Walmart Price Matching Update!

April 15, 2011 119 Comments | Disclosure


Some of you noticed the price matching policy on Walmart’s Corporate website was MIA this week, so I did some looking and guess what I found!?

A Press Release by Walmart on 4/11/11, announcing  more big changes!

To highlight a few…

First off, it looks like they have updated their price matching policy and are now calling it their “Ad Match Guarantee,” which can be found on the Walmart Corporate website.  Be sure to print your copy to replace the old price matching policy! (I will also be updating the links on the weekly match-ups.) 

The {NEW!} Walmart Ad Match Guarentee states:

We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

  • Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
    • Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
  • Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price at a specific retailer
    • Example: $2.99
  • Preferred shopping card advertised prices for specific item
    • that are in a printed ad and require a competitor’s shopping card for the discount to apply
  • For fresh produce and meat items
    • when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)

*The following are guidelines and limitations:

  • We will match any local competitor’s advertised price.
  • We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.      I would still take my ads along, just in case!
  • Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)

We DO NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:

  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price
    • example: “Buy [item A] to get [item B] for $C”
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product
    • example: “Buy both [items A & B] to get [item C] for free”
  • Items that require a purchase to get a competitors’ gift card
    • example: “Buy [item A] to get a $B gift card
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
  • Going out of business or closeout prices
  • Percentage off
    • example: “All mascara, 40% off”
  • Competitors’ private label price promotions

We DO NOT honor:

  • Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined.
  • Internet pricing
  • Misprinted ad prices of other retailers
  • Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory

(I also thought I’d add that, my Walmart manager told me recently that they will continue accepting percent off coupons such as 40% off Michaels coupons BUT they go off of Michael’s price for that item, not Walmarts. He also explained that when they price match a reward item from i.e. Walgreens or Rite Aid, they will only match the sale price of the item, not the price with the RR factored in.)

The Walmart Press Release states, “Customers do not have to bring in a competitor’s advertisement. If customers find a lower advertised price, we’ll match it at the register.”  Apparently the managers will also be more aware of competitor prices as well as having competitor ads on hand and at each register for cashier/customer reference. Once again, I would still take my ad along :) 

Next up, the press release also says that they will be broadening product assortment by bringing back approx 8,500 items or 11% in an average store! Over the next few months, keep your eyes peeled for newly added items marked with “It’s Back” shelf flags to fresh grocery, consumables, health and wellness products. General products like electronics, sporting goods, apparel, fabrics/crafts and outdoor living will expand later this year.

And last but not least, also included in the Walmart Press Release was this statement,

  • Implemented new associate training: Extensive associate training helps to ensure the policy is executed consistently across all stores. YAY! Cross your fingers on this one!


So there you have it. New changes! again…

Good Luck! :)


  1. I have 2 questions: 1) Do they take other grocery store coupons as well?, and 2) For meat and produce, does it have to be a non-brand item. Like if one store sells Dole bananas and the other Chiquita, will they still price-match? Thanks so much!

    • Jessica Fabfrugal says:

      Rana, the coupon policy says they will accept competitor coupons for a specific item for a specified price (like $1.00 off Tide detergent) and Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price.
      As for the meat and produce, no, it does not have to be brand for brand. Just the same item and unit size.

      • when it comes to meats I was told at a few different locations unless it is specified what brand they will not honor it. produce I was told as long as both stores have it advertised the same way example: if one store says $1.00 per lb of potatos but walmart sells them $0.50 each they will not honor it.

        • I live in rural East Texas and at our Wal-Mart store, they will honor any sale on meat even if it has no brand. Usually if there is no brand, the ad just says USDA… If the ad just says boneless/skinless chicken breasts 89cents a pound, then they will look at the weight on the package and put in the PPP (price per pound) of their generic chicken. If the competitor’s ad says Pilgrims Pride boneless/skinless chicken… then if must be Pilgrim’s Pride. Same way with vegetables and fruits. If Wal-Mart is selling Red Delicious Apples for $2.19 a pound and a competitor has them for 4 med Red Delicious Apples for $1.00, our store will give you that price, as long as it’s Red Delicious Apples and not Granny Smith. If there is no brand specified, then it must be the ‘no brand’ produce. I never even look at the brand on the bananas. Usually if bananas are 59 cents a pound at another store, then whatever bananas Wal-Mart has is fine. A lot depends on the checker, so pick one that looks like she doesn’t think she KNOWS EVERYTHING!

          • I work at Walmart, at the Customer Service desk and as a cashier and cashier trainer. I am in socal, buthere’s how it works at my store; if the ad for meat says “chuck steak 2.50 a pound” we match. If it says ” Pilgrims Pride chicken breasts 1.19 a pound” we ONLY match on Pilgrims Pride. It’ s a semantics thing and we enforce it. That said, cashiers are trained, thenthey seem to forget it all. The new cashiers are already terrified, being left aloneon the register, with all these new things….they copy what they see the next cashier do, until they get used to it. So if one seems oddly protectiveofher stores coupon policy, please be gentle. Ask if they’ re new in a joking matter. If they are,offer to help them,or to get a more exoerienced cashier ( oh, there’ s Cathy! I’veshopped here for.years, would you like me to get her”) Or ask nicely for a CSM after assuring the poor thing you aren’ t mad at her.
            Thank you in advance. :)

            • Hi,

              Can you answer one question for me please? Can you price match and use a manufacturer’s coupon in the same transaction for the same item? Example, an item is price match with store ad in hand. Item is rang up for the price match amount and then coupon is handed over for that same item. Can this be done? I thank you in advance for making this clear for me. As I had a problem just yesterday with doing this.

              • I do it all the time at mr Walmart here in Idaho Falls.

                • I am a CSM at Wal-Mart.
                  I unfortunately have had horrible experiences with pushy customers stating they know what they are doing. All I can say is in out policys EACH store is different!! It is up to the individual store manager to decide how strick tot he policy things will be. I recently got a new store manager and he is by the book, so I have to retrain my cashiers and customers on what we do. The best thing to do BEFORE you spend hours add matching and building your stress levels up, is to go to or call the Wal-Mart you plan to go to and ask your questions directly. If you look at all the commercials on TV or on the radio is says “See store management for details.” Also, if you call or come in make sure you talk to a FRONT END MANAGER, CSM, or STORE MANAGER. If you walk up to a cart associate or any random associate, they may not give you the right answers and it can cause extra stress and time on both parties. At my store I have been implementing the new guidelines on the front end and try to get all the local adds for my cashiers to utilize and have a copy of what we can and can not do as far as couponing and ad matching. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know that ad matches. I am sure it is causing stress on employees and on customers not knowing. Good luck guys, because I ad match and coupon as much as I can myself as a single mother, and I know how much stress it can cause trying to save your family some money.

                  • donna friedman says:

                    I had a receipt from a walmart and tried to get the same prices from another walmart that was in the same city but was told they do not price match other walmart prices. is this company policy?

  2. Hi, does anybody know if they take Walgreens RR”s coupons?

    • I know the Walmarts in Rexburg and Idaho Falls are still taking RRs. I haven’t had problems using them there!

      • They accept them with no problem they just as a manufacturer would

      • i went to a idaho falls store walmart store a couple tiems they were rude and wouldn’t match anythign unless a ad showed it not only that they had problems with coupons i’v never had that many probs at a walmart. and they have to have the ad also if they dont they wont price match at all. am going to try other walmart didn’t like that one i went to 2 times and they were just plain rude.

        • In all honesty, you *need* to contact the corporation and let them know *exactly* what/how was said. This is *very* important, because they cannot change what they do not know. And if a store is ignoring corporate rules, they can get in big trouble, because they are contracted to do what corporate says.

        • Hi, I complained to a manager on line a few weeks ago about using a Target w/a manufacturer coupon and a Walmart manager called me by phone to talk to me personally which was nice to get a straight answer where the cashiers didn’t know if they can do this which I understand they don’t do this anymore.

    • Jessica Fabfrugal says:

      I asked a manager at the Walmart on 12th/Greenhurst in Nampa this tonight! She said yes, as long as it is for a specific $ amount, it scans and has all the requirements of a legit coupon. i.e. valid expiration, remit address ect.

  3. I cant believe they are not requiring the ad now to price match……that seems like a stupid thing for them to do. I’m still gonna take my ads with me… Wal Mart SUCKS at the cashier level….not nice, but SO true!

    • Apparently not having the circular depends on the particular Walmart and perhaps the cashier. Check first because their policies might have changed. Experienced recently that a laser printout (from the local competitor’s website) which the cashier considered a “photocopy” was an insufficient ad and that the local store’s printed circular would have to be provided. For that transaction, she allowed the match. So I might not have gotten the ad match if I’d said instead of providing something that XYZ store is having a sale on ACME 8oz cheese for $2. Walmart’s price was $2.58 for the same size and brand.

  4. Bonnie ~ they no longer will take Walgreen’s register rewards. This wasn’t suppose to go into effect until May 1st, but it’s the new rules as of about two weeks ago.

    • Thank u LeeAnn for the reply. (: I hate trying something like this and having the customers behind me waiting for them to check w/their manager. I think it would be a great idea if they had one register just for us couponers.

      • Maybe I should clarify, since someone said that a cashier took their RR at the WalMart on Garrity. WalMart on Overland was the first to start refusing them, along with Target printables. Next, WalMart on Fairview said they would take one per day (strange) and then they went to none within 24 hours…. Finally, WalMart on 12th in Nampa won’t accept them as well. I suppose it can still depend on the cashier, they all seem to be so blasted confused over coupons anymore!

        I know what you mean about not wanting waiting customers behind you when there is an issue. Fairview actually does have “coupon lines,” but it amazes me how people get in line behind me that don’t have a single coupon and get worked up when they have to wait! :(

      • I know this is old posts, but I would feel so much more comfortable in a couponers line! :)

  5. The Walmart manager at Garrity told me they will take catalina’s and register rewards only if they scan. Albertson’s catalina’s never scan. Walgreen’s register rewards do scan.

  6. Two weeks ago, I used bought the Tangled DVD 4 pack combo and used the $5.00 MNFCR CPN plus stacked it with the $5.00 TARGET CPN because their policy states they will take comp cpns. However, the casheir was reluctant to take it. Was I in the wrong trying to use both cpns???

    • Jennifer says:

      My husband is employed there, and in all the walmarts around here they only allow 1 coupon and it must say manufacture, unless it is a store coupon with price of item with such and such coupon. I have also gotten them to honor ecb’s and up rwd, but only when the ads have said like paying (after 2.00 +up its like paying 3.99) ect. so be careful. They may get angry and decide not to let you use coupons, I saw it happen to one lady who was upset about it. Darn stuff gets so confusing sometimes. When in doubt cal a manager before going in. Hope this helps.

    • I do not see how you using the 2 coupons would be any different than using the 2 coupons @ target. 1 being a store one and 1 being a manuf. coupon.

    • BONNIE D says:

      Walmart use to stack coupons like Target’s w/a manu. coupon but a manager called me and said they no longer stack them, sure wish we would get a Super Target her in Idaho Falls to put pressure on Walmart and how they handle coupons since Target allowa stacking.

    • why didnt u just go to target then?? they do both…

  7. I’m just glad they they are bringing back items. My Wal-Mart remodeled awhile back and now they carry their brand and like one other brand of everything. Plus they are out of things A LOT! So hopefully with carrying more products again they won’t be out all the time. It’s the only store within 30 mi, so it’s not always worth it to drive to Albertsons or others, even though I prefer them. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  8. MaMaLaLa says:

    Is it me, or does walmart’s policy seem so long, tedious, and ever changing? I wonder if it is even worth it?

    Awhile back I thought fab frugal wasn’t to keen on Walmart- was I wrong? What changed?

    • I have got to agree with you. Each and every time I go in there to use my coupons the stinking policy changes. I hate the thought of shopping at Walmart. They are doing everything possible to shut down Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and Albertsons. And we just keep shopping there. What is it with us? We save enough money at those 3 stores alone for us to not shop there. I do not encourage any one to shop at Walmart and yet I find myself doing just that, but come on with all of the policy changes and the cashiers are so oblivious as to what policy is correct and what coupon to take and which one not to take. I truly thought that Fab Frugals were against shopping at Walmart and here it is a weekly price match. Come on ladies we have got to discourage ourselves from shopping there or there will be no Walgreens to go to or Rite Aid to get free deodorant. We are going to force these stores to shut there doors. Maybe not everywhere and maybe not tomorrow, but eventually we will. And we all know it!

      • Serafyn says:

        I don’t really like shopping at Walmart either, but unfortunately they are one of the only stores in my town. Walgreens and RiteAid are 25 miles away for me. Whenever I make the trip to try and get the good deals with my coupons at Walgreens and RiteAid, they are always out of stock on the sale items. They don’t seem to stock very much, which I find strange since they run out immediately after the sale starts. I realize I can get rain checks, but then I have to make the long trip out there again, and with gas prices so high it isn’t very cheap. So for me, it is easier to take in their store coupons and have Walmart match the price and then use a manufacturer’s coupon with it. I really wish at least one of these stores would come to my town, but that may never happen. So, I for one, am glad that FF does the Walmart information.

      • We live in a rural area where we only have ONE Walgreen’s. And because we only have one, on Sunday all the shoppers around here just ‘wipe them out’! They don’t keep enough stock of things that they have on sale and know that people are going to buy and use their coupons to get a good deal. And if it’s gone by Monday, they don’t get another truck till Thurs. If you’re not there when the stock is put up, it’s gone by Friday morning. THAT’S the main reason I shop at Wal-Mart. They restock every night, so they usually have the items that are on sale in competitor’s ads.

        • Recently the WalMart in Swainsboro, Ga has stopped taking compitiors coupons and will only price match local store adds. Your’re right they change the policy as they please. Apparently too macny people started doing this to save money. Also have to have the ads with you. I try not to go to WalMart anymore.

    • Most of us are not keen on walmart. When we did our feedback survey a few months ago we had a lot of people asking for walmart so we hired Jessica to do the match-ups for us.
      So far it seems there are more people loving it than hating it so we will keep it for now.

      Walmart can be frustrating to deal with, I am sorry.

  9. Christina says:

    I worked at our cities largest Wal-Mart (there are 4) a few years ago and every register was supplied with all the area grocery adds so we could verify price comps. The CSM’s and the Service Desk kept large 3 ring binders with the same adds plus all the other stores sunday adds like Target, KMart, Walgreens, etc. I have noticed that most stores do not do this, but would be wise to as its a big time saver and eliminates any confusion.

    • Jessica Fabfrugal says:

      Wouldn’t that be nice at every store! It sounds like they may be trying to bring some of that back. Hopefully!

  10. My Walmart in the state of NE Washington will price match the walgreens price after accounting for walgreens RR’s or RiteAids UP price, as of 3 days ago. I REALLY hope they don’t change this policy. I’m sure as more people are taking a try at couponing, thanks to the new tv series, more changes will follow! : (

  11. Jessica Fabfrugal says:

    I noticed several of you are reporting different success with your Walmarts. All the recent changes have made things a bit confusing, but it sounds like they are trying to straighten it all out! I’m going to do the best I can to keep you informed but like usual, YMMV. In the meantime, I would suggest taking along the latest Coupon Policy and Ad Match Guarentee, and asking a manager at YOUR store to clarify anything you may be unsure of before you start your shopping :)

  12. the Walmart at Eagle/Fairview has their coupon policy on a sheet that is attached to the checkstand so everyone knows what isand isn’t accepted. I’m glad they are making it clear. I once went thru the “coupon specialist” line and was told by the cashier that I had to place each coupon on each individual item before she would accept them. hummm, that’s not what the mgr said when I demanded she come over!

  13. I read about Walmart bringing back items they eliminated. Seems it stems from the very lackluster profits last quarter. So, from what I read, they will be phasing out the ‘higher end’ brand of clothing, organic and ‘green’ items in favor of the less expensive items they started out with and made so much money off of.

    As for coupons. I have seen the Walmart on Overland with the ads right at the registers and the cashiers I have been lucky enough to encounter are very nice!

  14. I am in NE Oregon and I have found the local Walmart to be much better the last few weeks since all the blogs posting about better couponing policies. I have not had one problem yet (although it’s only been 2 visits so far). They even took my powerade coupon that had the cvs logo on it and we don’t have a cvs for at least an hour’s drive. Usually I can get things cheaper at other stores, but they wouldn’t take that one coupon or I really needed something that wasn’t on sale anywhere.
    My neighbor isn’t quite into couponing, but she does make price notes on her shopping list and have them price match for her. She said they price match to an ad coupon instead of actually scanning the store coupon. Like last week when Albertsons had Tillamook cheese for $4.99. So I wonder if she could have used a manufacture coupon as well? Hmmmm… something to try next time.

    • Deserae, I think you’re right! With other stores coupons they acutally manually adjust the price of the item you’re price matching instead of scanning the coupon. In that case you should be able to use a manufacture coupon as well.

      • Serafyn says:

        I have done this and it worked at my store. I really don’t see why there would be a problem with this. They are really just price matching with the store coupon. I don’t really consider it using a coupon, just price matching. So, I don’t see why it should be a problem to use a manufacturer’s coupon as well. It is the same scenario that it would be at the other store. If you could use a manufacturer’s coupon at the other store with the same deal, you should also be able to do the same transaction at Walmart. Just my opinion.

  15. Anonymous says:

    They also will not match Target’s prices. Case in point. Walmart sells “Lost: Season 6” for $44.96. Target currently has it for $19.99(unadvertised special with rest of the series for $19.99. The CSM wouldn’t override it because it would mean that Wally World would be losing about $25 off the items regular price!! What is even stranger is that they price matched “Mad Men: Season 4 ” on DVD for $19.99 at Target without the ad!! Needless to say I’m furious at them for not price match both items from the same store!! They claim they still need to see the competitors ad!! What’s even more ironic is this item is for sale this week in Target’s ad!!

    How do they expect customers to price match when a lot of people don’t get the paper and get our ads via our cell phones? Or worse we can price check items in the store as we shop!! I think that Walmart has opened up a huge can of worms with this new price match gimmick or bait and switch thing going on!! Do they think that consumers as stupid or something??

    Sorry this is long, I needed to vent about this!! This incident I wrote about happened on April 15,2011

    • They dont match unadvertised prices. The signs all around the store specifically state “we will match any competitor’s printed ad”

      And the reason that the customer is no longer required to have the ad with them anymore, is because the CSM’s keep copies of the ad at their front work station.

    • Intellect says:

      Why wouldn’t you just go to Target to buy Lost??

      I’m a cashier at Walmart, and frankly, I hate people that price match. It’s like stealing from our store. If we loose too much money, who do you think suffers? wal-mart? NO. The employees suffer greatly. We lose bonuses, get yelled at, etc.

      And also, as a cashier, I always ask for ads on things that don’t seem legit. So I would always bring them.

      Also, as for your Lost Season 6, Wal-Mart DOES NOT match shelf price. It has to be an ADVERTISED price. (Hence ‘ad match guarantee’)

      • Excuse me?!

        price matching is not like stealing from our store at all what so ever, i am a cashier too, and its all about giving our customers the best possible experience, and NO we do not get yelled at for it. And believe it or not, but price matching isnt going to hurt our bonus as much as you might think it would.

        I myself, do plenty of ad matching when i do my grocery shopping, because working at walmart dosnt pay enough, i need to save as much money as possible, and shopping at walmart allows that.

        So maybe change your attitude, and dont think of it like its some majorly bad thing.

        • I do completely agree w/ you Teresa. Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand what they are doing. “Stealing!!!!!” that is a big word. Oh how I wish I know this person and we can all discuss this w/ the management and educate them a little bit what is customer service is all about…. its all about business lady Intellect…. gosh intellect do not fits you at all…

          • @ intellect, clearly you are misinformed of your OWN companies policy! I suggest you do a little homework and then you will find on Our Ad Match Guarantee under * the following are guidelines and limitations: WE DO NOT REQUIRE CUSTOMERS TO HAVE THE AD WITH THEM TO HONOR A COMPETITOR’S AD … there you have it! why “hate” ppl that price match? seems a little harsh. I was a cashier at albertsons and laid off right before the store closed down so now I DO price match every time I grocery shop. be glad you HAVE a job and try to be a little more understanding of how many ppl are struggling in this economy. @ teresa & marie, here here! 😀

      • STEALING??? YOU are the kind of checker that I avoid! It’s your store’s POLICY to price match so that people will come into Wal-Mart instead of going to Walgreen’s or Rite Aid and spending EXTRA money on things that aren’t on sale that they hadn’t intended to buy when they entered the store! It’s a SALES promotion for Wal-Mart to price match! And as for ‘lose money’? You can rest assured that if Walgreen’s can sell it for that price, so can Wal-Mart and still make money! Coupons, they are REIMBURSED by the mgf. , so you never need to worry about ‘losing money’ by taking mfg coupons. Honey, YOU need some training. Yes, there are people who would LIE about a price match, and I always take my ads just in case I need to prove it. I think Wal-Mart SHOULD ask for the ads from time to time just to keep people honest! And if your CSMs are telling you that couponing and price matching is what’s keeping you from getting bonuses, then YOU need to call corporate and report your store!

  16. Hi there,

    Does anyone know if walmart will price match a store coupon example:(2 for $7) and take a manufacturer coupon ($1.00 off) stacked?

    • I’m almost positive they will. The other stores coupon would be considered a price match and then you should still be able to use the manufacture coupon.

      • I price matched the Clean & Clear body wash when it was on sale at Fredmeyer last week (I think) and then tried to use the B1G1 and the supervisor said they would only do 1 or the other. I didn’t argue because I didn’t have their policy on me. I just didn’t buy the product. Next time I will argue as I don’t see anything in their policy saying they won’t accept coupons on top of price matches.

        • Intellect says:

          It’s probably because the coupon didn’t have any specified price, because we don’t do buy one get on free coupons unless there is a specified price printed on the coupon.

          • Umm, we do if its a manufacturers coupon. usually it will have a price limit, but it could be any price up to that limit.and if the item is over that limit, you would still be able to use the coupon for what the limit is, and just pay the difference on the free item.

            • I been price matching walmart for years and have often only gotten one of a 2 for $ or 3 for $ and the cashier just puts it in and gets the unit price. Last week I went about my regular routine and was told I had to purchase number of units listed. I didn’t argue and just didn’t purchase because I didn’t have time to go get the extra units. Is this new? Nothing listed in policy about this. I don’t see how it benefits walmart financially to give me 3 items for cheaper rather than one. Any ideas on this?

  17. Just curious if anyone has tried using a target and a manufacture coupon on the same product since they changed the coupon policy? I did that a few days ago and didn’t have a problem. However when I was there this morning the manager told me that my $1 off target coupon had to have a specific price on it ie, gum for $1.29 (not just a $1 off the gum).

    • Just got back from my weekly walmart trip in Caldwell and I had the same issue. I have been using target coupons stacked with Manufactuer coupons for the last couple of months with no problem, but the cashier today told me they aren’t doing it anymore. I think the store coupon has to have a $ on it for them to accept it, mine were all $1 off coupons. Still, competitor store coupons aren’t really addressed in the new policy as far as I can tell.

    • I am new to couponing and Target has allowed me to match target coupons with mnfctr coupons every time thus far, Yeah!! I am however frustrated with Rite Aid because their sale prices on BYGO offers are way inflated and not worth purchasing even with mnfctr coupons and Up $$. I will probably only go to Rite Aid for freebies now.
      This weekend I will try WalMart and walgreens for first time since couponing. I am a bit afraid of WalMart. Thanks ALL, I am lucky to have found ff!!!!!

  18. Also, will they still accept albertson’s double coupons?

  19. 6. One coupon per item. No limit to the # of coupons in a transaction, but after 50 or so the computer promts for a “CSM” Customer Service Manager. Coupons worth more than the item are allowed.
    12. The cashiers are not allowed to do this. All coupons are to be scanned at the end of the transaction. Good for you for calling for a manager.
    15. Technicaly the price you wish to match has to be advertised, even though you are not required to have the add.
    16. I do this all the time. Tell the cashier what you are matching before they ring it up, they have to manualy override the price. (Do your math ahead of time for all the 2 for sales) At the end of it all I hand over my coupons.
    17. I do not believe they were ever supposed to. Only accept a MF coupon if it is a specific price. $2.99 for X is OK where as 50 cents off X is not.
    18. Do not double coupons or match adds for those stores that do.

  20. Miriam says:

    My Walmart in Utah has said they are starting to double coupons up to a dollar on Tuesdays!

  21. I have to say that I feel your pain with the “cashiers” sometimes being a bit under-trained at Walmart!! This has happened to me many of times with and without using coupons. However I had the best cashier the other day and I really think it had more to do with my attitude with her and the time of day I went than anything else. I had taken my mother coupon shopping with me – she is a senior and on a fixed income and I wanted to help her save a lot more on her groceries and personal/household products.
    I picked a cashier that looked friendly and happy (BIG Plus on the Happiness factor in my book always!!) When we got to the register I said to her – we have lots of coupons and lots of stuff, so let me know what you need from me to help you. She was so nice and friendly and the transactions went pretty smooth. A couple things her and I found would help in future checkouts:
    1. Any coupons (mfg or store) that have a Free or B1G1, really anything that needs a price — just write the price on the coupon. This really helps the cashier not have to look it up. Some are very hesitant to give you the max price when you aren’t paying that amount.
    2. Put the items together that are B1G1 or Buy this to get that, etc. This just helps them have all of the items in one location on the receipt IF there is a question.
    3. Tell them up front you have the coupons or price matches. This is just curtesy really.

    All in all, I saved my mom over 75% on her price and had a great experience with a cashier. Proof you can’t judge all by one or one by all :-)

  22. Liz Allen says:

    Went to Walmart yesterday in Jerome Idaho, they did not accept Albertsons double coupons. They told me that the reason the Mt. Home Walmart takes the doubles is because they are in a different district. I told them it was not in their coupon policy but they absolutely refused. I then called Walmart in Mt. Home and they still take the doubles. I was very aggravated as it does take some extra time to shop when you are trying to figure out the best deals. I now totally agree to shop at Albertsons itself to support them and not the huge company taking over!

  23. Harmony says:

    Went to Walmart tonight to get the Nexcare bandaids, which of course they were out of and do not have an order placed for more. So, I went to the manager to get a raincheck as customer service had closed. 2 different night shift managers said they do not do rain checks. When Iet them know they did, they called a 3rd manager who told them to get my information (name, phone number). So, the 1st manager pulls off a receipt to write on and asks for my name and number, not knowing what she is even going to do with it. No where can I find their policy on rain checks, however I know for roll back items they will write them. I got them for the Nivea body wash when it was out of stock at another area Walmart. Any help would be great. Any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • I had the same issue with a price match last week. I was told that Wal-Mart does not issue rainchecks. The store was out a flour which was a really good deal on a local grocery store ad. I called the customer service number for WM when I got home, and the rep told me to show the ad and explain that there was no stock on my next visit, even though the ad had expired at the grocery store. I didn’t try that though, not sure what would happen.

  24. Is there a limit to how many of an item you can buy with the price match?

    Say I want a specific item at a competitors price, is there a limit to how many of that item I can get at the competitor’s price?

  25. Hey all-
    I was just wondering how Walmart would (or should) handle the walgreens ads that have RR. For example, I have target coupons that I could pair with the walgreens ad that makes dove or degree items 4/$15 but at walgreens I would be getting $5 RR so the price would be 4/$10. Does anyone know if walmart would accept the lower price without giving the RR?

  26. Pam Stutesman says:

    Since the recent changes to the Wal Mart price match policy I have noticed a tendency to not have the items on the local competitor’s ads in stock….

    Case in point Chicken of the Sea tuna ad price of 2 for $1 at a competitor – huge hole on the tuna shelf where Chicken of the Sea should be placed….not one can of that size in water or oil BUT they did have the next size of can on the shelf….

    For cereal ads, they will have every size box of that cereal out BUT not the one in the ad…even though they had those size boxes in weeks prior….

    A recent ad had a price of $1.25 for the 6 – 8 quart pre-sweetened Kool Aid – the aisle had none of those size containers even though the shelves were still labeled for them…instead an end cap contained a stack of them labeled as a great deal for their usual Wal Mart price but in a bonus container for 10 quarts…

    On the produce side, if a competitor has Braeburn apples on special, Wal Mart is suddenly out of them….but after the special is off they get a new shipment of them in….

    I am not a conspiracy theorist kind of gal but it does seem strange that these kind of things happen on a regular basis…

  27. I found some pretty good coupons on – they say web coupon on them & have the Target logo. Can I use them at wal-mart?

  28. cristina says:

    Does walmart accept coupons on a price matched item? I went in a few months ago and tried and they told me they wouldn’t because I was already getting a good deal.

  29. I wonder what constitutes “local trade territory”? The site states that they will not honor “Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory.” I couldn’t find an answer to that anywhere, does anyone know?

  30. Does walmart price match a competitors coupon if it is for multiple items for a certain price? Example the coupon has five dvds ( has pictures of all the dvds ) for 2 for 25 would they take that since it does have a specific price but it is not just one specific item?

  31. Does Walmart honor the competitor’s in store coupons ads without the competitor’s coupon

  32. Does Walmart take a man. coupon together w/a BOGO man. coupon for the same product like the “Who Nu Cookies, there was a BOGO and also a $1.00 man. coupon for the same cookie, just wondering.

  33. Sorry I’m late on this post…I have a major question. I was at Walmart today and price matched the Scotch Magic Tape that is on sale at Target. The cashier price-matched it, but then she wouldn’t take my $1 off coupon. The manager said that they either price match or take the coupon, they can’t do both. What do you guys think of that? I thought it was pretty ridiculous…if anything I’ll just take it to Target, but I was hoping to save a trip. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  34. Intellect says:

    How about everyone stops complaining about Wal-Mart and go somewhere else? I mean really, it’s not long until Wal-Mart stops price-matching all together because they’ve already lost millions of dollars from it.

    • Hmm…as an employee for walmart, im pretty sure you shouldnt be advocating that people go shop somewhere else. Its employees like you that can lose the company money as well. A customer could have 1 bad expeirience there, probably because of their cashier, and because of that, decide to take their money somewhere else.

  35. Do they honor limits? It feels as if every cashier has a different standard but in the official rules, i cant find that anywhere.

  36. Kathy Grimm says:

    I was just at Walmart this evening. We ran into a cashier who knew nothing about ad match. She demanded that we (my daughter and I) show her every paper with every ad that we were price matching!!! Then, as of July 30 2011, we were told that at Walmart every coupon up to was now $1.00. We have been happily shopping and receiving nothing but happy trips till today. Our cashier knew nothing about it!! So she called over her manager who said yes we are! All is happy again. Then she got stuck buy 2 get .75 off!! The manager said they cant round up that coupon because it does not say on the coupon ” round up to 1.00″!!!! Then she says oh just do it. Calm again. NO WAIT if your coupon is 1.00 and your soap is .88 you will get it for FREE!!! No we cant do that either. Even worse we said no, we get the difference back. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That can’t happen!! By this time we have about reached the end of our customer is always right rope!! The final straw was reached when we were finally done after 1+ hrs of checking out. (a 15 minute trip with our favorite informed cashier at the same store) There were now 2 managers and one cashier standing there watching us like hawsk!! Instead of Thank You for Shopping at Walmart. We got “we should call the cops because they are lying and they are stealing from us”!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! We are going to start teaching our friends how to coupon starting in a couple of weeks. Guess where we will NOT be telling them where to go!!

    • Cathy It also happen to me this morning. What was funny about it, I was only using one coupon for .55 cent and albersons have a manufacturer’s coupon round up to $1 add. So i decided to use it. Couple of nights ago I did not have any problems when I was doing my shopping (using of course tons of coupons and the Albertson’s add) , today for only one coupon it was a big deal. SO we call the manager and all and I told the cashier I will come back later today, I will bring the add ( since she was going crazy looking for the albertson’s Add), the reciept and the store policy I use few nights ago and sit down w/ you and your manager so that you will know the next time you will treat a customer do it nicely and w/ respect. Gosh… i am so done w/ her walking and raising her voice as if I was a rubbing her store…… But then again, other cashier in this store is amazing.. and I always have a good experience…. There is always the one…….

  37. Stephanie B says:

    I had my first price match experience yesterday and it was hilarious! I was in the checkout for at least 30 minutes and I only had about $20 worth of stuff! The associate said she didn’t know how to price match produce so she stood around for a few minutes looking for someone to help her, but she couldn’t find anyone to, then she tried to figure it out-I ended up with so many “voids” on my receipt! I finally ended up getting my price matches, but I found out that they will only match within 6 miles of their store! The cashier told me next time to not choose her lane! haha! You would think they would train their employees for something like that.

  38. Stephanie says:

    Does Wal-Mart allow a coupon for over the amount of the item? I had a price match from Staples for Scotch Magic Tape, 50 cents a roll, and a coupon for $1 off, and I bought other items to cover the overage of the final price. I am fine as long as it covered the price. But, the other day, I used the $1 off Tide for the .97 trial size and they allowed the overage, as long as my total was not negative. So, on the tape transaction, they would not allow the overage. What is the policy, or does it vary from store to store? Thanks :)

  39. Walmart told me today, 8/19/2011, told they would not price match unless you bring in the ad!!!

  40. Went to Super Walmart Federal Way today and they say they do not accept Albertson’s Doubles anymore. Anybody have the same problem or issue on using your albertson’s doubles?

  41. I was taking a fan back to a different wal-mart here in wash because I was headed by that wal-mart, and they had the fan on sale, and wanted to give me a lower price if i was to want my money back I was in shock even though Iknew I wanted a exchange.. My fan was almost fourty over there it was 21 dollars.. big difference huh? I eventually took it back to the one the one i bought it from anyways, and got my full money back. But would a ad match work for their own store, but in a neighbor city?

  42. Will Wal-MArt Mobile match prices offered at other retailers? I ask because Target is offering the HTC Inspire(Great PHone w Super speed and Camera that blows my iPhone 4 put of the water) for $19 ( customer price). The offer at Target ends this Sunday and I have the Ad(Bought MAdden 12 for $49.99 today-$10 savings). a Side note, I’ve been using this method forever. I once got a game Wal-Mart had for $69.99 for $5.99! There was a big hubba bah luh, (one lady kept saying “this add says ‘a savings of $50. And there is an ad at top of page saying ‘you get ‘Great Savings’ when you apply for a Best Buy CC’, you only get the savings if you sign up for the CC.”) A manager finally resolved the issue and I walked out saving a cool $54! Took aout 15 minutes, but the closest Best Buy is over a 20 Minute drive away from my closest Wal-mart(5-8 minutes to wal-mart), so worth it. I hope the ‘education’ they are offering will remedy that kind of stupidity… I mean, c’mon, they don’t get the difference taken out of their check! ha! A quick reply would be greatly appreciated. sorry for long winded response/question… I just don’t understand why MORE people don’t take advantage of this great promo!

    • Jessica fab frugal says:

      I see your thinking. That would be a great dea! To tell you the truth I am not sure if they would allow that or not. You could call your local Walmart first or go in and ask. Its not uncommon for different walmart locations to have different responses. Im curious to know how that would work. Please let us know what you find out. Good luck!

  43. Just went to our walmart tonight. They would NOT price match store brand items. Shop N Save and Meijer both have their brand of white milk 2 for $5. I tried to purchase walmart brand and price match and was told they would not honor that. Hmmmm. Good thing there is an Aldi’s next door and a Target next to where I work. Doesn’t look like I really need Walmart anyway.


  45. Tried price matching at Walmart yesterday for the first time. There was a sign right at the register that said they price match without the ad. I had my ad with me and told the cashier up front that I would be price matching the last two items. When we got to those I asked if she needed to see my add. She rather rudely said yes becausue how else would she know the prices. Seemed odd based on their “you don’t need the add” policy. One of my items was the Daisy sour cream at Fred Meyers that was in the add 2 for $3. I was buying 1 and she said I couldn’t price match because I had to buy 2. I explained that with Fred Meyers you don’t have to buy 2 to get the price. They just divide the price by 2 so I could buy 1 for $1.50. I explained that I had already done that at Fred Meyer earlier that week. She insisted that I was wrong and I asked for a manager. He came over and told her that she just needed to divide the price like I said. I don’t understand why none of the cashiers are trained to know their policy and why they say you don’t have to bring an ad if you really do have to have it. My mom who doesn’t usually coupon tried to use an Albertsons doubler in Spokane on 1 item and Walmart made a huge deal about it. What terrible customer service. Very dissapointed.

  46. will they double a coupon to match a competitor?

  47. I completely agree with the Jade…I had the same horrible experience last night at the Twin Falls store. They have posted everywhere that you can price match without the coupon or they will supply the ad. The cashier was not interested in seeing the ad until her supervisor budded in and said that their manager “changed” the policy for their specific store yesterday and now will have to check everything. I don’t have a problem supplying the ad..but told them I will just go to three stores instead of having to do that. The assistant manager there was completely rude, talked over us, and basically said that soon all Walmarts will have this same policy due to dishonesty. Which is fine, but don’t advertise this and have it posted everywhere and then one person changes the rules. Won’t be shopping at that Walmart ever again.

  48. Ok, I printed the 1.00 off coupon for the Idahoan Potatoes last week. My walmart had them on sale for 98 cents. When I gave her the coupon she told me that they could not accept it because it would make the item free and that they didnt redeem anything . Whats the deal?

    • Hi, Did you ask for a manager or show them the coupon policyy, because the good thing about walmart is they do give you the money back if the coupon is more! Very curious on the outcome as I am plannin a walmart expedition within the week!!!

  49. when I buy baby food at Fred Meyer the CAtalina Machine prints of coupons for $4.00 off your next purchase. Will Walmart accept those?

  50. I have read the majority of these comments & have not really read where anyone was price matching on items other than groceries. I have been shopping around for a good price on an IPad 2. I have checked the price in other stores in my area & have been looking on the internet. I found a company on line that deals strictly with electronics & their price for the IPad 2 is $150 less than everyone else’s price including Walmart. This is not a sale price, it’s their regular price for this item. I printed out the ad showing the price. So my question is can I use the ad that I printed showing the lower price? Will Walmart honor this type of ad?

    • Stephanie says:

      I do not believe Walmart will price match an online price. They will only price match an actual store price… Hope this answered your question. :)

  51. I dont understand why i was told i could price match as long as i had the name of the store and town now i have to have an ad and it has to be in town which there is maybe 4 stores in my town. i think it is stupid to limit the price matching to the same town they should do it to the same state instead. and why not the internet any more thats where i get all my sales i cant afford a newspaper every week and i cant go store to store with kids everytime i need to price match. i think it is just cheaper to go to the next town i did price matching for another town and added it all up with coupons and it was going to save me over 100 dollars i would rather spend 20 dollars in gas to save 100 dollars on food. i dont know if im going to shop at walmart anymore.

  52. When I prepare to shop, I like to see Walmart’s price match; however, your “price match” button only take gives me policy at Walmart. Why don’t you have an easier way to get to Walmart’s price match items? The Walmart selection has numerous items like $1 items and Fab items. I just want the price match and I can’t find it.

  53. so i have never couponed in my life but really wanna start just for the items i used not to stock pile tons of stuff. im a single parent of three kids and would love to say money but i have tons of questions. what days does walmart double coupons and what amounts do the double?please help me

  54. I have a coupon for “Buy one 3M lens & Electronics Cleaning Cloth.” The coupon says “Available at Walmart.” Well…Walmart does not carry the item. So my question is, Do I just let the issue go or do I say something? I feel this is false advertisement. Not sure what to do. Is this the fault of who created the coupon? Of Walmart’s? Not sure where to go to ask an opinion or if it is worth pursuing. Hope you can help.

  55. Can I use a $4.99 coupion for tide with a $1.50 off coupon and a doubler? all 3 coupons for one product?

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  58. B. messina says:

    it is total bs i shop at Walmart all the time. I happened on something at Kmart i did not have the cash on me at the time to purchase it. The item was 15.99. I was at Walmart the next day saw the same item priced at 19.97 This particular Walmart would not give me the price match guarentee. The ad on TV says nothing about it being certain Walmarts or certain stores they will match the price to and it states without a flyer. So the ads are false and i said so to the csm. they told me tney don’t price match to kmart.

  59. Coupon mama says:

    I was wondering if anyone else has heard of the new changes in walmarts coupon policy? I have heard it in a different forum that they are requiring you to have your ad with you when you price match along with a few other changes. Do you know if this is true?

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