14 DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas

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Ah, Valentine's Day! It always makes me feel happy because the colors and decorations perk things up after a gray January! I'll admit that I just BARELY got my Christmas Wreath down off my front door! Now it feels empty and I'm totally wanting a Valentine's Day Wreath on my door! Here is a list of 14 different DIY Valentine's Day Wreaths you could whip up! Some are great to do with kids too! Perfect for decorating your front door, classroom door or even business! And if... Read this post

18 Easy Ways to ROCK Valentines Day for Your Kids

Growing up, my mother always had a surprise waiting for my siblings and I when we woke up to get ready for school on Valentine's Day morning. She had heart shaped EVERYTHING decorating the house. It always put us in the perfect mood. Not only did... Read this post

12 Valentines Day Box Ideas

It’s nearly that time of year and the kids will soon be bringing home their lists of classmates and they'll want to make a super awesome Valentine’s Day box to put all their valentines in for the big day. My usual first reaction to this "assignment"... Read this post

“I CEREAL-sly Like You” Valentine Idea + Free Printable!

Looking for a unique little Valentine idea? Here's one for you, and it's sooo darling and incredibly easy to put together! If you have a child with a big class, this might get a bit expensive. BUT I think these would be great for a preschool class,... Read this post

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Homemade Valentines

Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Now that my kids are getting a little bit older I am starting to realize how important it is to do things as a family to celebrate a holiday. It makes the holiday so much more fun and special. We could all use a little... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Make My Heart Soar

DIY Valentine Idea They'll Love! Does someone make your heart soar this Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we have several cute Valentine Card ideas! If you want to see all the Valentine cards we have shared so far you... Read this post

DIY Valentine: You Make My Heart GLOW

Frugal and Easy DIY Valentine Idea Does your Valentine set your heart a glow? Here is a fun Valentine for your child's classroom party! Kids love glow bracelets and they are a frugal choice to purchase! Check out all of the Non-Candy Valentine Day... Read this post

DIY Valentine: I’m Stuck On You

  Wish the kids in your life a Happy Valentines Day! We are sharing our Valentine Card ideas again this year. If you want more inspiration, you can see all our Valentine Card ideas. Each card has a fun Valentine Card printable to go along... Read this post

DIY Valentine: Light Up My Day

Fun and Frugal Valentine's Day DIY! Does your Valentine light up your life? Remember Valentine's Day when you were a kid? I loved decorating shoe boxes and cutting holes in them as "Mail Slots" for Valentine's day cards from classmates. It was a fun... Read this post

DIY “Love” Hand Print Sign

Share some Love with Homemade Project! I absolutely love this art project! It makes a wonderful keepsake. You can make it in pink or red and use it as a Valentine's decoration, or make it in any color you like and keep it up in your home year round.... Read this post

DIY: Homemade Valentine Ideas for Kids!

Make Your Own Valentines! You can get store-bought Valentines for really cheap, especially with a coupon deal, but I thought it might be fun to do a homemade Valentine this year with my little guys, so I tried out a few ideas. A nice little weekend... Read this post