Coupon Organization: Making it Work for YOU {part 4}

Missed the start of this series? {Part 1} and {Part 2} and {Part 3}.

If you are like us, you are getting 4, 5, or even 6 copies of the Sunday paper so you can get a LOT of coupons {so you can effectively build your stockpile!}. This means clipping your coupons could be a LOT of work! You’re right, is IS a lot of work… but there is an easier way.

Take a look at my pictorial below…

Coming up next…. I’m going to show you what I’m doing NOW for coupon organization! Plus a few pictures of other couponers methods!


I’d love to show others what YOU are doing! Send me an email with a picture of your system and brief description {and why you are loving it – OR hating it!} and I’ll post it!!

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  • Cori

    How do you get multiple inserts? I get my paper delivered on the weekends, but how do you get multiples without having to pay full price for the paper at a local store?

    • Melissa

      Call your local paper. Ask for pricing of multiple Sunday papers. I get 4 delivered to my door every Sunday for .46 a paper 13 weeks subscription is around $26.00
      Hope this helps

      • Tiffany

        WOW! That’s super cheap! I just called and it is going to be over $4 PER copy each Sunday! How can they offer it so cheap to you?

        • Leah

          I get 1 sunday paper then buy my other 3 papers at walmart– they have them for a dollar each where I live.

          • taz

            If you can find a paper that doesn’t publish on Sunday but still has the inserts in it. You can go buy the paper on Saturday which is normally the day they would be put in. I do that instead of buying the sunday paper for two bucks a pop. The paper I buy is .75 cents a copy so I can buy three for 25 cents more than one. I buy 4 papers each week for 3 dollars. The good thing about doing this is the paper I buy is located in a tourist area with small grocery stores. They put manufacturer coupons in the weekly ads.

            If you go to search for a coupon then the list of papers that offers inserts is in there. So you should be able to find papers that only publish 6 days a week that have inserts.

      • Mika

        If your area gets the latimes. they have sunday only deliveries. they allow 1 copy of the paper per household member (each kid and baby count as 1.. so if u have 3 kids and yourself that’s 4 members .. so don’t just count the adults) and at 10 dollars a year each subscription… that’s $0.19 for each sunday paper.

        I think they use census data so you can’t lie to them and say you have 10 people living at your house just to get 10 copies.

        Also, if you really need extra inserts you can always ask ur local starbucks/panera/coffee shop etc. if they will save the papers and inserts for you from the papers that are left behind by customers ..

        if you feel awkward about just asking for the coupons .. u can always say your an art teachers aid .. and you need the extra papers for the floor or something .. or ur painting your house and need a lot of newspapers .. or your training a new puppy and need some extra papers .. whatever you feel comfortable saying

  • Mika

    for me it’s hard to cut in a straight line with the cutter blade and mat method becauseI use the baseball card method to organize so my cut lines sometimes have to be exact or they don’t fit in the card slots.

    so, i use those scrapbook cutters. it’s this:

    *note* the cutter might be cheaper if you live close to a michals art’s and crafts store and use the 40% off coupon they have in their paper

    perfect straight lines every time.. no need to staple multiple inserts together either .. just stack and hold them

    the only con for this method is that you’ll have to change the blade for the cutter every few months .. they are sold for 5 dollars at michaels arts and craft store .. but with the 40% coupon that they have weekly it’s like 3 bucks for a 2 pack .. so it’s not so bad ^_^

  • Stephanie

    Mike, I use my Fiskar’s scrapbooking cutter like you suggest! I love it and it helps alot! Just used my 40% coupon at Michael’s last night and got a two pack of cutters for just a few dollars! Well Worth it… I was using scissors, and this is way faster!

  • CandaceH

    Use a metal ruler or straight edge; then press stack against hard surface, press edge against cutting line, and tear. When you get used to it, you can even do coupons in the school pickup line.

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Coupon Organization: Making it Work for YOU

There is no proven method when it comes to organizing your coupons. The only thing that IS proven is that you’re more likely to USE them if they are ORGANIZED!

Organization can be the wall that stops a newbie couponer from couponing! It’s overwhelming to find a new place for all this new “clutter”! I have a sister that is THE MOST organized person I know, but she was overwhelmed with the whole coupon organization thing, she finally bagged it and {gasp!} tossed all of her coupons she had been collecting.

Lucky for us – there is more than one way to do it. And if you’re like me, you’ll change methods a few times, trying to find what works for you.

Just starting out? Not quite sure you want to commit? You can go to the dollar store and purchase a small photo book to organize your coupons in. Investment – $1.00. This is what Monica did to start out. She’ll tell you that it only lasted a few weeks before she moved on to something bigger.


As for me, there are three main methods of coupon organizing that I have tried. Each have their pros and cons… again, you just do what works for you! And it may take a little time to figure that out, and that is OK!!!

Here is my own coupon organization metamorphosis!


  • Chelli

    Wow! I had been doing the baseball card system, and I got burn out SOOOOO badly! I got so busy, and haven’t couponed in over a year because of the hours required to clip coupons I never used. This clipless system has me totally jazzed to coupon again-talk about a time saver! Luckily for me, I have NO pride when it comes to looking goofy in the aisles, so this will work beautifully! I can’t wait to get my inserts again! And I just posted this link on my Facebook page, to let all my friends know that there is an alternative to spending hours clipping!!

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