How to Clean the Jets in a Jet Tub. All you need is ONE Ingredient!

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning the last few days and I really wanted to give my tub a good cleaning. Now, we all know how to scrub a tub; we’ve talked about it here before. What I mean is, I want to clean the jet system in my tub. I get a little grossed out thinking about all the stuff that’s being pushed into my clean water when I turn them on. Dead skin soup, anyone? GAG! So, I pulled out my SINGLE cleaning ingredient and went to work.

Here’s how to do it yourself!

photoThe first thing you want to keep in mind is that bleach is not something you want to use. I’ve read plenty of stuff online about using it to clean your jets. Don’t do it! The bleach will eventually dry out all your seals and you will then have to replace them. We want to make things better, not worse!

So, what do you use, you ask?

Powder Dish Detergent

Yup, that’s it! The same stuff you use in your dishwasher is going to clean out that nasty grime. It doesn’t matter the brand you choose as long as its a powder. The liquid stuff tends to foam and you don’t want that action going on in your tub.

Fill your tub with hot water and make sure all of the jets are covered by at least 2 inches of water.

IMG_8227Add 1/4th cup of dish detergent to the water.

IMG_8233Now, turn on those jets and let those babies work! Leave them running for at least 15 minutes so the detergent has a chance to circulate through the jet system.

Once your time is up, turn the jets off. You will see some nasty stuff float to the surface.


Now, drain the dirty water, rinse the tub, and refill with clean water.

Turn the jets on again and let them run for 5-10 minutes.

Once your jets have had enough time to circulate the detergent water out, you can turn your jets off and drain your tub.

You’ll really notice a difference in the clarity of the water in your first full tub and the second (after letting the detergent circulate).


That’s it! Pretty simple, huh?

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  • they do make stuff to clean your jets and tub. I have it but don’t want to go look it up right now.

    • pinksapphire6

      I have the store bought stuff. I’ve used it. It doesn’t work. You still get the floaties. I’m excited to try this though.

    • Kelly

      Believe it’s called” Yuk”
      I am actually trying to do mine has I type. We buy this stuff for our dishwasher called “Glisten” it’s running though now I took the covers off the jet holes and soaking them in hot water with a bit of oxygen clean powder. I’ve already sprayed it last night after noticing I turned pump on n tons of flakes of mold/mildew build up? So probably won’t see as much this time. I’ll stop it here in a few drain put covers Back on and decide if I will run the same stuff or something else though it. Hopefully🤞🏻🛁🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

  • M

    Can this cause any damage to the tub?

  • Lisha

    Will the powder tablets or borax detergent booster work?

    • Cathy

      I believe that borax detergent would work but I don’t think powder tablets would be the best idea! Powder detergent would work best but if all you have is tablets or borax, try it out and let us know how it goes!

  • Case

    Wouldn’t this cause build up? I see what this does in my dishwasher and I’m not sure I want that inside my jets.

  • Ann Brown

    Use Whirl Out it get deep inside the tubes and deep cleanse. Sold at Walmart for $10.

  • Eva

    How do you know it safely rinsed out and say for you to take a bath?

    • Cathy

      What I do is after using the cleaner, I fill the tub and run the jets for 5-10 minutes using just clean water! After that, drain the water and once you fill it again you are completely good to go! You just need to give the jets time to circulate all the detergent out!

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