Fracture Me ~ Photo Prints On Glass ~ Review and Giveaway!


I love Fracture!  They are absolutely amazing.  And we get to give one away… SQUEAL! The vibrancy can’t be matched by anything I’ve seen… The greens are deep and rich, and the pinks are vibrant and beautiful.

You probably would like to know what a fracture is… here’s a short little video to explain it faster and better than I could… but short story shorter, they are your prints, printed on glass.

Pretty cool right?


The photo prints Cathy and I got from them were amazing!! Since we both had professional pictures we wanted to display, we were excited to choose the biggest sizes they offer, which is 21.6″ x 28.8″.  Cathy had her’s done horizontal, and mine were both vertical. When you have beautiful photographs, you want to display them beautifully, and boy oh boy did fracture deliver!

The color… it’s simply not explainable.  It’s beyond vibrant.  Photos printed at Costco or Walgreens or even on canvas aren’t going to cut it at our house anymore!!  The color, and clarity on these… it’s just perfect.  The cute little otter you see in the picture? It’s actually larger than life size.  These are photos I’m going to cherish and display for the rest of my life!

I love that there is a price for every budget too… from $15 to $125, you can truly find the size that is right for your home!

Now, this is a gift guide right?  So who would these be perfect for?  Anyone. It’s PERFECT!  I’m getting my daughter some butterfly ones for her room.  And every single person who has been in my house has asked about the fractures.  They are simply stunning and everyone, from mom and dad to grandparents or aunts and uncles will appreciate them. Well, I do have a set of relatives that live on a boat in the ocean… this probably isn’t the gift for them, but that’s because you can’t control waves, other than that, they would LOVE these!

Do you want to win a $100 Gift Certificate to Fracture?

Fracture $100 Giveaway