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When people who are new to couponing hear that I’m only spending $100 a month on all our grocery, toiletry and dinners out this year… the first question is always…”What do you eat?”

Sometimes I wonder if they think all we eat is prepackaged processed food.

Take this taco for instance.  Last winter I was able to pick up a bunch of free Mission tortillas at Albertsons with the help of double coupons… When I brought the tortillas home… I simply placed each package of flour tortillas in a gallon sized zip baggie and tossed them into the freezer to use later as needed (you’d be amazed at how many product freeze well).  I picked up the salsa for .33 cents a jar 2 weeks ago at Albertsons with a double coupon, the Wholly Guacamole was free a few months ago with double coupons as well… and knowing we wouldn’t eat all 6 packages at once… I froze those, along with the free Birds Eye Stem Fresh Whole Grain Rice, and the free Kraft cheese (Money maker last fall summer @ QFC).  I did have to pay for the tomatoes though… they were .99 lb at Fred Meyer and I also paid .49 cents a bag Fresh Express Salad (Safeway last week).  Oh and the beef… I did a little bartering with my neighbor who’s a hunter for that 🙂

I believe the key to feeding your family for the least amount of money possible… is learning the art of building a stockpile.

Once you’ve mastered that… You can switch gears and head into maintenance mode… and simply pick up fresh  produce, meat and dairy each week while keeping your eyes peeled for stockpile bargains.  Some weeks you’ll be able to pick up free pasta, some weeks it will be free oatmeal.  The key for me is to pick up as many different foods items I can each week for free or next to nothing to keep our pantry filled.

So, if you’re new to this whole coupon thing… keep working at it… over time it will get easier and with the help of free websites like this one… you’ll make progress in cutting your grocery budget in no time.

Need a little help getting all the coupon lingo down?  Want to learn how to coupon step by step?  Want to learn how to start building your very own stockpile?  Go HERE and order the  Fabulessly Frugal 7 secrets to successful couponing DVD.  Use  code THANKSMAVIS you’ll save 55% off the purchase price… Now that sounds like a FAB deal to me 🙂

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  • Beverly Tank

    All of your meals look so great! I would love to see recipes for them!

  • I just HAD to share this on Facebook! So many people think we eat processed foods, and yet we eat a lot healthier than my non-couponing peers!

  • Heidi

    I think it’s great that you are able to spend so little on food and other items and I see that all the time on Extreme Couponing where people are getting carts full of things for the tiniest amount of money or free, but the big frustration for me is that NONE of the stores in my area (I live in Illinois) double coupons. I find that I can sometimes save 50% or so on my shopping orders when I combine a store deal or coupon with a manufacturer’s coupon, but I’m never able to get things nearly as cheap as those who live in areas where their stores double coupons. :/

    • Kelly

      Heidi, to be that crazy 😉 I think you must have a store that not only doubles, but also allows overage. BUT wherever we’re able to shop and whatever deals we’re able to “score”, we’re still saving and likely spending less than we were before using coupons with a purpose, even with the cost of groceries continuing to rise dramatically. Just remember, There is NO condemnation in couponing! 🙂

    • Lisa

      I feel your pain. Our Albertson’s luckily offers double coupons every once in a while but you have to have one of there coupons to go with it. I get great deals but it takes a lot of time and work. Don’t give up any money saved is worth it. Good Luck

  • Laurie

    Although the show “Extreme Couponing” shows some fabulous deals I still believe it is not realistic. Nobody needs 73 mustards or 3000 rolls of toilet paper or the guy with 1000 tubes of toothpast. Spending 8-10 hours a day on the computer and cutting coupons is insane. I feel most these people are hoarders and not just trying to save their families money. I personally have saved alot and contiue to build up my stockpile but I do it in a realistic manner. If you can save just $10.00 a week that is putting $520.00 back into your family budget a year. I think that is worth the effort all by its self.

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