Coupon Giveaway $600 VALUE {CLOSED}


I have 20 inserts to give away this week!

We are going to choose 2 winners! Each winner gets 10 inserts!

  • 2 SmartSource 4/10
  • 2 RedPlum 4/10
  • 2 RedPlum1 4/17
  • 2 RedPlum2 4/17
  • 2 SmartSource1 4/17
  • 2 SmartSource2 4/17
  • 2 RedPlum 5/1
  • 2 SmartSource 5/8
  • 2 Red Plum 5/15
  • 2 SmartSource 5/15

The facebook style coupon giveaway is back!


  1. On our facebook page comment on THIS POST {CLICK HERE} and tell us “Your Favorite Tip for Saving Money”
  2. Like at least one other persons comment that you think is pretty fab too!

There will be two winners:

  • The comment with the most likes wins the coupons!
  • A second winner will be chosen at random

The Rules:

  • You are allowed to tell your friends to like your comment
  • You are only allowed one comment
  • You can like as many other comments as you want, but you must like at least one.
  • Invalid entires will not win
  • Giveaway ends Sunday May 29th at 10 pm MST.
  • Winner will be announced Monday May 30th.
  • Have fun! and Good luck. :)

PS Thank you FabFruGal Heather for donating the coupons for the giveaway!


  • Kay Gramm

    Favorite way to save money? Surely you jest… it’s couponing!

  • Dominique Williams

    Using vinegar for a lot of household cleaning. If you go to then it shows you like 100 different uses for vinegar. You can get out yellow underarm stains, clean your dishwasher, clean stainless steel appliances, etc. Its way cheaper to buy a gallon of vinegar than 5 different name brand household cleaners.

  • Aimee from Meridian

    Couponing of course thank you so much for all the great info you give so I can save money! I’ve always used coupons but nothing like im doing now. thank you!

  • Shannon

    My favorite way to save money is by using Group-on. They have awesome deals sometimes at 80% off. You have plenty of time to use the offers also. Love Groupon!

  • Monica

    My favorite way to save money is to buy kids clothes on clearance at the end of the season for the next year! Getting brand new clothes for around $1 is an awesome deal!

  • cathy Dinino

    LOVE using group-on for all my coupon need…so thankful for all the work you do for all of US..have a money saving day….♥

  • Tammy

    I save money by reading your blog! You are wonderful!

  • molly

    I am new to this! My favorite way to save is couponing!

  • Melinda Tucker

    Wow…I have so many ways to save money!! Of course couponing!! Taking my children’s clothes to consignment stores to make money to buy more clothes for them! Watching for sales to buy my kids clothes for $5 & under! I could go on and on! Saving money is where it’s at!!!! Thank you for your blog and helping me to save more money!!!

  • Ashley

    I coupon of course! I try and wait for sales and try to only buy items such as clothes or gifts on clearance.

  • Ann

    I stratigize with my neighbor and we both coupon. I also practice considerate couponing. I’ve never cleared a shelf (unless there was only one or two items left) and I follow the rules. I try to give couponing a good name.

  • I just love couponing

  • Terri

    I just started couponing and am having a hard time with it. It seems to take a lot of time to do, but I keep plugging along because I know once I master it, it won’t be so time consuming. I love getting the “free” or very cheap deal that I get when I use the coupons. Who wouldn’t?

  • Christine Young

    My favorite way is to go check the clearance deals and double my coupons on them and get them for free or next to nothing. I have my gigantic binder all organized and it travelers everywhere with me so in case I spot a good deal that was not int he adds. I love coupon I lost my job in Feb and my youngest goes to private school and my oldest will head off to college soon and we took a big cut in my pay even though I get unemployment.

  • Megan Burgess

    Done as Megan Burgess! 🙂

  • Well I am new to this couponing, I have really tried to get better deals on things that my family will use and eat. I also follow this blog, and a few others that give me great pointers on helping me save money for my family. It has been a real eye opener at how much money you can really save if you just put a little effort into it!

  • Stormy

    Couponing with my neighbor,Sarah!

  • Annie Kihara

    I have commented and liked someone elses post! 🙂

  • Mom of Two

    I just started couponing almost 2 months now. I Love It ! Saving the money is Awesome and now my kids can get a monthly treat .. such as a movie out or skating. They Love it! It’s alot of work though!! But very much worth it. 🙂
    I posted on FB and Liked posts as well.

  • andrea

    I love couponing my favorite part is not spending as much on the non food as I have in the past. I love getting good deals and this is my new hobby and is such a better one for my family. I am a mother of three beautiful girls and we especially go through lots of diapers so if I can save $ then we’re all happy campers. Thank you for your blog 🙂

  • Amy


  • amber

    matching your instore sale with coupons and if you have an albertsons use the doublers on you coupons worth $1.00 or less to save twice as much!! watching your local blogs and facebook is another great way to save

  • Norma M.

    I would absolutely love to win the fabulous assortment of coupons worth $600 from this week’s giveaway. It is so very frugal to coupon.

  • Alison

    I’m just starting to coupon and love it. I also started thrift store shopping about a year ago and have found some surprisingly cute clothes that way.

  • Arlo Fouts

    I save money by getting a group of fellow couponers together and swapping coupons. This gives me more coupons that I will use, as well as helping my friends do the same!

  • holly

    i love to coupon and then shopping at thrift stores, you would be surprised at how many brand new items get donated.

  • Amy

    My favorite way of saving is staying out of the stores. If I don’t have a need, I don’t go.

  • Clearence Clothes Shopping is my fav way to save money! I have been doing this since my son was a baby and he is now 10 years old! I haven’t had to purchase new clothes for him for almost 2 years! We just shop in his closet! Whatever he out grows gets sold to help with the cost of school supplies!

  • Dena

    Reading your blog !

  • Karyn

    I save by couponing; never shop for new clothes that aren’t on sale, shop thrift stores and always take a friend to warehouse stores to get better deals that we can split/share so produce won’t go to waste!

  • Kellie

    Just started couponing and am ADDICTED! Why didn’t I start this years ago!!!

  • couponing.. .and clearance racks!

  • tisha

    couponing and garage sales!! WoOT! WOot!

  • Katie

    My favorite way to save money is to reduce, reuse and recycle!!!

  • Kathy Martin

    I love couponing……!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for this giveaway….I would sooo love to win these coupons!!! 🙂

  • sharon

    who was the lucky one to win this giveaway?

  • Becky

    My favorite way to save is coupons, and garage sales as well as to just buy what I need and not get to carried away buying things just because they are on sale. If its on sale but I dont need it or cant use it, then its not a bargain to get it.

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