How to tell if your eggs are fresh and what to do to keep them that way!

You don’t have to be Willy Wonka with a room full of magic squirrels to sort your good eggs from your bad eggs.  All you need is a pot, bowl, or a mug, and some water.  I’m using two mugs side by side in my photo to show you the difference between a good egg and a bad egg.


Mugs to test eggs

Once you have your pot, bowl, or mugs ready to test the eggs, carefully drop the egg into the water.

Drop egg

Carefully drop the egg

Once the egg has been dropped into the water, wait to see if it sinks to the bottom or floats to the top.  If it sinks, you have a good egg.  If the egg floats, it’s time to toss it.

Float test

Good or bad egg?

Let’s learn a little about the beloved egg by using what we know of ourselves.  If you’re a woman and you’re over the age of 10, you probably know what a pore is.  We spend most of our youth trying to unclog them and most of our adult life trying to shrink them.  Eggs are similar to us in this way; they too are porous.  This means that air can penetrate the egg.  So, the older an egg is, the more air it takes in.  The air that has penetrated the shell eventually causes the egg to float and the floating egg is a dead giveaway that it’s time to toss it! Using what we know about the egg, we can now try to prevent the air from seeping in; essentially, making the eggs last!  This is very easy!  Thanks to my sister-in-law Nicole, I learned that all you need to preserve your eggs is a little mineral oil and a bowl to pour it in. First things first, wash your eggs!  Once your eggs are washed, you can prepare your oil.  Simply pour about 1/4 a cup of oil into your microwaveable safe bowl.

Mineral oil

Mineral oil

You can use a cup if you like, since you won’t be warming too much at once.  Put your bowl or mug in the microwave for about 10 seconds, just until the oil is warm to touch.

Warm oil

Warm your mineral oil

Be sure not to burn yourself! If the bowl or mug is too hot to touch, chances are, the oil will be way too hot too!  Now that your eggs are clean and your mineral oil is ready, remove your eggs from the carton and lay them out so they are easily accessible.  You don’t want to be fumbling for eggs with greasy hands!

Prep eggs

Gather eggs outside of carton

Next, coat your hands in the warm mineral oil (you may use gloves if you like) and pick up an egg.  Be careful not to drop it! Your hands will be super slippery!  All you do now is coat the egg with the oil, making sure to cover every inch of the egg.

Coat egg

Coat the entire egg with oil

Once the egg is coated, place it back into the carton.  Repeat with all of your remaining eggs.

Eggs ready to store

Eggs ready to store

Once all of your eggs are coated and you are ready to store them, simply place them back into the carton and put them in the refrigerator.  Be sure to carefully turn the carton at least once a month to keep the integrity of the yoke.  Your eggs are now prepared to be stored for up to a year! If at any point you are ready to use your eggs and you are worried that they may have expired anyway, just resort to another “float†test!  It’s easy peasy! Like this tip? Make sure to pin it on Pinterest and check out our other great DIY Posts!

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  • Great egg info!…but I have one question: Why mineral oil? Won’t any food oil do?

    • Hey, Kim!
      Thanks for the comment! Technically, you could use other food grade oils. The problem is, they tend to breakdown themselves. You don’t want anything that will change itself to act as a barrier on the egg. That alone could alter your storage time. Ex., olive oil starts to change acidity levels within 3 months of being exposed to air. Mineral oil just has a better shelf life than the other oils.

  • who’s able to keep eggs in the fridge till they go bad? I’m always running out of eggs

  • Great information. I find myself constantly throwing out eggs, because no one eats them besides me. And I’m not a huge baker so I dozen eggs can last us weeks. Thanks!!!!

  • nice.. i’m gonna try it..

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