portability of the binder, with out spending hours clipping coupons you may or may not use.
  • Incorporates the ease of the filing method, without the frustration of not being able to quickly see what coupons you have while roaming the isles of the store.

#3 – ClipLESS Coupon Organization

So instead of using an expandable file folder that isn’t very portable, you can use your favorite binder! (I strongly suggest getting something that you can close shut thanks to velcro, snaps, or zippers!!).

Personally, I am using my super cute “Stylin Binder” bag. I love it because:

2 – It’s fabulously portable!
3 – It velcros shut, so I don’t have to worry about dropping it and having all the contents fly all over the place!

NEXT – Purchase some sheet protectors. I remember seeing them advertised super cheap during the back to school sales (like less than $.20 for a pack of 12). Since I missed those sales, I purchased a huge box of 225 at Costco for around $13.00.  Obviously you won’t need that many, so you could split it with several friends, or just buy a smaller pack on sale somewhere. (I bought a big one so I’d have extras to giveaway at our classes!). You’ll want enough to get you through about 13 weeks (one sheet protector per set of inserts – 30, give or take a few, should cover it!).

Here is the cool part, not only are you going to put your group of 4, 5, or 6 inserts inside the sheet protector, you are going to give each set a “Cover Page” that lists all the coupons (and their expiration dates) on the front.

It looks a little something like this:

  • I highlight  the coupons that I am excited about (this makes for quick and easy viewing! Now when I’m in the store roaming the aisles, and I see something on a great sale, I can quickly scan my cover pages to see if there is a coupon to use)!
  • Each page has the coupons listed in alphabetical order and I put the newest ones in the front of my binder.
  • Of course, you’ll have to get over the “I’ll look stupid standing in the aisle clipping coupons” feeling. C’mon girl (or guy)! You’re walking out of the store paying 50%-90% less than the dude that’s lookin at you funny! Who cares if you’re clippin in the isle!

NOW – I know what you’re thinking…

Who in the world has time to go through each insert, type the details of every coupon, AND alphabetize!?!?!

We have several wonderful readers who do this for us each week.  You can find these lists (usually updated by Monday afternoon) by simply mousing over “Organize Coupons“, then click on “Coupon Insert Lists”.

  • Find your area (or similar area)
  • Print it in the format you’d like (I prefer PDF myself)
  • Place each insert list on top of the corresponding group of coupons
  • Put stack of coupon inserts and list in the sheet protectors.
  • Example: All 4/10 SS coupons go in a sheet protector, and all 4/10 RP go in a sheet protector…


You can always quickly find a coupon by searching our COUPON DATABASE!

What do you think?
Do you want to give it a try?  Here’s a video we did with our bloggy friends,  This should help you catch the vision!


  • Tricia

    the PYP list for reference to look things up but have been frustrated lately because it doesn’t have A LOT of the things I am looking for that I know I have coupons for. Like all General Mills inserts! I was just looking up Yoplait coupons and Dreyers coupons and it doesn’t have those listed at all and I’ve got both from the last month or two. Any ideas why? Which newspaper is the compiler using to do the lists from? Is there anyone that does the Idaho Statesman or Press Tribune (and even these two are different as you pointed out)?

  • Cathy

    Tricia –

    The lists they have don't include the GM inserts, you're right! We are compiling weekly lists here, which include the GM and the Statesman got coupons that none of the other papers did on 3/7. That list is also on this post:

  • HomeSpun Threads

    I do the exact same thing except I found a really cool accordion file at Target but I like this binder thing better I think…I wish I could figure out how to just put the fliers right in without sliding them down into something…I need to go back up and read, but how do you catalog the coupons? Do you type them up or is there a database somewhere that you can download…just curious. THANKS for posting.

  • HomeSpun Threads

    PS! I too no longer clip until I need the coupon…which makes it so much easier.

  • Cathy

    HomeSpun –

    We have a reader that types up the lists on an excel spreadsheet and we put them on his page:

    I know one person that, instead of a sheet protector, uses a sturdier version that is cut sort of diagonally, sort of like a pocket. I should have her take pictures and post it! It's easier to take the inserts in and out of and the page with the printed list is right up front, easy to cross things out with out having to take it in and out of a sheet protector.

    • Tonya

      Please do take pictures! That sounds much more my style, but I can’t seem to think what those are called. I am very visual so thank you for all the pictures on this site!!!

      • Bonnie

        They are called pocket dividers, clear plastic (often colored for different subjects) and my upper grade students are required to have them for binders at school. Back to school time is best to buy them because they’re on sale. I also am going to try the kind of plastic folder that just holds papers on the right hand side (used for research papers, and has a colored plastic back and a clear plastic front to view contents) then we could not only turn the pages, but also clip while leaving the insert intact. I’ll have to check if they are 3 hole punched.

  • HomeSpun Threads

    ooo I have some of those pockets…I use them in school. That's a good idea too! Thanks!

  • kristendances

    I am new to couponing and have been trying to use this organization method, but I can’t find the Current Idaho Coupons Insert List for 4/11 and 4/18 (the only coupons I have). Could you tell me where those are, thank you so much.

  • kristendances

    Hi Monica, thank you, I had tried the navigation bar, learn to be frugal, organization, idaho insert list route and still can’t see anything past Apr 4, I see Feb 7 thru Apr 4 but nothing after that, I only started couponing on Apr 11 so I don’t need the insert lists for anything prior to Sunday Apr 11. Are those somewhere else? Thanks.

  • Neddie

    I am agreeing with kristendances. I have been waiting for a couple weeks for the coupon lists and they just aren’t there. I just started doing this system and I am loving it. So much easier. But I have been anxiously waiting for the last two lists. Am I missing a link somewhere? Thanks:)

  • Monica

    Ok ladies you are right! Here is the updated list:
    Still missing yesterday we have been too busy to get it up just yet, but it is coming today I promise.

    Here is the quick link to the 4/11 inserts

    We put up the new ones on Monday’s so it will be there soon!

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Cathy

    It is up! Sorry for the delay. I don’t know what happened to the 4/11 links because I KNOW I had them up there before! 🙂

  • kristendances

    Thank you so much! I’m going to get my binder today, and I’m appreciating everyones efforts.


  • Diane

    I like to take my inserts apart and match up the pages and then put them back together as on big red plum or smart source. Then I can easily clip all of a certain coupon at once instead of doing it 6 separate times. Make sense??

    • Lydia

      thanks for the tip thats a good idea!

      • GeekyMom

        I do the same thing. I also open the excel files and make a master list then sort by alphabetical order, so they are easy to find in the store. If you have a smartphone, try getting dropbox and then you don’t have to print the list at all. You can pull it up on your phone instead. I’ve heard that on Windows phones you can edit and use excel on them directly. This is saving me so much time, I’m getting more sleep. Thank you to the ladies who compile the lists.

  • Diane

    how do you fit in the “loose” coupons like printables or blinkies or from the mail? I have been putting them alphabetically in a small accordian file, but is there a better way??

  • kristendances

    I’ve been wondering about the printables too and where those fit in with this system.
    Thanks for all the help.

  • Pat

    Have been using this method of organization for about 6 mos. LOVE IT! Thank you Sophie for sharing all of your hard with us. Your lists are a HUGE help. I look forward to them every week. ooooooo……….the sign of a true coupon junkie!

  • Wendy

    I just use a 3-whole punch and punch my inserts and then insert them into my binder in date order. I use the baseball card sheets to organize my loose coupons, etc. I have a label for each store ( target, Albertons, etc.) on a baseball card sheet so that I can organize my catalinas, loose coupons, etc. I also have one for Costco and Bath & Body, and Restaurants.

    I just switched to this system and I like it much better than clipping them all. It leaves me more time for shopping.

    I hope that made sense 🙂

  • Sophie

    I have had a little too much time on my hands lately so I have changed my organization a bit. It is not for everyone since it does take about an hour every Sunday, but I love it. So I still organize by date, but I am cutting all my coupons out now. (like I said, not for everyone). I have a tab divider that has the date, then I laminate and hole punch the insert list. Behind each list I have all the coupons from that insert list cut out and in the baseball card holders. And of course I print the master list and keep it in my binder as well. It does take time, but I love still having them organized by date and having them already cut out when I need them at the store.

  • Karen

    The lady above who is talking about the diagonal sheet protectors. I got some similar at the dollar store, clear project files, 10 pk for 1.00. I use another kind though in my date books for my business that are a little nicer. I get them at Staples in a 10 pack. They would be so much easier than a sheet protector.

    • illy

      I stick my inserts in a sheet protector. I print the coupon list(s), punch holes in them and stick them on my binder. So, I have coupon list(s) I can flip through in my binder and all in the inserts in the sheet protector. Coupons I know I’ll use I will clip ahead of time and add them to the baseball card holder sheets in order of expiration date. Loose/random coupons I pick up here and there are added to these.

      Printable coupons are cut and placed inside a plain white business size envelope and I place that in the back of the binder. Store specific coupons are clipped and placed in respective envelopes. SO when I go into any of these store, I pull that envelope out and see if there is anything I can use. It combines a little of everything and makes my life easier/organized.

      Many blessings to the folks who publish the coupon insert lists on this website!!! 🙂

  • Anthony

    I wanted to know how long does a coupon normally last. I mean how often am I Ither using my coupons or removing the expired coupons. I am a new single father with 2 other men living in a rental home. I want to try and lower my food bill in the house combined all 3 people in the house by at least 80%

  • Cari

    Hello – I just found this site based on a suggestion from a friend – great info!

    I do have a question for you though – this organization method looks awesome, but I live in WA – the link listed for “coupon preview” gives me an error page. Is there anyone doing “cover pages” for Western WA? Thanks!

  • LIberty

    I used to do the clip and file by isle, but wasn’t staying on top of it because it was so time consuming, so I just recently switched to this method. I love it. Instead of the sheet protectors I use the dividers with folders. They happened to be on sale. It makes it a bit easier of getting the inserts in and out. I can even finger through them without taking them out of the sleeve. Thanks for all your efforts in helping us get incredible savings.

  • lorie

    how do you find a coupon you want. like if i know i have a cheetos coupon do i have to flip through all the cover sheets in order to find it. like if the item is on clearance not that a blog tells me where it is. if there are multiple general mills cereal coupons on different dates and sheets how do i know where to start looking? i dont understand this system. help. more details pleaseeee!

    • Monica

      If you are interested in the big picture, you can see all the coupons on the master coupons list:

      When in the store we do flip through each page. Since they are in alphabetical order it actually goes pretty quickly. But when we are home we just refer to the master list online. You could print the master list each week, but be warned it is a lot of pages.

      If you have a mobile phone with internet you could also access it in the store on your phone. 😉

      A few more tips:

      *General mills coupons are always in the General mills or Smartsource insert.
      *Procter and gamble coupons found in the procter and gamble insert usually all expire at the end of the month and the insert comes out around the first of the month.

      Hope this helps!

  • Make Roux

    Thanks for this terrific system!

    I also cross out each Q on the master list as I use it.

  • Jenny

    Since I’m just learning the ropes of using coupons and was going the baseball card way, but this sounds so much better.

    I’m in Minnesota so hopefully one of those you have listed in your area will work so I can print them out.

    What I have right now is a binder plus 3 different color pencil pouches that have 3 holes that clip right into my binder. Each pencil pouches stands for each store that I mostly shop at.

    Can’t wait to set this up seems so easy and so easy to see when they expire too.

    • Amanda

      That’s a good idea with the pencil pouches. That’d be a great way to keep track of the little peelies, catalina coupons and other various loose coupons. I am so unorganized right now. I just started and used ziploc bags for each store. I know…bad. LOL. I had to flip through coupons and got frustrated. I saved about $100 total, but know I could’ve saved more if I had done a better job organizing.

  • Trisha

    I hope no one has asked this question – because I couldn’t find the answer.
    On the Coupon Cover Sheets what does the last column DOUBLE? suppose to mean exactly. What is Yes and what is No for?
    Thanks so much for the help.


    • Cathy

      It just means whether or not the coupon can be doubled. In the past, this was an issue with Albertsons in particular. It no longer is since they will give you “twice the value” of any coupon $1.00 or less… regardless if it says “do not double”. We probably could just remove that column. But I know there are some areas where this is an issue. Maybe we should take a vote? Who wants to have the the DND column stay on the lists? 🙂

      • Diane

        There’s no harm in having a column we don’t all need. We can just ignore it. One thing I like about Excel: you can delete any columns you don’t want.

  • Alicia

    So I recently switched to this method from the baseball card method. It saves me a lot of time, but I’m having trouble with the size of my inserts. I collate my inserts whole, but I get 7-8 sets of inserts, so when I’m done, they are very thick. These keep sliding around in the binder. Has anyone else had this problem and found an answer?

  • Amy

    Thank you!!! This method sounds great, I am totally switching to it! =)

  • Karen Hogan

    The link is not working to print the insert list for Portland,OR 5/15.

  • Angel

    Thank you SOOOoo much for this! I just found your site today while searching for a better way to organize my coupons. This is the method I’ve been searching for! Know what coupons you have and cut only when you need them…PERFECT!
    Thanks so much! I’m bookmarking your site right now.

  • Margaret Hunter

    Im just learning how to do this so I look at every detail. I love the lists that are printed out. I think I can do this but is anybody on the east coast? I am in Indiana and not sure of your current locations might be like mine.
    Thanks for all you do to help the rest of us

  • Christine

    I have a few questions to ask… I have never done this before and I am just getting started. First of all on the coupnes when it says that you can’t use more than one per product does that mean if you buy 1o you can’t use 1o different coupons. The next question is what websites do you use to get coupons to print. Thank you for your help.

    • Megan

      I’m new too, but I thought I’d pipe up with what I do know.

      If you buy 10 of the same product you can use 10 of the same coupon. Also, at Target you can print off their web coupons and also use a manufacturer coupon on top of it to get a better price! You can do this at Albertsons too.

      Walgreens has a monthly coupon book that has a bunch of good deals. Ask the cashier for one. I love shopping there because of the REgister Rewards. Read up on all the different store coupon policies because they’re all different. Walgreens is kinda tricky.

      They often refer to and on this blog. They’re always pointing you toward coupons so click on their links and you’ll find tons of coupons!


  • Megan

    I have a weird question. I started out clipping my coupons, but I’m getting tired of doing this! I would like to keep my inserts intact so I know where I can find them each time I go shopping. I still use the baseball card holders for most of my coupons, but I’m transitioning. I have found that it’s hard to keep the inserts in the plastic inserts. I don’t have a zip binder yet so the inserts slide around. My son dropped my binder the other night and I’m so glad most of it stayed. Some of the inserts kinda slide forward though. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • Cathy

      Yep, I do… but it is solved if you get a Stylin Binder to hold your binder! (let em know we sent you!). 🙂

  • Barbara

    I’ve been reading up on past posts and I noticed someone asking about how to keep up with the weekly ads. You know the ones that tells us whats on sale where and for how much. Well I live in an area that has to rely on a lot of price matching. I got tired of having to unfold , drop, or loose those ads so I got 3 ring binder magazine holders. they are real thin , fit in a binder perfectly , hold the ads by the middle for easy flipping and I don’t have to keep chasing them down.Now you are going to ask where I got these wonderful little things . Believe it or not I picked them up at a yard sale for pennies.

  • Tonia

    I have a stylin binder and I subscribe to 5-6 papers per week. I’m using this clip less method but I find there isn’t enough room for all my loose printables and other various coupons if I place them in the same binder. I like them organized in a baseball card holder style under the category they belong in, however I end up carrying two binders, one for my loose coupons one for my whole inserts. Does anybody else have a better method? I don’t have time to clip all my coupons either.

    • Cathy

      Tonia, if you go clean out some of the older inserts it should help. As far as printables go, I just put all my papers in one sheet protector and you’ll see me thumbing thru them in the aisle. Although I know others who keep their printables in baseball card holders. Not sure if you’ve seen this post I do on the 1st of each month, but it will help you weed out your older inserts: Hope that helps… good luck!

  • Espie

    Hi , I m a new bee. I just started my coupon collection today. I have printed my list but for some reason it has printed in very small print and I cant see to well so can anyone explain to me how I can get a larger print copy. Im in Reno,NV.

  • Lydia

    Wow what a great idea, i love this! i work and go to school so i never have time for clipping and such. most of the time im in a hurry so i just find the good coupon deals online and bring the right coupons before i head to the store.

  • Sarah

    I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this but the 7/17 list for LA Times only shows 7/10 RP? Is the 7/17 list up yet or was it a mistake? Thanks

    • Cathy

      Yep, that was last weeks RP, but this weeks SS is in there as well. I deleted it, so if you refresh the page and click on the link, it should show the correct list. Thanks for letting us know Sarah! : )

  • mamb

    I started couponing recently. I have put a binder together with the collector card pockets. Now I am bummed because of the time and money (card holders aren’t cheep) I put in and I want to try this method.

    • Cathy

      You can still use your baseball card holders for your printables! And actually Monica does both… she cuts the ones she wants to make sure she uses and puts them in her baseball card holders, and then she does the clip-less system with the rest. It’s all in her big ol binder and she never misses a deal! 🙂

  • Joyce

    Hello! I’m from Indiana and we have nothing like this! I am so new to this concept – I would really like some help! I’m going to purchase the DVD but things like the Coupon Insert List are so cool! Will you be expanding your states?! I’m 26 and really just clueless on how this couponing works…I swear every time I look at a coupon it says something like “One coupon per customer, cannot be combined”. I’m really looking forward to ANY advice I can get to getting started. 🙂 THANKS SO MUCH!

  • Ambi

    I would love to have this for the Virginia area!! I already ordered the Stylin Bag….cant wait to get it!

  • Yvonne

    For all you Ventura County or South Calif Folks read on………..LA Times had no P&G inserts in any of my multiple copies for July 31. When I called them multiple people said they would Not re-send. I recovered by switching to Ventura County Star and found 3 add’l copies of P&G plus all the other inserts YEAH!!

  • Amanda

    One thing I do is I print off the list from the Sunday Coupon Preview and n Sunday I match all the coupons up to the list, then cross out the ones I didn’t get and write on the bottom the ones I did get that weren’t listed.

    So for instance I print of the preview of the SS 7/31, I then flip through one of my SS inserts and check off each coupon listed on the preview sheet. Then when I am done I cross off any lines that do not have a check next to them because they were not in my insert. Then I go through them one more time and write down at the bottom any coupnons that were included in insert, but not the preview.

  • Emily

    Thank you Thank you for posting these lists for Idaho newspaper inserts! You have solved a huge dilemma for me!!!

    If you’re listening to suggestions, here’s my $0.02…. Have you ever thought about putting a category column? (I know people have different category names… but I’d adopt yours if you listed them 🙂

    In the Excel spreadsheet, if the “Value / Qty” column could be split into two separate columns, it would make my life easier. (I do some parsing then drop the data into an access database so I can print myself various reports).

    I often wonder why SmartSource, RedPlum, etc don’t provide a list of their coupon inserts… 🙂

    Anyway, thanks SO much again for sharing your hard work!

  • Kristy

    What a great tip!!! At the 99 cent store I just purchased sturdy slip covers by kinkos. Can’t wait to get started on this. Thank you!!!

    • Kristy

      Also instead of caring around scissors carry a small letter opener. The kind that is given away by banks or your insurance agent. They work great.

  • Kim

    Is there anyone writing up the coupon cover sheets for Orlando Florida? I would love it if they did!

  • Carrie L

    Just started using this method and I love it! I spent so much time clipping and organizing coupons in the baseball sleeves only to spend more time pulling them out after they expire, this is much less time consuming but still easy to find coupons I need fast.

  • Emily

    THANK YOU so much for doing the Idaho coupon insert lists.  I know it’s a lot of work, and I just want you to know that this particular feature on your blog is what gets me to use/support your site.

    Thanks a million!

    • Kim

      Hi, I just found your site while searching for organizing expired coupons.

      Can someone tell me where I can go to see Florida coupon insert coupon list so I can put them on my cover sheet of this method?  I’ve tried several method but I think this will work for me.  Thank you.

  • Jenna

    I cannot seem to find the updated lists for Arizona. I wouldnt mind helping out with the list, is there somone currently working on it? Thanks for all of this helpful information!

  • Kristi

    I live in FL… which list should I be using?  You mention that I should find one that’s close… doesn’t seem like any are close =0)  Thanks for setting all this up. I’ve been using the binder method for a few weeks and find it so cumbersome that i’m ready to give up on it.  This might just save my couponing life!  THANKS

  • Linda H

    I am sooooooo EXCITED I found you!  THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for having all the coupons listed for each week!!!!    Off to explore more of your site!

  • KristinaH

    How are you suppose to find each coupon behind the protectors? I get 4 papers every week, so if i need a coupon do i have to pull out all 4 booklets and find each coupon in all 4 booklets??? Please let me know of a better way to do things, I would be forever grateful!

    • Cathy

      I like to match my pages up so they are all ready to cut. I cut my favorite and put them in my shopping envelope or baseball card method, then put the matched up sheets back in the sheet protector and mark them on the cover sheet. I show exactly how I do this in our coupons class on dvd:

  • Anna

    Oh – my kids are going to LOVE you for this!  Yes, I do enlist their help to cut & fold coupons.  It’s going to be great to have some extra time.  ALSO – Just thinking (and no, I’m not volunteering….yet 🙂 but even if I type up the Q’s in my own inserts – and print it out….that’s still an amazing time saver!  And I’d much rather type than sit and fold!  SUPER INFORMATION!!!!  Much appreciated!!!!  🙂

    • Monica

      Anna- What area are you in? We might already type up a list for you!

      • Anna

        I’m in Coastal GA – Savannah.  It seems like the list are out there – with of course some variation.  It’s the variation that gets me – I can’t seem to figure it out.  I get lists – get super excited and then go through and realize mine didn’t come with most of those coupons!  I probably need to change the order in which I do things. But the SS varies from each paper I get (how many of you are saying, DUH – right now?! 🙂 I only get two different papers and it’s taking me this long to figure out the SS’s -even though they are the same date – they do vary. What can I say – before kids – things weren’t this difficult for me! PS – my fav thing you said is get over the clipping in the store fear….I’m not there yet – I will figure out some way to clip before hand or something – but I DO feel like it’s a goal….that I need to just get over it – the looks, the eyes rolling.  You’ve never seen someone apologize to a cashier in one trip more than me!

  • Cindy

    Is their a WA State website? Or I mean can you tell me what website.

  • Brandy

    I have a question or two about this clipless method – When you put the smartsource in a sleeve for a week do you put the entire insert in a sleeve or do you group the by coupons (all of your page 1 from smartsource together, then page 2 together)? If you are putting the whole insert in are you only able to put one or are the sheet protectors bigger than I am thinking? We get between 6-7 inserts a week (wonderful family members), most smart source or P&G, but we can not keep up on the clipping. Thanks for all you do!

    • Cathy

      Hi Brandy,

      When we’re “on our game”, we’ll match all the pages of our 6 inserts page by page and then put the entire insert in the page protector. If we’re short on time, we’ll just put the stack of like inserts in the same page protector with the cover sheet.

      I just added a video with another blog that shows us using the system. Hope it helps and answers your question! 😀

  • C Simpson

    Thank goodness for this new ClipLess Method. I am going to try this out. I have been clipping and lately I have been saying “WHY”. So tiring when you have to clip 4 or 6 papers. Wish me luck. I am also going to look into cutting my cost of the multiple papers.

  • Theresa

    Hi gals, thank you so much for your site! I am loving it!!! I am VERY new to this! I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful kiddos. I am trying to save our family as much as possible, esp. now that our income has been sliced a lot b/c I am not getting my income anymore. I find this coupon stuff very overwhelming!!! I wish I lived closer to all of you for a class! I live in MD. I don’t think your Coupon Clipless Method Works for me, as your ads aren’t or my region either… any chance you will be getting any FRUGALS to be helping out in this region soon? By the way, also love the Freezer Meals… I started doing this with the MOPS Group I started a few years ago! We enjoy it a lot! Your site helps me a lot! Love you all!

  • Diane

    Lately, I just 3-hole punch my sheets of nternet printable coupons and stick them in my binder. Then I flip through them in the store(or at home) and cut them out as needed. If I need the middle coupon (usually 3 coupons on a page) the other two are still attached to the binder. No loose ones.

  • anne boggie

    I’m fairly new to couponing and still a little bit shy about using them.Does using your system mean you stop and clip coupons in the store isles?

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Hi Anne, Yep! It sure does! At first I was a little embarrassed too, but once I realized how much time it saved me and how much money I was saving, I didn’t care any more! 😀

    • Heather H

      I know this is an old question, but I’ll answer for any future readers. I don’t like to clip in the aisle, either, so I make my shopping lists at home using the FF website. Then I pull my coupons and clip everything I need, arranging by store. That way, at the store, all of the coupons I know I’ll need are already done. But I still have my coupon binder with me so if I run across a sale, I do have the coupons, but then I’m only clipping 1 or 2. Much easier for me than trying to clip them all at the store.

      • Monica

        Hi Heather! Thanks for your input. I thought I would add what I do. I match up the like pages of coupons from each insert and cut my favorites out and place them in my baseball card holders. Then I put the rest back in the sheet protector and only cut them when I use them. This saves me on cutting coupons I never use and it cuts down the amount of time I spend cutting at the store.

  • alicia

    I live in Spokane, WA. What list would you recommend I print out. I print the Seattle one now but notice that it’s not correct.

  • Alice Spicer

    I recently switched to to the clipless method, and I am still deciding whether to stay with it. One thing that frustrates me about the clipless method is that the printout sheets with all the coupons listed with dates and such are rarely available (in Florida) until days or even weeks after the coupons become available. I’ve missed out on several great deals because I didn’t know I had the coupon. I might just make my own lists, but I am not sure how much time that will take. If I do, do you want me to pass them along?

    I put each individual page of the insert in a sheet protector instead of putting the whole insert in one sheet protector, and that way I can flip through the book without having to pull the inserts out and put them back every time. I use an dividers with dated labels between the weekly insert pages. Also, I haven’t done this yet, but I am going to mark pages with stickies that will hang over the edge a bit so I can see where they are with the binder closed for any coupons that I am pretty sure I will use. I still use the pages that store individual clipped coupons for my internet print-out coupons, and I file them alphabetically by brand name.

    I think I will give clipless about 90 days and then decide if it is better.

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Hi Alice,

      If you do decide to type up a list for FL, I’m sure there are others who would appreciate you sharing. You can send an email to to get started typing lists for us. We pay in “groupon credit”. Looks like the current FL person isn’t keeping up on it at all, so please email Kearna, who is in charge of the insert lists.

      Good luck!

  • Dianne

    I am trying to clean out my inserts and can’t find the list of inserts to toss as of a certain date! It has been awhile since I did some major tossing and need to free up space for all the new inserts.


  • Marie

    I am having a hard time viewing the PDF file for the SS insert for 5/13/12. I see everything else. Is it me or a computer error? I am sure you are all super busy but if you get a chance to tell me where my mistake is….that would be incredibly helpful. Thanks for all your hard work. 🙂

  • Tasha

    hi all –

    This is working wonders for me and instead of filing in sheet protectors, my binder got so big, using one sheet for one page. I still clip and use my basketball inserts but file by date. Now this last weekends inserts only took me 40 min. with even with stopping to help out one of my kiddos. Organizing my clipped coupons was making it impossible to keep up with a full time job, 2 kids, pregnant #3 and home cake decorating.

    I do have a question… How is everyone keeping track of their printed coupons, peelies, catalinas etc… The only thing I could think of was to keep the my old organization in the back of my binder, at least it’s smaller to keep up with.

    Also, would you add make a list for them?


    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Hi Tasha,

      Glad to hear you found a way to make it work for you! For printables, I just keep mine in a sheet protector or in a pile if I have them cut. But Monica keeps hers filed in her old baseball card holder system, like you mentioned. You could also keep your own list, but I think it may be too tedious to keep up with? I just thumb through mine when I’m at the store and check the items out to see if they’re worth buying.

      • GeekyMom

        I have been pondering this as well. For now I’m going to keep my old system (coupon holders by category) for printables and blinkies. I put store coupons in coupon holders behind a divider with the store name. I like not having to clip and organize all the inserts though.

  • Raelynn

    I’m in west Michigan.What would be the closest “coupon lists” comparable to my location? Thanks so much !!

  • Kim

    When will the Cutless insert list for SmartSource 06/17/12 for Omaha, Ne. be available? Thanks

    • Monica

      It sounds like we will not be getting SS of your area this week. Our girl that posts them was missing it from her paper this week. Total bummer! I am so sorry.

  • sophia prisyazhnyuk

    omg so happy I found this 🙂 I have a 4months old and she doesnt let me do much clipping coupons! 😉

  • Janet Shumaker

    I am so happy to have come across your site, but I truly wish I had before last Weds! I came up with this easy idea to avoid clipping so many coupons…. turns out it is the same as your clipless method. Thought I was original- ha! Anyway, I am a scrapbooker, so I had tons of sheet protectors, binders, and even a great divider bag that is perfect to hold most my couponing supples with a strap and a zipper closure. Starting last Thursday, I began writing down each coupon with details in a list to put in the front of my sheet protector for each insert. I had 2 months to do, so it took me hours…. even did some on the way to see my son at college. Just saw your insert lists…. that will save me so much time! And your clear out your binder section will be great, too. I like your comments about clipping in the aisles; but I do clip all of a coupon I know I will use for a special CVS or Walgreens scenario, because of an ad I’ve seen, or because I know it will be free or close to it. I put them in either baseball card sheets or in one of a special couponers’ pack I found at WalMart (where they keep the baseball card sheets). Even though I’m a week too late (ha), I am so happy to have found your site. Look forward to visiting it often!! Thank you!

  • andrea

    Do you have an archive for the printable list of coupons in the inserts? I jst fond this site and would like to print further back! Thanks

  • Heather Smith

    Very very new to this and I keep finding myself backing out of actually “couponing” because the process of doing match ups myself is terrifying to me…..but I love the idea and work that the others put into to making the lists/cover lists for you. But I live in Southwest GA and was wondering if you had lists like this for GA or know of a place I can find the insert lists???
    HELP PLEASE!?!?!

    • Kearna

      We depend on local readers to help us type up the lists and currently we do not have any volunteers for GA. If you or anyone you know would be interested in typing them up for us we do pay you in Groupon Credit each week, send us an email at If not I would recommend checking out the other city lists and seeing if there is one close to yours. 🙂

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Which one should I use for Virginia?

  • Cynthia

    Hi there,

    I was wondering when the Phoenix, Az list for 01/19/13 will be posted. Thanks for all you do!

  • Cindy McFarlane

    I personally don’t see myself having that much time at the store to cut the coupons. I feel like I take long enough the store just shopping. Maybe I just don’t understand it. I am a cut and baseball holder kinda gal!
    Question I have 4 MAM product coupons that I can’t find a place that carry’s them to use? I hate not using coupons. They are $2.00 off, so I really would like to use them.

    • Becky

      Target usually has the pacificers for $4, and lots of times has a store coupon for $2 off too!

    • GeekyMom

      I think you will find that not having to go through the inserts and clip everything and then sort them in the holders will save you a ton of time. If you don’t want to clip in the store, you can use the matchup lists and clip only the coupons you need each week and take those to the stores with you. Another way to do it, is to clip the coupons from the match up and take your binder/box with you in case you need a coupon for an unexpected sale or clearance. My friend stores hers in the car, because she can’t haul around a binder. If you have the lists from fabulessly frugal, you can copy them and keep that with you or download to Dropbox and pull it up on your smart phone.

  • Ginny

    I just found your website and thank for the information on organizing the coupons – it was extremely helpful!! Also, I was wondering when the Phoenix, Az lists for 01/27/13 will be posted? Thanks.

  • rita

    What if you have 20-30 of each insert every week? How in the world would I fit them in pages.
    I do agree that not cutting every coupon out is a great idea and would save a ton of time.
    I just have way too many inserts.

    • Jessica

      Rita, I use a file cabinet with hanging folders to store my inserts in. I write the insert and dates on the folder tabs with a dry erase marker so I can easily change them out and re-use them. This way I don’t have to try and stuff them into pages at all. If you don’t have a file cabinet you could also try just a box with folders in it.

      Hope this helps!

  • Shannon

    Curious…how far back do you keep your coupons and inserts? I’m hoping to toss some and reuse their sheet protectors. Sorry if you already answered this…I looked through comments and didn’t see it answered. Thanks so much for this wonderful technique.

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      Hi Shannon! This post tells you exactly which inserts you need to keep and what coupons are in them that haven’t expired. So if it’s not on this list, you can pull your insert!

      You can always find this post up in the navigation bar under “Organize Coupons”…. then click on “Binder Clean Up”.

  • Barbara

    I’m really looking forward to trying this system out! I have a month’s worth of inserts (10 of each!) plus printables and ones I’ve collected from family and friends that are waiting to be organized and/or clipped but I just don’t have the time to do it (I have a two year old and pregnant with baby #2). Its so great that you also have a list for my area! Thank you again! Can’t wait to try this system!

  • Erin

    I am starting to use the clipless method and I noticed the insert lists for 2/2/14 and this week (2/9/14) (I know it’s early for the last one ) are missing. I am in the Denver, Colorado area. Am I missing something ?

  • Shelly

    I so appreciate the time and effort of this. I had been searching for a site to organize this way! I do have a question, where are the last 2 lists for weeks 5-4 and 5-11 for Nashville TN?
    Thank you so much, I share this site on FB in a group called Tennessee Couponing!

  • Kelsey

    Hi, I’m new to couponing and appreciate your FAQ’s page. I’ve been reading a lot on your website to figure out the proper way to coupon, for me and for the stores. Organization has been my biggest worry, and getting the hang of everything. Thank you for the videos and pages showing the different methods or organizing.

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