DIY Two Second Fix for Stinky Shoes!

It a new year, we are working out to get into shape So, it’s no surprise that our shoes are going to get stinky. It doesn’t matter how hard you try (you can use super absorbent socks, foot sprays, powders, and even slick deodorant on the bottom of your feet) your shoes are just going to get smelly! Of course you can toss your shoes in the washing machine for a quick fix but as you know, the clean smell doesn’t last long. To top it off, the washing machine used too often, can cause your shoes to start breaking down. So, that’s not an option for regular upkeep. Instead of dealing with stinky shoes all year, I’m going to show you a two second fix for keeping your shoes (and other things) fresh!

Two second fix


Did you catch the secret?

It’s already in the picture. Take another look. What do you see?


That’s right, all you need to help remove odors is a piece of crumpled up newspaper! Who would have thunk it?!

I started doing this a few days ago and its unbelievable how placing a few pieces of newspaper into your shoes overnight can completely remove any funky odors!

Newspapers can also be used as odor absorbers in your fridge. Did you buy fish for dinner? Wrap it in a piece of newspaper before you place it in the fridge and it won’t smell! If you already have some funky odors in there, just crumple up your left over newspaper and place it in an inconspicuous area to get some extra fridge freshness!!

You can also use newspaper in and around your home to get rid of any phantom odors! Stick some crumpled paper in your kitchen cabinets, stick it in a food container that smells like the food it held, or stick some in your bedroom drawers and let the newspaper work it’s odor removing magic!

Once the newspaper stops doing it’s job, simply remove it, toss it into your recycle bin, and start over with a new piece!!

Tell me this isn’t the EASIEST thing you’ve ever heard! Once you try it, tell me this isn’t the easiest thing you’ve ever done that WORKS!!

I know this DIY was short and sweet but hey, there’s nothing to it!

I hope this little tidbit helps you out the next time you’re looking for a way to get rid of a nasty smell!

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