How to Make Throw Pillows with Napkins

How to make a throw pillow

Easy DIY Throw Pillows

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Pillows made from napkins? What?!” It sounds kind of crazy at first when you think of paper napkins, but these DIY throw pillows are actually made from cloth napkins! That’s a lot more reasonable, right?

This DIY project idea came to me one day as I was wandering around Target. I often look for clearance deals there and this particular day I came across some awesome clearance napkins. When I saw these napkins I instantly had the idea to turn them into pillows.

Now you may be wondering…”Why not just buy some pillows?” Well, we just moved to a new house and I have been wanting new things to go with my new house, but being on a budget, I can’t just go and spend a lot of money on expensive pillows (a non-essential). So when I saw these napkins I grabbed them and knew I would figure out how to make some cute pillows for cheap!

Napkins for diy throw pillows

Supplies for DIY Throw Pillows

Step 1:

First, you want to iron your napkins

Ironing napkins for DIY throw pillow

Step 2:

Next, put the napkins together with the right sides facing in and line up the edges. I did discover that the napkins weren’t all the same size so I matched up as best as I could. I just pinned in the corners because I hate spending a lot of time pinning and we are just sewing a straight line, so you don’t need a lot of pins!

DIY throw pillow

Step 3:

Now you just start sewing. I couldn’t find my cord for my sewing machine during this project so I borrowed my sister’s machine and I really liked it. I’ve had my machine for over 15 years and it is getting old! I like this one I found on Amazon. I probably won’t get a new machine anytime soon, but it is fun to look!

I lined up the edge of the presser foot along the seam of the napkins. My mom taught me when you are sewing go forward a little bit, then push the button to go backward for a few stitches, then go forward again. It “seals” the seam so It won’t come apart. I do this at the beginning and end of the pillow.

Sewing DIY throw pillow

Step 4:

One important thing to note, don’t sew all the way around the pillow, or you won’t be able to stuff it! If you are using a pillow form, then leave a large gap at one end. If you are using Polyfil, you can leave a smaller gap.  I left about a 5-inch gap (see below)

DIY throw pillow seams

Step 5:

Once you have your pillow sewn, turn it right side out. I use a wooden spoon handle (a trick my Mom taught me) to push the corners out.

diy fab frugal pillow-16

Finished DIY pillow covers

Step 6:

Once all the pillows are turned the right way, you are ready to stuff them. I had some old pillows that I didn’t like anymore and I thought about recovering them, but they were bigger than I wanted so I decided to cut them open and see how the filling looked and if I could reuse it.

Stuffin DIY throw pillows

The Polyfil from the old pillows was great so I decided to use it so I didn’t have to go buy anything (even better since I was trying to make these pillows as inexpensive as possible).

Stuffing DIY throw pillows

Step 7:

Stuff all your pillows and then you are ready to close up the hole.

DIY pillow stuffing

Step 8:

This part is a little tricky. You need to pin the opened edges together.

Closing up the DIY throw pillow

Pinning DIY throw pillow shut

Almost finished DIY throw pillow

Step 9:

It is a little hard to get it under the presser foot. Go forward a few stitches, then backward and forward again. I went slowly to make sure the seam was as straight as possible since it will show on the outside of the pillow.

Sewing DIY throw pillow shut

Finished DIY throw pillow seam

Step 10:

Trim off extra strings and fluff your pillows and you are done!

Finished DIY throw pillowsKid lying on DIY throw pillows made from napkins

My daughter Averi loves them!

Other finished DIY throw pillows

That’s How to Make DIY Throw Pillows for Cheap!

I LOVE how these DIY throw pillows turned out and LOVE that I made 4 pillows for under $8!!!! Now keep your eyes out for some cute napkins that will make great pillows for your house!

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Homemade throw pillows

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