30 Best Free Online Educational Resources for Kids

Free educational websites for kids

Whether you’re homeschooling temporarily or you’re a veteran looking to add some more variety to your homeschooling curriculum, we’ve got you covered! There are a ton of free online educational resources for kids out there, and we’ve gathered some of the best ones for you.

We’ve also included some free online educational games for kids that really help make learning fun and interactive. I highly recommend trying them out!

Other things the websites below include? Well, each one is a bit different, but you’ll find lessons, activities, quizzes, brainteasers, printables, and more. Most sites separate everything by grade and subject as well for so they’re super easy to set up and start using.

Oh, and we’ve also included some free educational websites below that are a bit more unique. For example, one of the sites below lets you explore museums straight from your computer!

I know you’re probably super excited to get into the list, but before we start, let’s quickly talk about something that a lot of new homeschoolers may find helpful:

How to Make a Smooth Transition to Homeschooling

The free educational websites, games, and other resources below will be extremely helpful, but it’s important to come up with a strategy as well. If you don’t typically homeschool, experts recommend creating a similar schedule and day-to-day routine that your kids would have if they were still in school.

That means waking up at the same time every day, going through the same routine of getting dressed, having breakfast, etc. and then creating a daily curriculum filled with learning, playing, and relaxing.

Here’s what a potential schedule could look like:

  • 7 AM – Wake up, get dressed, go to the bathroom, make the bed.
  • 7:30 AM – Have breakfast, chat.
  • 8 AM – Brush teeth, have free time.
  • 8:30 AM – Learning time. Use the educational resources below, workbooks, etc. Separate by different subjects and activities.
  • 11 AM – Special activity
  • 11:30 AM – PE/Music/Reading/Art
  • 12 PM – Lunch
  • 12:30 PM – Playtime
  • 1 PM – More learning
  • 3 PM – Free time
  • 5 PM – Dinner
  • 6 PM – Family time/bath/get ready for bed

Of course, your schedule will probably look a bit different than the one above. That’s a good thing! Make it your own and experiment as you go.

Also, don’t expect every single day to go perfectly. Work with what you get, adapt, and make the best of every day!

Now let’s look at these awesome free educational resources:

Chalkboard with ABC written on it

Free Educational Websites

Below we’ve included a huge variety of websites for different subjects, activities, adventures, and more. There’s enough stuff here to last you a LONG time!

1. Virtual Museum Tours

With Google Arts and Culture, you can explore and tour hundreds of museums from around the world. To get started, check out these 12 famous museums currently offering virtual tours.

2. Virtual Field Trips

Bored of the museums? There are other virtual field trips available throughout the internet as well. You can explore the Great Wall of China, roam the surface of Mars, tour the San Diego Zoo, and more! Find those virtual field trips here.

Google is also offering its own set of virtual explorations of National Parks. Explore volcanos, canyons, Tortugas and more. Learn more about those here.

3. Printable Puzzles

If you’re looking for online educational resources but you still prefer classic pen and paper ever now and then, printable puzzles are the perfect hybrid! Head over to Printable-Puzzles.com to find crosswords, word searches, sudoku, number puzzles, and more! There are always a handful of puzzles available for free. 

4. Learn Fun Facts Online

Get your fix of fun facts for the day with TheFactSite.com. They’ve got dozens of lists of different fun facts, all separated into different categories.

To give you a little teaser of what you might find, here’s a fun food fact: did you know that oranges were originally green? What!?

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most popular free online educational resources for kids, and for good reason! The content is created by experts, there are lessons in almost every subject you’ll need, and the learning is completely personalized.

6. Education.com

Education.com has a ton of free worksheets, educational games, lesson plans, and more. Everything is separated by grade level as well. There IS a paid plan available, but as a free user, you’ll still have access to a lot!

7. Online Documentaries

Documentaries provide a great learning experience but they’re also full of entertainment. They’re great to mix in throughout the day, or for filling up the “special activity” blocks in your schedule.

For options, check out TopDocumentaryFilms.com, or search for documentaries on Youtube.

8. Youtube

Speaking of Youtube, it’s also a fantastic place to find free educational videos. Here are some channels to check out:

  • Peekaboo Kidz – Check out the Dr. Binocs Show on this channel! They explain scientific topics and answer questions with fun animations.
  • Crash Course Kids – A science channel about the earth, habitats, space, engineering and more.
  • Science Channel – Another great place to learn about science with real experiments, the MythBusters show, and more.
  • SciShow Kids – This is a science channel for kids of all ages, centered around topics that simply make you wonder, “why?”
  • National Geographic Kids – Learn about animals and other aspects of the world with fun videos.
  • Free School – Learn about famous art, classical music, kid’s literature, and more.
  • Geography Focus – Learn about the Earth, countries, maps, flags, languages, cultures, and more!
  • TheBrainScoop – Learn about animals, history, and more.
  • Kids Learning Tube – Learn about various subjects through music and animation.
  • Geek Gurl Diaries – This channel is all about tech, and it’s geared toward young girls.
  • Mike Likes Science – This is another science channel but with a musical twist.
  • Homeschool Pop – For elementary students, learn about all sorts of different subjects.

You should have a lot of content to consume with all of the channels above!

9. Scholastic

Scholastic has learning resources for PreK and Kindergarten all the way up to grades 6+. Each grade level is broken down into a simple daily curriculum containing books, videos, and activities.

10. All In One Homeschool

All In One Homeschool is a HUGE resource for at-home education. They have lessons, games, and assignments in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, math, history, and a whole lot more. Each grade level has 180 days of content.

They also have a sister site called All In One Highschool for grades 8-12.

11. Kindle Unlimited

For reading materials, Kindle Unlimited is a great option. You can gain access to hundreds of books and audiobooks, and right now you can even get a free one-month subscription.

12. Storyline Online

Speaking of reading, Storyline Online has a ton of free videos of kid’s books read by famous actors and authors. These are so good you might actually want to watch along with your kids!

13. Highlights Kids

Highlights Kids has educational podcasts, activities, jokes, games, recipes, and more. The content isn’t separated by grade level but this is a great resource to combine with some of the other more formal educational resources on this list.

14. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is another resource with content spread out over multiple categories. They have games, videos, an entire section on animals, fun facts, and more.

15. Cool Math 4 Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids is another website that has a mix of games and lessons, so there’s a lot to do! They even have quizzes with certificates available at the end.

16. Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy is a huge collection of children’s books in categories like technology, health, plants, animals, and more. Each book also has audio available for guided reading.

17. Literactive

Literactive is another reading platform, this time specifically made for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 students. They have picture books, guided reading, poetry, ESL support, activities, and more.

18. Science Kids

Science Kids, as the name suggests, is a huge resource for games, facts, quizzes, projects, lessons, and more…all surrounding different science topics! Kids will learn about biology, physics, chemistry, animals, and more.

19. E-Learning for kids

E-Learning for Kids has lessons all the way up to grade 6 in subjects like math, science, computers, health, language arts, and even life and environmental skills. They have a TON of lessons to choose from as well.

20. Amazon Freetime

Amazon Freetime typically costs money but you can get a free 1-month trial here. Once you join you gain access to educational videos, books, TV shows, and more! You can set profiles for different children and also set time limits to limit screentime.

Free E-learning websites

Free Online Educational Games for Kids

Some of the free educational websites above already include games with their content, but for even more options we collected these free online educational game sites:

21. Online Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are a good mix of good education and fun. And, they offer a lot of variety. There are detective games, riddles, math games, practical games, and more. Check out these sites for some free options:

22. Tynker Games

Learn how to code games like Minecraft with Tynker, an awesome programming platform for kids. This is such a good skill for kids to learn and will help them build problem-solving skills, math skills, and more!

23. ABCya

ABCya has educational games for grades PreK all the way to grade 6. Each game is intended to be fun AND educational, and they span multiple subjects like math, speech, typing, memory, and more.

24. Funbrain

Funbrain is another awesome free online resource for educational games. They’ve got activities for PreK all the way up to grade 8! Each game covers a different subject too. Some of the options include reading, strategy, and math. They also have educational videos available.

25. SplashLearn

SplashLearn is another educational games site but they’re completely focused on math for PreK to grade 5 students. The amount of variety they have is pretty amazing!

26. PBS Kids

PBS Kids has an assortment of games and videos for kids. As far as I can tell there are no specific grade levels but it’s still a great resource!

27. Math Game Time

Math Game Time is a great resource for educational math games for PreK to Grade 7. They also have videos and worksheets available for added variety.

28. Seussville

Seussville is a really fun educational website with games and other activities all related to the world of Dr. Suess. One of the games you can play involves matching rhyming words, but I’ll let you discover the others on your own 🙂

29. TurtleDiary

TurtleDiary has a huge variety of free educational games including math games, typing games, shape games, word games, and more. They cover up to grade 5 and have quizzes and videos available too!

30. SwitchZoo

SwitchZoo is a platform filled with fun and wacky educational games related to animals. Kids can make their own animals, play animal games, build biomes, and more.

Free online educational games for kids

Other Online Educational Resources

Even though there are enough free online educational resources above to last you a long time, if you’re willing to spend a bit of money you can check out these unique options too:

  • KiwiCo – This is a super cool subscription box for kids, and there’s a different option for all ages. Each month they send a box with a new project. Learn more here.
  • STEM Club – Another subscription box, very similar to KiwiCo but a bit cheaper. It comes straight from Amazon as well which is nice. Learn more here.
  • ABC Mouse – A complete all-in-one online learning platform for kids aged 2-8. They’ve got games, step-by-step learning, and more. Read our full ABC Mouse review to learn more.
  • Adventure Academy – From the creators of ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy is one of the coolest online educational games I’ve ever seen. Learn more here.

Don’t Forget About Workbooks!

Educational websites are nice and convenient, but it’s a good idea to mix in a bit of off-screen work with your kids as well.

To find the perfect book for your child, check out our top 10 best workbooks for kids! Or, check out these academic workbooks on Amazon.

Need More Free Educational Websites?

Even though there are a lot of options above, there are MANY more throughout the internet that we haven’t included. For a constantly updated list of new websites and resources, head over to AmazingEducationalResources.com.

Also, if you know of some sites yourself that we missed, leave a comment down below! Let’s make this a huge resource for parents looking for online educational sites!

Free online educational resources for kids

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