Taco Bowl with Avocado Lime Dressing Recipe

Egg Free|Main Dish|Oven
Try this healthy, filling, and delicious dinner idea! This recipe is awesome! My husband even said this meal is probably in his top 5 favorite meals now! Whaa?! That's a big deal. I have made a lot of different recipes over the years. The healthy aspect is not a selling point for him either (or the other people I served it to) - they are all about taste and they all loved it! In fact, they have requested that I make it again when we get together in a few weeks. I'm usually... Read this post

Orange Chipotle Chicken with Cilantro Rice Recipe

Egg Free|Main Dish|Meat and Poultry
Clean Eating Quick & Easy Orange Chipotle Chicken Recipe! This is one of my favorite clean eating recipes that I've tried so far. Full of flavor and easy to prepare. Another big plus is that this meal is very budget-friendly. If you already... Read this post

Zupas Copycat Yucatan Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe

Main Dish|Clean Eating|Meat and Poultry
This Zupas Copycat Yucatan Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe is so delicious and great to eat any time of the year!  Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a festive, healthy and nutritious dish! I love Zupas soups and this one is one of my favorites!  I was... Read this post

Chipotle Sweet Lime Rice Copycat Recipe

Egg Free|Stove Top|Side Dish
This recipe is one of my favorites. I love the sweet lime rice at Chipotle and I'm a total fan of making my favorite things at home! This recipe is easy to make and is delicious paired with so many main dishes! This is such yummy rice!  Makes... Read this post

Freezer Meal Recipe: Mexi Stuffed Peppers

Egg Free|Main Dish|Oven
These Mexi Stuffed Peppers are easy and delicious! This is a simple freezer to prepare for your family, just thaw it and cook for 30 minutes and you have dinner all ready.  I like to add some salsa, sour cream and eat with tortillas or tortilla chips. Mix... Read this post
Ham Fried Brown Rice

Ham Fried Brown Rice

Gluten Free|Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Chicken
Asian cooks believe that rice is the staff of life.  In 2014, I've vowed to focus more on healthier whole grain foods and will be using more brown rice.  I know there's a frantic debate about which one is better for you, white or brown rice.  It just... Read this post

Freezer Meal Recipe: Cafe Rio Style Burritos & Salad

Main Dish|Make Ahead/Freezer Meal|Cheese
 {Pin this} Meat 3 lbs Pork Roast 1 can Dr. Pepper 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup salsa 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon ground mustard salt and pepper Rice 3 c. rice 3 c. water 2 teaspoons chicken bouillon 2 garlic cloves-minced 1... Read this post

DIY Rice-A-Roni Mix Recipe

Egg Free|Stove Top|Side Dish
Make your own Rice-A-Roni from scratch! I have fond memories of Rice-A-Roni from my childhood, but I haven't bought it for quite a while. And now that I know this recipe, Rice-A-Roni probably won't find its way into my shopping cart again. This homemade... Read this post

Hawaiian Grilled Chicken with Coconut Rice

Egg Free|Main Dish|Summer
I can't wait to make this Hawaiian chicken and coconut rice again! It all has a wonderful flavor, but is really easy to prepare and cook. Just make sure you plan for enough time to let the chicken really soak up the marinade, at least 8 hours. Double... Read this post

Grilled Lime Curry Chicken with Coconut Rice

Egg Free|Main Dish|Summer
This is a great grilled chicken recipe to have in your arsenal. Quick and easy to throw together (as long as you have some time to let it marinate). It is flavorful, and for many, a bit different from the usual. Mix things up a bit! The extra bonus is... Read this post

Freezer Meal Recipes: Asiago Italian Stuffed Peppers

Egg Free|Main Dish|Oven
It sure feels good... knowing I have Asiago Italian Stuffed Peppers waiting in my freezer for the busy weeks ahead. There are a couple of ways you can make these.  Like I did, you can quickly blanch the peppers, fill, and freeze, or you can make... Read this post