15 Cute and Cool Family Themed Halloween Costumes for 2018

Family Halloween costumes

Halloween time is right around the corner! Check out my favorite DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for kids… but today I want to share some awesome family costumes! Some of my favorite Halloweens have been when the whole family dressed up in the same theme!

family themed Halloween costumes

Whether you have a newborn baby or only teenagers, there are family costume themes that will make your entire Halloween! Maybe the kids won’t want to wear them trick or treating, BUT maybe you have a party at your local church, in your community, or even at a friend’s house where your whole clan can sport a HILARIOUS costume theme! Family themed Halloween costumes make this time of year even more fun… and it doesn’t need to be a TON of work either! Check out these family Halloween costume ideas!

The Greatest Family Costume Ideas

Wizard of Oz

This would be adorable! Especially with little ones! I’m sure your husband would LOVE to dress up as the tin man! And the cool part is that this entire costume is made up of regular clothing items or items that you could easily make! Check out these Wizard of Oz Costumes!

Thanks Costume Works!

The Lego Family

I have a few kids that are still obsessed with The Lego Movie so they would ADORE this! The costumes would be so fun to make! And they can all be done using things you already have around your home! Check out these Lego Costumes!

Thanks Mom.Me!


This one is perfect if you have little ones that won’t be able to walk on Halloween Night to go trick or treating! ESPECIALLY if you have a little baby! This costume is perfect! Aren’t baby marshmallows the cutest?! Check out these smores costumes!

Thanks SmittCamp!

Peter Pan Clan

Now isn’t this the most adorable thing? I love it! Especially if your kids are in the fun loving fairy tale stage! They will adore being peter pan and tinker bell! Check out these Peter Pan costumes!

Thanks A Broad at Home!

Where’s Waldo

How adorable is this?! Where’s Waldo is a total classic and you definitely won’t be able to loose each other in a crowd! Check out these Where’s Waldo costumes!

Thanks Pop Sugar!

Star Wars

star wars halloween family

Star Wars has always been a big hit in my family and it’s popularity is coming back! What a cute idea to have a family themed Star Wars costume!! If you cannot find things to make this costume with, check out Amazon! There are tons of little yodas, light sabers, darth vader ideas!

Thanks Mom Endeavors!

Circus Family

Are you a big fan of The Greatest Showman? This one is perfect because it leaves every child with the opportunity to express themselves! They can be a lion, tiger, or bear! OR be a clown, performer, plate spinning lady, or whatever else they imagine! Check out these Circus Costumes!

Thanks Costume Works!

Rock Paper Scissors

This might exclude mom and dad, but seriously… isn’t this the cutest! Rock Paper Scissors would be such an easy, fun costume and I am sure your kids will love the idea! Check out these Rock, Paper, Scissors costumes!

Thanks A Small Snippet!

The Beehive & Bee Keeper

OKAY, how precious is this!! If you have little ones, this is the perfect family halloween costume idea!! And it is super simple to create! Check out these bee costumes!

Thanks Costume Works!


If your child’s favorite cartoon is Ratatouille, why not make it a family event and dress up as the cutest little mouse! Mom and Dad just have to be chefs and your cute little one can wear the ratatouille baby costume! Check out these ratatouille costumes! 

Thanks Pure Wow!

Cops and Robbers

This one is awesome for those picky teenagers! Everyone will love this costume idea! Let them pick if they want to be a cop or robber and let the fun begin! Plus it will be so fast and easy to get these halloween costumes together! Check out these costumes!

Thanks Sugar Bee Crafts!

Mummy Family

Zombies are always in lately for halloween, but what about mummies?? Use scraps of fabric, paper towels, tissue paper, or even toilet paper to create the perfect mummy costume! Check out this gauze perfect for mummy making!

Thanks Halloween Costumes! 

Angry Birds

What a cute idea!! Follow the tutorial and you will be able to make your own awesome family halloween costumes for everyone this year! Check out these Angry Birds costumes!

Thanks Sugar Bee Crafts!

Space Family

Looking at this costume, you’d think it would be crazy expensive to make! Well! Most of the silver you see is actually DUCT TAPE! Follow this DIY tutorial to learn how to be the perfect space family for halloween!

Thanks Tell Love and Party

Inside Out

What a cute family idea!! This would only require you to buy the wigs! The rest is made up of clothes the kids already have! Check out these inside out costumes!

Thanks Costume Works!

Which one will your family be?

Okay, now I have showed you the top ones that I found and adored, so what will it be? What will your family be for Halloween? Comment below and let us know! PLUS, we are always on the hunt for cheap, easy Halloween costumes so be sure to check out our Halloween Deals up until Halloween because maybe the perfect costume for your family will be one of our top deals!

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  • These are such great ideas! There are 5 of us, but we’ve never all dressed up together. I was starting to think about costumes today, and we might have to do this! We usually have 1-2 dressed up as Star Wars characters, but maybe this year we’ll take the leap and all 5 of us can dress up together. 🙂 Thanks for the adorable ideas! I also love Inside Out, my kids LOVE that movie.

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