DIY Throw Pillows {Made from Napkins}

I know, you are thinking pillows made from napkins?! My hubs saw an email I sent Cathy and Monica about it and he thought I was crazy and talking about paper napkins. He forgot the awesome napkins I found on clearance at my favorite store {Target}. I will go there and just wander around looking at the end caps where the clearance things are. I’ve found lots of great things. When I saw these napkins I thought they would make perfect pillows for my couches.  We just moved to a new house and I have been wanting new things to go with my new house, but being on a budget, I can’t just go and spend a lot of money on pillows (a nonessential). So when I saw these napkins I grabbed them and knew I would figure out how to make some cute pillows!

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Here’s what you need to make your own Napkin Pillows:


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Clearance Napkins {Floral $4.98/4 napkins Gray $1.18/2 napkins} Polyfil or Pillow forms (find some here or here) Sewing Machine  

First you want to iron your napkins

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Next put the napkins together with the right sides facing in and line up the edges. I did discover that the napkins weren’t all the same size so I matched up as best as I could.  I just pinned in the corners. I hate spending a lot of time pinning and we are just sewing a straight line, so you don’t need a lot of pins!

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Now you just start sewing. I couldn’t find my cord for my sewing machine. It is somewhere in the garage.  I borrowed my sister’s machine and I really liked it. I’ve had my machine for over 15 years and it is getting old! I like this one I found on Amazon. I probably won’t get a new machine anytime soon, but it is fun to look!

I lined up the edge of the presser foot along the seam of the napkins.  My mom taught me when you are sewing go forward a little bit, then  push the button to go backwards for a few stitches, then go forward again. It “seals” the seam so It won’t come apart. I do this at the beginning and end of the pillow.

diy fab frugal pillow-35

One important thing to note, don’t sew all the way around the pillow, or you won’t be able to stuff it! If you are using a pillow form, then leave a large gap at one end. If you are using Polyfil, you can leave a smaller gap.  I left about a 5 inch gap (see below)

diy fab frugal pillow-18

Once you have your pillow sewn, turn it right side out. I use a wooden spoon handle (a trick my Mom taught me) to push the corners out.

diy fab frugal pillow-16

diy fab frugal pillow-17

Once all the pillows are turned the right way, you are ready to stuff them. I had some old pillows that I didn’t like anymore. I thought about recovering them, but they were bigger than I wanted so I decided to cut them open and see how the filling looked and if I could reuse it.

diy fab frugal pillow-21

The Polyfil was great so I decided to use it so I didnt’ have to go buy anything {even better since I was trying to make these pillows as inexpensive as possible}

diy fab frugal pillow-23

Stuff all your pillows and then you are ready to close up the hole.

diy fab frugal pillow-24

This part is a little tricky. You need to pin the opened edges together.

diy fab frugal pillow-25

diy fab frugal pillow-26

diy fab frugal pillow-27

It is a little hard to get it under the presser foot. Go forward a few stitches, then backward and forward again. I went slow to make sure the seam was as straight as possible since it will show on the outside of the pillow.

diy fab frugal pillow-28

diy fab frugal pillow-39

Trim off extra strings and fluff your pillows and you are done!

diy fab frugal pillow-31diy fab frugal pillow-45

My daughter Averi loves them!

diy fab frugal pillow-42

I LOVE how they turned out and LOVE that I made 4 pillows for under $8!!!! Now keep your eyes out for some cute napkins that will make great pillows for your house!

1 diy fab frugal pillow-47


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