DIY Paper Flower Wreath

DIY Paper Flower Wreath FBIt’s spring time! Flowers are popping up everywhere. What better way to celebrate this beautiful time of year than to bring the flowers inside your home too. This cute paper Dahlia makes a fun seasonal wreath that you can hang just about anywhere. It’s also a great decoration for a little girl’s room or nursery, a great party decoration for a baby shower, bridal shower, or garden party. It’s pretty simple, just takes a little patience. Here is what you will need to get started…

DIY Paper Flower SuppliesThe Supplies:

The Instructions:

DIY Paper Flowers Cut Paper 1Start by cutting a 12×12 piece of card stock paper in half. Pull out the ruler on the sliding paper cutter to get an exact measurement, or if you prefer, use some scissors and cut it by hand. You can usually cut more than one piece at a time too.

DIY Paper Flower Cut paper in anglesOnce your 12×12 paper is cut in half, cut it into three pieces. It does not have to be perfect. What you are going for is the look of a volcano in the middle. Do you see it?

DIY Paper Flower how to roll paperThis picture shows the same “volcano” pieces turned to show you which way to roll. The points on the top and on the bottom are going to be the top and bottom of the cone shape we make. You want to start rolling where the arrows start, and roll towards the right.

DIY Paper Flower making paper conesAs you roll, secure a piece of double-sided tape on the inside (as seen in the top picture) and then once the paper is completely rolled, secure it with another piece of tape at the end (as seen in the bottom picture above). Super easy!

DIY Flower first layer of conesPull out that circle piece of card board. Mine is just cut from a cereal box. It does not have to be thick. Start gluing the paper cones from the near the rim. I used gray as the background color and only did one go around in my first color, meaning after this I’ll be using purple. As you are starting to glue, place one on top, and one on bottom. Then place one on the left, and one on the right, making four corners. If you glue opposite spots as you go, it will help the overall look to be more even and concise. I wouldn’t trust myself to glue around the edges in a clockwise pattern. It would probably end up very uneven, but if you are brave you can try it.

DIY Paper FLower second row of conesFor the next layer, I switched to purple cones. I flattened the bottom tip, and that way the cones tilted upward. This will help the look and texture of the flower in the end. You just want to make sure you place the purple cones in between each gray one. Stagger them.

DIY Paper Flower completed second rowSee the height difference between the two layers? That’s exactly how we want it.

DIY Paper Flower fill in third rowNext layer. Looking good! We’re almost there. I changed to a lighter purple as I got to the middle. It gives a more natural flower look. Once it’s completed, turn it over and glue down some ribbon to hang it with. And…

DIY Paper FLower completedVoila! Isn’t it pretty! I love it! The color changed considerably depending on the lighting, but it really is gray, purple, and light gray. One more important note: I made this flower with regular scrapbook paper (colored outside, white backside) and although I liked it, it did not match the beauty of this flower. I think finding solid paper that is the same color on both sides is a very important step if you want a natural and beautiful looking flower. Have fun making your own!

DIY Paper Flower Wreath FB

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