Walmart Shopping Tips!

March 26, 2011 25 Comments | Disclosure

Here are a few tips to make your Walmart shopping trip successfull!

  • Price Match: Price matching alone can save you a lot of money, time and gas, and you don’t even need any coupons! (Produce is my favorite thing to price match.)

For those of you who are new to price matching, it means you can get an item at Walmart for the same price as a current competitor stores printed advertised price for that identical item.

If you are price matching, make sure to have the current ad, with the date on it, ready to hand to the cashier BEFORE they ring up the item you are price matching.

I like to place the items I am price matching (especially if I’m using multiple ads) on the belt last and lay the ad on top of them so I don’t forget to tell the cashier! Have your Price Matching Policy handy just in case!

  • Walmart’s new policy allows for overage: You can use it to pay for items you normally buy, but don’t have coupons for.

The Walmart coupon policy states:

“If a coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.”

So, if you use a $3.00/1 coupon on a $2.00 item, that item will be free, plus tax. The $1 difference is considered overage and will go towards the rest of the items you are purchasing in that transaction (like milk, produce or whatever!) If you are only buying that one item and nothing else, they should give you the $1 difference back in cash. Basically, you are entitled to the entire face value of the coupon, whether the item costs more or less than the coupon.

  • Be aware the time of day you are going shopping: I like to go in the morning when it’s less busy and the shelves are stocked!
  • If possible, avoid taking the kids: I often get distracted or forget to show the cashier my ad!
  • Do your homework ahead of time: Search FabulesslyFrugal for the latest deals and match-ups :)  Have your lists, coupons and ads ready to go! You can even learn how to print a shopping list of our Walmart coupon match ups!
  • Ask a manager: If you are in doubt about a certain coupon, ask a manager about it BEFORE you start your shopping to avoid any problems at the register.
  • Check your coupons: Make sure all of the coupons you will be using are legible, have an expiration date, a valid remit address for the manufacturer, a scannable bar code and are NOT photocopied or duplicated! I’ve accidentally cut off part of an expiration date before and they would not accept the coupon. Don’t forget to look for the coupons with out size restrictions and check Walmart’s trial size section for any that match!
  • Be selective of your cashier: Try to stick with the one’s you know are coupon friendly or especially knowledgeable about coupons and the policies.
  • Make sure to have your: coupon/price matching policy handy! Please remember to always be polite to your cashiers/managers :) And Give  couponers a good name!

If you need to contact the Walmart Corporate Office:
Call Walmart Customer Service — 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278)
Or, Email your feedback to your local Walmart store or Corporate office.

Enjoy your savings!

What other tips do you find helpfull??

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  1. jennifer says:

    I do price matching occasionally. Its been super easy. One thing I’ve learned is you can price match store brands. For example if Fred Meyer has their butter on sale for $1.29 you can price match it for Walmarts same butter.

    Can you price match AND use a coupon for the same item?

    • At the Walmart here in Mtn. Home, ID they allow you to price match and use a manufacture coupon. Same thing if Fred Meyer has a store coupon you can combine it with a manufacture coupon. I’ve done this numerous times.

    • Yes! If it’s a manufacture coupon!

  2. I love price matching Paul’s point deals at Walmart because then you don’t need the points. For example, this week Paul’s had there bleach on sale for .98 with the redemption of 5 points. Instead I can go to Walmart, get GV bleach for .98 period. No points needed.

  3. I also seperate my coupons into 3 piles for the cashier. 1. other store coupons, 2. B1G1 type coupons. 3. Manufacturer coupons.
    This helps make it go faster at the register.

  4. Any tips on price matching meat?

  5. I tried to get the Fred Meyer cheese deal there today and learned a few things – apparently these are changes from 3/21. First, you don’t have to have the ad to price match. I thought that was odd, but she said they have the ads that they will match already at each checkout. Also, she said they don’t do “store brand” matches anymore, so no great value brand for Albertsons brand, etc. And no $ off coupons from other stores – they wouldn’t let me use the $10/$25 from JCPenney. I used the Michaels one last week, but I guess it’s changed since then. She said they are “strictly” following the new corporate policy – oh, except that they will still take Albertson’s doublers. Huh? And the Fred Meyer cheese deal I stopped for didn’t work either – it’s a Fred Meyer coupon, not a price match, so I couldn’t use a manufacturer coupon with it. I wish they’d just decide on a policy, stick to it, and train their employees!

  6. Maryhelen says:

    Never thought to price match produce….what a great idea!

  7. Just a tip…ALWAYS double check your receipt and watch your items being rung up. 5 of the last 5 times I have been to Walmart something has rung up at the wrong price and it’s always higher than the shelf price.

  8. I had 40.00 of overage and wanted to buy a walmart gas card but they wouldn’t let me because they said it was just like getting cash back and you werent allowed to get cash back it just had to be subrtracted from your basket purchase. So I went and bought diapers but I never just go spend 40.00 so I really would rather have had a card to use when I am couponing not all in one shot. Oh and the next time I was getting overage I didnt even try to get money of course I just bought other stuff but the checker informed me as of april 1st the coupon policy was changing again ?? weird?

    • Wow, Lindsay, how on earth did you get $40 in overage!
      I’m impressed and very curious, as I’m new to this whole overage thing and haven’t tried it yet.
      I’d love to hear about your example(s)!

  9. I just did the purex 3/1 coupon on 3 in 1 purex travel size 2 pack (coupon doesn’t say no trial size) anyway I used 20 coupons so therefore had -40.00 in overage so added 40 of things to my cart. The next time I did the gain 30 coupons bought the 1.87 pack used the 3.00/1 coupon so I had 33.90, I bought produce (which I of course price matched) and then bought milk and lots of raw tortillas to freeze (I hope they freeze ok) because those are things you cant coupon for very easily. I never want to use overage on buying something full price that I can coupon for. It is free money but I still want to use it the best way possible. And no I do not need 30 boxes of dryer sheets I have already given quite a few away, and some ladies at my church and I kind of adopted the womens shelter and they can are in need of anything and everything. I only tell you that because 30 is a lot for one person and no I dont need a 3 year supply one year will do. Anyway so it is simply just make sure your basket purchase comes up to your coupon overage, unless your store will hand you cash or let you get a gift card but I am of course super excited about it paying for my otehr groveries. Oh I shop at more than one store so put your minds at ease for hoarding, I didnt’t clear the shelf:)

  10. I just got back from Walmart and yes the policy has changed and it is updated on the website the only thing that is not listed is they still do take Albertsons doubles???? So they do not do bogo unlesss price is listed or % off ..And as far as price match no more store brand or store coupons . And they do not do register rewards or ups to match the price or Pauls grocery store points to match price.Also they no longer match kmarts $2.00 double or double up to .99 in this weeks ad . I must say I did like the old way saved me time and money but it looks like back to the old way of more trips .Walmart needs to find a way and stick to it I hate having a cart full with a plan and them saying no, oh well thats why I left my cart today the cashier was nice enough to say he would put it all back.

  11. WalmartDi says:

    I work at walmart. The “new” coupon policy really didn’t change for our store because this is how most of us did it anyway. There is a new corporate policy that says we can no longer price match store brands but our store manager over ruled that and said yes we can. That’s why sometimes the policies are different from store to store. For instance someone mentioned the double coupon thing being allowed at their store. This isn’t allowed per the corporate rules, our store doesn’t allow them, but obviously another store manager has decided this is important for their local business so he has allowed it.

    I agree with your walmart tips for shopping. That is exactly how I want it when I am cashiering, and how I do it when I am a customer. The only thing I might add to your list is it is so handy if the customer either puts any bygo manufacturer coupon items last also, or even better, write the price right on the coupon. Love that. Also make sure the items you are price matching are the exact item in someone elses ad. I would guess that half the stuff people try to price match is the wrong brand or size. The reason us cashiers get cranky with coupons and price matching is because all day long we are dealing with people who are not doing it correctly, either out of stupidity or dishonesty. A couple recent examples:I had a lady want to price match blueberries the other day, mad at me because I wouldn’t do it because our package was twice the size of safeway’s. Had a guy mad the other night because he wanted to use 4 coupons on his dog biscuits. He had a coupon that was buy 2 get another type for free, but he also had cents off coupons for all 3 items. We went round and round on this. He wanted me to just overide it, I wouldn’t do it..

    What customers seem to forget is that price matching cuts into the store’s profits, and thus our employee bonuses. Most of us are happy to price match with another store, most of us do it ourselves as customers, but when customers are being dishonest about it that cuts into our pay, not just big bad walmart’s bottom line.

    • Wow. Thank you for your comment! Cashier feedback is always nice!

    • This is really helpful! Thank you so much!

    • Work at walmart too and i agree with you about customers for being dishonest. However i disagree with you about price matching and store’s profits. It is the corporate policy that you have to follow weather you like it or not. For the profits, more customers we get more profits into our wallets! Don’t forget Sam Walton Philosophy, WE SELL FOR LESS! Bye the way, been with the company for 11 long yrs!

      • Angela Hack says:

        As a former long lived walmart employee I agree with roxy. However Walmart Di is incorrect about how the employee bonuses work. The employee bonus is based on how well the stores inventory is at the end of each year. If they are a high theft store, they must take precautions to keep theft down. If their inventory comes out great the store gets a bonus that is divided amoung each employee. This is why the cashiers must watch for any shrinkage issues at the register and on the sales floor. It not due to competive matchups its due to mistakes by employees. When the inventory is calculated out they take everything that was rung under price match out and adjust for them….. No loss if checked out correctly.

  12. Jennifer says:

    I can find the press release from April of this year but I can’t find specifics of the price match and details about coupons etc…


  13. angelica sanchez says:

    I went last weekend have always matched prices and used coupons and the cashier said you can only use one or the other. Has anyone heard of a recent update about price matching or couponing?

  14. I’m somewhat new to the Detroit,MI area and i wonder if there’s someone on this site who can help me with the various stores here to save money when grocery shopping. It seems if one shops for 2 ppl it’s harder to save. Thanks

  15. mellissa says:

    I need help getting started I have a budget of 290.00 for a family of six to eat on and I need the best tips possible in the twin falls location. CAN ANYONE HELP?

  16. mellissa says:

    family of six and only 290 to feed them all I need all the help i can get

  17. I only started doing this recently as i only heard about it recently even though a cashier said Walmart has been honoring other stores 2 for 1’s. I take winn-dixie’s ad in with me, since i get it in the mail. but they supposedly do it with Publix, and Target.

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