Banned From Walmart For Life!?

Wow Cathy showed me this news clip last night and I could not believe it! For real people? I considered having Mavis change up her are you addicted to coupon crack post to feature this, but I did not want our readers to think that we thought this behavior was typical for FruGals!

Watch it quick and then tell me how it makes you feel?

Can’t see the video? Try this link: Banned From Walmart for Life

Does it make you embarrassed to be a couponer?

I cringe a little. Are people going to think all couponers shop Walmart every day and record arguments with cashiers on their iphone? Hopefully not, but it sure does not give the couponer a good name.

How could this lady have avoided this situation?

  1. Be kind to the cashier Kindness goes a long way!
  2. Take the Walmart coupon policy along!



  • Sophie

    I’m kind of surprised from both perspectives. It is pretty common knowledge that you cant typically film in a store without their permission, whether it is with your camera phone or a video camera. On the other hand though, if the store manager didn’t do anything wrong I don’t understand why he seemed to be so concerned with being filmed, other than maybe it is just against their policy. The whole situation just shows you how extreme couponing has gotten in the last few months that people feel it is necessary to videotape a discussion with the store management. I wish more of the woman’s video could have been shown so we would have some insight into why she possibly felt the need to videotape and why the manager seemed so intent on stopping the filming in the small clip we saw. Hard to really know what happened. Based on what the story said though, I cant see why they would ban her from shopping at Walmart for life. That seems odd to me. CRAZY!

  • Debra

    Hmmm….makes me wonder why she was recording in the first place? What was the arguement about? The news clip didn’t really give much information at all. The thing that really gets me is that this is the wal-mart I frequent and I don’t want to have the cashiers looking at me funny because I have a binder, too. It must have been pretty drastic for her to be banned because this wal-mart in particular is one that pretty much does it all because they call themselves the “pilot store” trying any new coupon policy that stores put out. It also makes me a little leery of future issues with coupons in general. Yikes!! Hopefully we can all remember that a smile, patience, and a positive attitude will get you a long ways. Follow the rules, have integrity and put others first. 🙂

  • Amber

    This story was a real waste of time. No real information was given from this lady or Walmart on why she was banned. If a customer becomes hostile with an employee it’s definitely grounds for banning them, but we have no clue what happened. Looks like just a fight between one know-it-all customer and and one fed up employee. what happened to manners?

  • Amber

    Oh…And if your a reader of this blog April, would you care to give any details?

  • Beth

    OK, seriously not ok to video tape people without their consent. There are laws about it. It was not at all about coupons, but about taping someone without their permission. She should be banned whether she knew that or not.

  • No amount of savings is worth arguments. It gives people who coupon a bad name. It’s also media stories like this that can also add fuel to the fire.

  • C

    Wow, is all I have to say. Its sad that the argument got to that point but if she was taping it, she was probably planning to use it against the manager and/or the cashier, why else tape it? The policy about competitors coupons has been in place for awhile now and I know at the Meridian location each register has a laminated copy next to the pin pad. And if she shops at Walmart daily as they stated in the interview they should have known that…I don’t want to judge but based on her behavior in the small part of the video she may have been bullying them into taking them. She just finally got someone to stand up to her.

    I’ve been in retail for a LONG time and most stores do not permit filming in their stores without permission, kind of along the lines of why they don’t like their ads leaked.

    It does make me a little embarassed because couponing behavior like this that makes it more difficult on the rest of us. I have had trouble at Walmart recently with the cashiers being rude about my coupons and getting annoyed with me for price matching. This is the reason for it, just think how her cashier is going to react to the next couponer, she’s going to be leary and I don’t blame her.

    Kindness goes a long way, there are a lot of us out there and we only help each other by being polite and following the rules. Sure honest mistakes happen, we miss a coupon in our stack that we meant to put back or misread what it needed. I own the mistake and apologize. And the number one thing I think of is how would you like someone coming into your work and yelling at your for enforcing the company policy, and if you relent on the policy face loosing your job. For what, a .50 coupon.

  • Cathy

    I was told they will not take a coupon from online Target. I didn’t mind and told them I didn’t want the item. I would just buy it from Target. What a dumb thing to do. Start recording them and making a huge deal out of it. I can’t believe that she thinks she did nothing wrong.

  • Mandi

    What a hot mess! I am not an argumentative person so if someone tells me no, 99% of the time I say okay and move on. I’ve used coupons for 12 years and I can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve had rude cashiers. Generally they are nice to as long as you are to them. Getting banned from Walmart for life is not worth it over a couple of competitor coupons not going through. I love Walmart! They won’t take them if they’re for money off and no price is listed anyway.

  • mt_coupon

    I would say that we aren’t getting the whole story…

    I think this is just a great reminder to us coupon users to be flexible about our bottom line and to adjust to each situation. It can be easy to get caught up in the “score” and get frustrated when it doesn’t work out the way we anticipated. In the long run we will still be saving money.

    I have yet to convince an employee (of any trade/retail/profession) that I know more about how to do their job then they do by heatedly arguing it. 🙂 Asking questions or returning products seems to negate the need to ever get that far in the first place.

  • Breann

    Since I find it a bit annoying to deal with price matching, I just go to the stores with the good prices, rather than deal with it. However, at one point, I went into Walmart with several coupons, the manager approved the coupons. I was patient and polite. The cashier said, “Thank you” and I said “thank you” back. As I turned, she followed up her “thank you” with “for raising prices.” Walmart is not educating their employees well and it’s leading to even more horrible customer service than Walmart has had in the past. I wouldn’t want Walmart to price match for me or use a competitor coupon because I’d much rather go to the place with the coupon or lower price, get friendly service and be on my way. It seems the woman who taped in this situation was either uninformed about the coupon policy regarding competitor coupons or wanting to cause problems. She could’ve very easily gone to the store with the coupon she was trying to use, supported stores that value their customers and avoided the drama.

  • Ang

    Not enough info provided on this clip to know all the details. I am sure there is more to the story on both sides. The video tape should not have happened (that is a no no). The thing about using coupons at Walmart is it can be VERY frustrating. If you are going to use them there you have to have patience (lots of it). With kindness the situation will never get out of hand. I had a women in front of me in walmart the other day “not using coupons” but she was horrible to the employee and the csm. She was so rude. I think people just run on cranky these days and they just need to chill a bit.

    • Jaime

      I couldn’t agree more about cranky cashiers and other impatient non-coupon using customers- in my experience most of the negative looks & comments come from others in line. I’ve had 2 “issues” with coupons at one local Walmart and both times I conversed respectfully with the CSM and several other managers and in the end received satisfactory responses, never feeling like I needed to video record anything or cause a ruckus.

      If she was trying to use $ off competitor coupon she was in the wrong- if not she should’ve bitten her tongue and called/emailed corporate about the issue. Now banning her from all Walmart stores is a bit harsh in my opinion, that store perhaps but all of them?

  • Cassie

    I have found that by being kind I usually get my way. This is not to say that I am taking advantage of anyone, but if you notice a cashier not abiding by their policy and correct them nicely they will most likely fix it, but if you yell and throw a fit they don’t want to help us.

    ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BE KIND TO PEOPLE!!! This is my motto every time I go outside of the home, even if I am not shopping. You never know who needs your smile and kind words.

    REMEMBER – they are doing us a favor by allowing us to use coupons and adjusting their policies to make shopping their more convenient. I always say thank you to the cashier and that I appreciate their time. They need positive experiences from us ethical Couponers to override the negative experiences.

    Live by example!

  • Megan

    This actually makes me more embarrassed as a former Walmart employee. It’s hard to know what happened before the woman got to the point that she was speaking to a manager and felt the need to record the conversation, but from my experience as a former Walmart Cashier and CSM, I feel it never should have escalated to that point.

    I think it’s important to point out that there is no official policy forbidding videotaping or photography in Walmart stores. The manager has the right to tell her to stop or tell her to leave and then call the police for trespassing if she doesn’t. However, I think it would have been better for the manager and better for walmart to just be calm and allow her to keep recording. Obviously it’s his right to say no, but if I had been in his shoes I wouldn’t have made such a big deal out if it. If you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t be afraid of being on camera at your job.

    I do wonder if this woman was perhaps a chronic problem and this was the last straw. When I worked at Walmart we had a customer who gave us trouble for over a year. She tormented our cashiers, argued about the prices of everything, and committed coupon fraud multiple times. Eventually we got fed up and banned her from the store over something that seemed relatively small, but it was really just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    • Julie E

      Bravo Megan.. your last paragraph is EXACTLY what I am thinking. There has to be more to the story, and I’d be willing to bet that this was not the banned customers’ first dust up at WalMart. I’m cringing more because she’s from my area more than from anything else! Nothing like a little more press to make couponers look obnoxious.

    • felice

      I had what I consider a silly incident in a acme grocery store once. I wanted to take pics of some upscale olive and other oils to discuss possibly buying some when I got home (hubby and I usually avoid luxury items, but in this case they weren’t all that more expensive than plain cooking oil and I thought the expense was justified for health and other reasons). The manager actually asked me not to take pics and lost the potential for me to stock up without any coupons, just at the advertised price (not a special price, not a loss leader, just a fair and reasonable price for what they were selling). I think he shot himself and his store in the foot. Seriously, it was stupid. I shop there regularly, the prices are public knowledge in that anyone can come in and look, and they lost a big purchase.

      • felice

        I ddin’t make any fuss about not taking pics w my cell phone of the product with it’s advertised prices..but had I had the pics and prices I am pretty sure I’d have come back to purchase the product, It is their right to say no to pics..and I politely agreed not to take any pics, but I dont see what the fuss is about. the prices are out there for anyone to see- and I was not gonna go buy a notebook to write down the product names and prices when I can have pics in a moment without additional cost. I have to say that is the only incident I have ever had at that store thought and am generally happy with their products and service.

  • Mama Bryan

    There’s got to be more to this story – Walmart is fairly tolerant. I shop WalMart regularly and have not encountered any problems with using coupons. I even just recently tried out the price matching *and* matching a club card price of a competitor and they were fine with it, though I also had the Walmart policy out with my coupons as well, just in case. No problems.

    Maybe that was because I was nice and kept my phone in my purse…

  • jolene

    I wish Walmart had responded to the story. I’d bet she’s band because of recording the conversation. Walmart probably doesn’t want to have negative experiences posted on Facebook or YouTube. I haven’t been shopping at Walmart much lately because of run in with rude cashiers but didn’t they change the coupon policy a couple months ago? Lately it seems that there are new coupon policy’s each week. It’s hard to keep up with. It’s why I stopped shopping at Safeway. I can understand why she’d be annoyed but to get band for all Walmarts? There has to be more to the story than what was shown on the news.

  • Angela

    Wowsie! This is a sad situation. Neither the Store Manager nor the couponer showed much restraint! I rarely shop Walmart anymore because the store employees are SO misinformed about coupons!! One can only note that the extremely naive employees reflect that of the Store Manager! Really sad! I am sure there is more to the story, however, a really good Store Manager knows how to de-escalate a situation like this!! I wonder how Walmart feels about this news story?

    Oh and BTW…in Idaho you can video and audio tape anyone at anytime without their permission! (excepting video voyeurism)

  • betty

    I think you, Monica, are making too much of this. I am not embaressed because of the couponer she could have pulled her phone after the manager became hostile. I am just not sure why she wants to shop at walmart so badly. Personally being banned from walmart wouldn’t hurt my feelings one bit. I would rather shop at Winco, Alberstons and frankly anywhere else. Wal mart “customer service” reps are rude and they act like they would rather not have you there. My husband and I call walmart “Walmart fall apart” because everything you get there is junk. I think the store should be embarressed for banning a family from there store with little to no cause. thats just my opinion. You asked for it.

    • Monica

      🙁 really? I barley said anything about it. I just think the whole thing could have been avoided if she was kind. 🙂

      • Danette

        Monica, You didn’t make that big of a deal about it.

        • Jessica B

          I didn’t think Monica did either?

          Betty, I’m sorry you have had bad experiences at walmart. 🙁 Most all of the walmart employees i’ve ever met have been friendly ( I do use a lot of coupons) I notice though that depending on what store you go to, they seem to have different ideas of what is and isn’t acceptable.

          The Nampa Garrity store was debating on whether we could price match and use a coupon, which didn’t make any sense to me. My husband just explained to them that it would be the same thing as if we were going to that store and using the coupon there. So then they thought about it and were ok with it. They were nice though, they just seem to be not super familiar with people couponing and price matching.

          The store in the clip looks like the Garrity store, anyone know if it is?

    • Julie E

      Good heavens Betty what is YOUR problem? Monica, a moderator here sharing information that can impact everyone who coupons in Nampa and the surrounding area and she’s making too much of it? I don’t know what problems you may have had at WalMart, but nothing excuses you lashing out at Monica.

  • StacyH

    Fox 12 didn’t do a good job on the journalism side of things. I really had a hard time finding the point to the story and didn’t find it newsworthy. The issue may or may not be about coupons, but they sure tried to make it about coupons. The issue may actually be about the videotaping or something else entirely.

    • I agree 100%. The media is jumping on stories that has to do with couponing, but we DID NOT get the real story here. From either side. It just made us look worse than we already do in some eyes. Poor media is what this story was. And to to the lady that blamed Monica… come on? Seriously?

  • Danielle

    This is retarded. No manager or checker has ever been rude to me. They’ve politely told me why my coupon wouldn’t work for something, or why I wasn’t getting the discount I thought I was supposed to get – and they are almost always right about it. And then although I’m disappointed, I just accept it, cause that’s just the way it is. If one ever was rude to me (whether I was in the wrong or not), I would just report them. I would NOT however take something petty like this to the media.

  • Becky

    I would like to thank all of you who are not taking the customer or managers side. As most of you pointed out that there are always 2 sides of a story. I watched this when it was broadcast on Sunday and thought it was a waste of a news day. I also feel the news station did nothing but throw gas on the fire by broadcasting this story.

  • Neva

    I also felt like this was shoddy journalism. There was no clear purpose to the story. On the one hand, it made the shopper in question seem out of control. On the other hand, it made Walmart seem like the villain. And everyone knows that when you call a big corporate office like Walmart’s you are NOT going to get an actual person to answer your call. Mostly just a waste-of-time news story to exacerbate the hype surrounding extreme couponing.

  • I posted this last night. Crazy!

  • Amanda

    Who knows what really happened with this incident. I think it is ridiculous that this story made the news, which is exactly what this customer wanted. Since she ‘shops there every day’ sounds to me like she probably causes problems constantly and they are just tired of having her in their store. If Walmart banned her for life and she has such a serious problem that she actually feels like she needs to video tape the manager, why is she begging them to allow her to continue to shop there. She is probably a white trash idiot just trying to get some attention, and people like her are the exact reason couponers are getting a bad name.

    • Crystal

      Actually saying things like “She is probably a white trash idiot just trying to get some attention,” gives people a bad name.

  • Crystal

    The news story itself didn’t tell us much. We really can’t give any insight or opinions on the matter. We can say she shouldn’t have been filming, but we don’t know what happen to make her think she needed to do that. We could say that wal-mart is to blame but there lots of people who get caught shoplifting at walmart and they don’t get banned for life. And how are they to control whether or not she goes there? Is her picture posted at every register, and will it still be there in a year. no. come on. This has nothing to do with coupons. it has to do with people and their ways of handling situations.

  • TeriJ

    I don’t feel that I can judge if she was couponing correctly or not. What I am uncomfortable with is her not stopping the filming when asked. I know I would not want to be filmed by someone I don’t know without my permission. I feel she should have stopped filming when asked. I also find that being polite works better than being pushy and demanding. You can be firm when asking for an explanation without being rude. I would like to see more of both sides of this story. WalMart policies change and what a store will accept one day may be changed the next at the managers discretion if they have been accepting things like competitors coupons or Twice the Value coupons because the manager is trying to get more people in the store it could default back to following the WalMart policy to the letter.

  • Annette

    Stores do not have to accept coupons. It is a courtesy that they offer, so I don’t ever make waves over coupons. That’s a good way to get stores to stop accepting coupons all together. This lady does embarrass me. We should be appreciative of every store that accepts coupons and be amicable, even if they are not.

  • Nathaniel

    The video was condensed and the facts were distorted in one direction to get the public a little angry. I would love to see the whole story, with sound and then a judgement could be drawn.

  • Malina

    This reminds of the lady I was in line behind last Friday at the I.F. Walmart. She had 20 or so of the in-store Fred Meyer coupons that she took FROM Fred Meyer, and was trying to use them at Walmart for the little tiny bottles of sunscreen. Walmart would up owing her 3 cents for each one, and the computer wouldn’t even scan them. She was arguing with the cashier and the supervisor over it, and my poor kids (and everyone behind us) waited for over TWENTY minutes before she finally stomped out of there. I was so furious and LATE for where I needed to be! Walmart was crazy busy at the time, and all of our stuff was already loaded on the conveyer belt. I’m still angry about it! When it was my turn, I set my coupons up there and the cashier just started laughing, like “I am ready to go home!”

  • keegan

    It saddens me so many people have had such a bad experience with a store I love. I have to agree with several people here, there is no where near enough information in this “news clip” to get a good idea of the actual issue at hand. No duh to the not filming. I have had incredible experiences at Walmart. ( Not so with their on-line, but that’s a different story). The only “coupon evil” people I’ve come across there were actually other customers. ( can we say jealous?). I even have a few favorite employees that I’ve shared coupons with and they return the favor by telling me about things that have popped up on clearance in weird parts of the store ( why would I look for kids toys on the end caps of the dog toy isle?). It goes to show, being NICE gets you farther. Maybe being allowed to shop at Walmart obviously wasn’t as important to her as she wants the public to think. Oh, and how are they going to inforce banning her from all U.S. stores? Do they have facial recognition software focused on the door ways? Pardon me for thinking that’s incredibly funny

    • Melissa

      Whoa whoa, wait… you love wal mart? Wow. I have never, ever met anyone who even likes going there.

      • keegan

        I live in Northern Cali, would you like to meet me? There’s a first for everything.

      • Jaime

        Most Walmarts are like hell on earth but the Shelton, WA Walmart is pretty awesome. They’ve got great staff and I’ve never had a coupon or price matching issue ever!

        • keegan

          There are exceptions to every “rule” don’t you think? It IS possible to have a likeable Walmart. I’m glad somebody else has found a good store.

  • Krista Porter

    From shopping a Walmart I’ve had good and bad times. I think that they need to educate their cashiers better on their coupon policy and teach the cashiers to be nicer. But on the other hand as a customer, you have to make sure you are patient, nice and if you keep having problems with a cashier, ask to see a manager, or have them cancel the order and pick another cashier.

  • Deborah

    I only go to Wal-Mart as a last resort. It’s the only store that does not have a rewards program. Plus, they don’t double coupons.

  • Karen B

    Not enough information was given to side with either. I have dealt with the rudeness because of being a coupon user, and I know sometimes kindness isn’t enough. I’ve gone home to get the policy and shared it with the CSM just to have her turn her back on me and walk off. I don’t want them to give me anything that I’m not supposed to get. Some are great and others are jerks no matter how nice you are!

  • meredith

    I don’t know what to think. The video makes me think that she was videoing after they left the store and were being followed by Walmart employees. I think I would record too if I thought my safety or the safety of my children was being threatened. IT seemed as though she gave in, paid for her stuff and left but obviously, there’s something missing here. Even stranger that Walmart won’t answer the questions and clear the air. It’s a bit extreme to ban her for life. What are they going to do, put up her picture at every register like Warning, Extreme Couponer?? I don’t think it reflects badly on us couponers though. There’s so many cashiers that have no clue how coupons work and it’s a chore because they don’t try to work with you at all so who knows what really happened. I feel for this family though. I don’t know that Walmart takes competitor coupons but you have to bring in the sale paper of the competitor store to get the competitors sale price. But, I haven’t heard that you can use the coupons from the other stores there. IF she was being unreasonable or if the manager wasn’t giving her the policy so she could read it, it could have been both parties that went to the extremes. Guess we’ll never know until we get all the facts.

    • Liz

      I agree with that… i think it’s jus part of the media trying to scare couponers and making a big thing out of this… I’m not ashamed of bring my binder to the store and no tv show, or video on the news is going to make me change my mind about coupons. We just care to much what other people think about us. Isn’t funny how we are supposed to have an oppinion about everything, like if we know everything to talk about…. anyways people cannot say “Oh! I’m surprised that happened at Walmart, they have always been nice to me”. SOmetimes we are very selfish in not thinking about other people and we just jugde from our perspective… Stop making big things out of this….

  • Melissa

    Yuck. She makes me sad to be an Idahoan.

  • Elizabeth

    Makes me cringe a bit too. 🙁 I’m a little tired of people making comments when they see my coupon binder. There’s immediately a “she’s one of those crazy people” type of associations.

    I agree there’s more to this. For one, she violated the cashier’s rights when she kept videotaping. You must have consent which clearly she did not. I’m thinking she was more physical or threatening than the short clip of her video shows. Her tone and the way she was talking sound exactly like my kids when they’re trying to pull the wool over my eyes too. I have never ever had a problem using my coupons at Walmart. Id like to see the rest of the story.

  • Cyndi

    Like so many have already said, there is not enough info in this clip for us to make any assumptions as to what actually happened. I also agree that it was a very poorly reported “story” (using that term lightly). The reporter himself states that he doesn’t know what happened or if her being banned is related to couponing.

    I think what does surpise and disappoint me however, is that this site chose to post this awful clip and ask for comments when we really don’t know if her offense was related to coupon use/misuse. All it seems to have done is stir up a lot of dissension and ill will towards one side or the other and gossip.

    I will admit however, that it is a good reminder to me, after reading some of the above comments from some obviously very nice people, to continue to work at being more gracious and considerate of store employees when my shopping experience is not going as well as I would like 🙂

    • Liz

      “I think what does surpise and disappoint me however, is that this site chose to post this awful clip and ask for comments when we really don’t know if her offense was related to coupon use/misuse. All it seems to have done is stir up a lot of dissension and ill will towards one side or the other and gossip.”
      You were reading my mind when you said this 😉

      • Monica

        Cyndi & Liz

        I am sorry that we disappointed you. I hoped it to be a reminder to everyone to be kind to cashiers. That sometimes a coupon deal gone wrong can upset you but don’t let it get out of hand. It just seemed like a good visual to bring the issue to light. Sorry it was disappointing for you. 🙁

  • Michelle

    Wow..I just googled this to see if I could find more about the story. On one sites article it stated that the argument and video taping occured and then she left. Upon returning with her 16 yo daughter at another time, she was threatened by a plain clothes employee that ‘She was commiting a crime’ and was told to leave the store. She did and called the cops and that was when she found out that Walmart had banned her. Interesting. Upon reading comments posted by others reading this story, I have to say I am irritated with what I was reading. The way it was done was in poor taste on both ends and is seeming to make all couponers appear as terrible people. Personnally, after showing them the coupon policy I carry around and not winning at that, I would have said ‘Whatever, have fun returning my cart to the shelves” and left. Even though she chose to argue her side, that gave the manager no right to slap her hand or touch her phone. She could be better off anyway. I rarely shop at Walmart anymore and spend less than I used to before coupons buying only Walmart brands!!

    • laurie

      any store for any reason can charge you with a no trespass, like if a person acts shady on video they can get the licens and then get a no tresspass ticket issued and then the next time you go to the store you are actually committing a crime and can then be arrested…

  • Because of the website they are real particular about things especially filming. They don’t even like camera phones. I can understand why the manager asked her to put away the camera but he should been more respectful about it and he wasn’t. Being banned from Wal-mart is totally insane but she could fight it.

  • TJ

    The video doesn’t give us enough information to form any sort of conclusion.

    If she got banned for filming, SO WHAT – what does that have to do with coupons ..need they even mention it? Filming in stores is generally not allowed but enough to get you banned? I’m gonna say probably not. There is obviously many pieces of this story missing.
    What I don’t get is, why the need for this ridiculous, time-wasting news story? It seems negligible in terms of other things going on in the community.

    I will say though, if she constantly gave the store problems over policy, they have every right to ban her.

  • Alyssa

    In my experience at couponing in Walmart, it seriously only beeps if I try to do some crazy coupon idea that I would get off of a blog. Like buying the 1.00 flashlight battery combo using the 1.00 off rayovac batteries coupon . I seriously never have problems if I’m not trying to find loopholes.

  • betty

    I find Cashiers in general very confused and not wanting to deal with coupons. If there is a problem, I don’t argue, I just say ok, and leave the product sitting for them to return it to the shelf. I have done that at walmart, Fred Meyer and winco….and yes sometimes I find it embarrassing.

    • Brooke

      A thought:
      As a cashier, I believe that each person has to give the other the benefit of the doubt. Don’t treat them like idiots and don’t argue over every little thing. Yes, some people (including cashiers) are a bit “confused” when it comes to coupons, but don’t instantly assume they know nothing. Just be kind and understanding.

  • Alyssa

    One thing I honestly don’t understand with many couponers, is how they can blame the cashier. The cashier has nothing to do with the computer not accepting the coupon. More often than not it’s either the customer trying to do some crazy coupon idea or the customer is using crappy ink that won’t scan it. If you use the coupon the right way, it’s a breeze at Walmart, that’s another story..hehe

  • Dawn

    Well, like you Fab gals have suggested, she should have checked Walmart’s new coupon policy and had a copy in HER binder. 🙂 Although they will price match, it does clearly state that they don’t take competitors coupons. I imagine there is way more to the story than what she filmed or what is being reported. Too bad Walmart won’t comment. With all the flack they will probably receive, I can only imagine that every cashier will have the coupon policy at their register from now on. Incidences such as this are how policies and laws are created. I’m always overly nice to other customers and the cashiers because I feel like I’m inconveniences others by couponing. I pull my cart to the side somewhere and try to have everything organized PRIOR to getting in the check out line. A little effort and courtesy go a long way.

  • Ernie

    I noticed that the online coupon print out shown on the short video clip was in black and white. Do you think they banned her cos she was trying to pass off a photocopy? I just can’t believe that any business would ban a person without some legitimate reason. The bad press they’d get is just not worth it, especially for such a big corporation like Walmart.

  • Amy

    As a cashier at a Walmart competitor’s store I think there is more to the story then what is being said. I think a big thing for cashiers is they should read and know the coupon policy for there store. Customers should also read the whole policy and know it when they are shopping. I have seen more people misusing coupons since the show “extreme couponing” started. A store can not pay you back for an item that you are using a coupon. Ex if it is 2.99 you can not use a 3.00 off coupon. Most stores the register only takes off at most what the item is selling for. So many people get mad over this. My guess is this couponer may have been taking advantage of coupons and like someone else said the store had enough. I can safely say that most cashiers ones that are trained good will know which coupons are the trouble coupons and which ones you have to read carefully. Also a tip. If you shop at a store that gives a instant coupon or a Gift Card for an item please take the time to read the ad before getting upset. Most of the items will be buy 2 or more to get the coupon or GC.

  • Tamara

    I don’t love wal-mart, but I have never had a bad experience. When I am presenting a lot of coupons,no matter the store, I ALWAYS try to be as helpful as possible, courteous as possible, and understanding. If the cashier says no, I take that as a no. If I disagree, I take it up with customer service or a manager after the fact. No coupon is worth getting in a brawl over, or pissing off everyone else in line!

  • laurie

    she was arguing that nowhere in the store did it say she couldn’t use a competitior coupon…. they post all over the place that they accept everythign just bring the ad and we take coupons bla bla bla but try to actually use a competitor coupon there is a very different story they wouldn’t let her use a competitor coupon, something that is posted in the store that they will take, she was just stating that no where in the store does it state they wont take______ ( a coupon with out a price or a bogo or whatever loop they deciede that that day they were not gonna take, seems she was just trying to get on camera a manager going against their posted policy…………………someone needs to find that lady, and get the actual story!!!

  • D

    I personally have no idea what’s going on because we didn’t get much information from the video.

    A number of people have addressed the fact that the manager shouldn’t be against being filmed if he didn’t have anything to hide. I would not want to be videotaped at my job. Even if I was doing everything according the company policy, I wouldn’t want someone putting my face all over the news, internet, etc., just like this woman did to the manager. To me, it’s scary that in this technology age, no one is safe from being videotaped and put onto the internet. The manager didn’t want to be videotaped and you know what? I think he had the right to say he didn’t want to be.

  • Javier

    There has to be more to this story. Like always Walmart has no comment and that does not helps. I can not comment more on this until more information is released.

  • AB

    My husband worked loss prevention for Target corporation for over a decade, and the only reason they would ban someone from there is if the person was caught shoplifting or being abusive to employees or other customers. Clearly filming the manager was NOT the correct approach, and by his reaction, he already seemed agitated. Very sad story.

  • I don’t think she’s letting everyone in on everything that happened. I believe she did or said something beyond what she showed us that caused Walmart to refuse her service in all of their stores.

  • Sheri

    Wasn’t sure where the right place would be to pose this question, but since so many of you are commenting on this issue, I will try here. I went to A Store…(not wanting to say which one at this time) and was getting some coupon deals. Not wanting to be “piggy” about it, I only used about 1/2 of my coupons on the 1st trip. While the boxboy helped me out to my car with my load he was “bragging” about their powerade deal… 2/$1… and he had coupons to make them .20 cents. (they were doubling up to .50 today) I noticed as we were walking out that the pallets of powerade were empty with about 6 -8 bottles left. He was telling me that he had purchased about $68 worth and then he went on to tell me the store manager had purchased over $70 worth. That’s alot of coupons! So I just asked him where he got all of his coupons….. he got a funny smile on his face and said….weeeell, they gave them to us here at the store. hmmmmm…. so when I got home I just checked the database to see where I might snag a few….. it said “instore tear pad”…… hmmmmm….. it might appear the store got the tearpads and just distributed them amongst the employees??? What do you think about that??? I may be just jumping to conclusions here…. I hope that’s not what happened….

    • Cheryl_hiccups

      I’m sure that’s what happened.

      • laurie

        happens all the time, I have a friend that iks a cashier and she snags me coupons sometimes…peelies and tear pads just get stolen the minute they are put out so they don’t even bother any more and just keep them in the office, then they will put a sign out like powerade 10 for 2.00 with coupon up front and they dole them out this way, often the employees get first dibs because they are there first, I remember once they put out 1000 coupons and a person came in a took every single one like 2 mins after they put them up!!

        • Sheri

          wow….. that’s amazing…. I figure between the two of them they used almost 140 coupons. Sure seems “piggy” to me. This is a regional chain…. kind of wondering how the home office would feel about it? I’m pretty sure the manufacturer intended for many people to be able to use them…. not just a select few. Oh well…. I got my .30 cent 2 liter diet coke… so I’m happy! (although, powerade probably would have been better for me!)

  • CM

    I’ve been in retail for years and for a store to be the point of banning someone means a lot of stuff has to have happened. It takes months sometimes years of tracking, documenting, and following up with corporate to do this. She may have threatened employees before, caused problems whenever she came in, committed fraud, or shoplifted, no one really knows but her and the store.

    Being in retail I have had customers threaten my job numerous times for enforcing coupon, pricing, and return policies. Many think the louder you get, bigger scene you make, the more likely you are to get your way. And if I had a customer confronting me I would not want them making a video….it can be edited, posted to the net, or run on the news like this one was. Right or wrong the manager and cashier are members of the community and don’t need someone confronting them about this on their day off. Walmart is covered with camera’s there’s a tape somewhere not to mention other cashiers and customers.

    And though coupons seemed to be part of the argument they don’t seem to be reason for the ban.

    So what can be learned, be kind, patient, and if you really think your right put the stuff back and call the SM or even corporate. I had a cashier charge me more for an item because a coupon on a BOGO took more than they sold the item for. I wasn’t going to argue with her, there were people behind me so I simply went home and contacted the store manager, who issued the refund.

    Yes we aren’t getting both sides to the story, and probably never will. But we can learn some good lessons and in the end I believe Karma will work it all out.

  • Maryhelen

    I think the drama/worry over NOT being able to shop at WalMart is a little over done here. One of my resolutions for the year has been to stay out of WalMart as much as humanly possible and with more than $1200 saved in the past six months for our family of 8, I don’t think my savings are suffering at all.
    Secondly, how is WalMart going to track this woman’s shopping behavior? If she starts using another store and goes quietly about her business ~ who is going to be there to enforce the “banned for life” rule? And if she does get caught, what would happen to her?
    Seems like this was a manager with a little bit too much testosterone running through him who decided to exercise his “authority” and ended up going too far.

  • Breann

    I’ve commented, but I’ve been debating on how to comment further on this. We seem to forget that coupons have been a marketing tool that has been around for ages. My mother used coupons in the 80s to feed, clean and clothe a family of four on $200 a month. Stores that accept coupons are reimbursed for the amount we save, plus a processing fee to cover the wages of the team that processes the coupons. I suspect (I don’t know for sure) that those who process the coupons can easily handle more than 1000 per hour. That’s $80 per hour. Are these people paid $80 per hour? Likely not. If they’re paid $30 per hour, that’s $50 per hour profit, just for accepting the coupons that save customers money. Having a good coupon policy is beneficial for stores, not just in the customer loyalty department. They are not losing money because we make use of what the manufacturer offers to boost sales. Assuming that we’re being spoiled and must accept abuse because of that is not a correct assumption. I can use my coupons (which pay the store that takes them) at Walmart or at Albertsons or Fred Meyer or Winco. The store I choose based on how little abuse I’ll take for using a method my mother used and her mother before her used is the store that gets my money and extra purchases without a coupon.

    Regardless of what happened here, the fact that I’m seeing justification of poor customer service because of coupon use seems to imply that most couponers feel like they are abusing the system (we all seem to agree that we should be polite and try to be as helpful as possible, but there’s so much justification of employee abuse of couponing customers…or at least, we seem to be sweeping the problem under the rug). If we’re using the policy as it is written and being friendly and considerate, we are entitled to the same quality customer service as customers who don’t spend hours clipping and sorting coupons in order to save enough money in a rough economy to survive. We are not hurting the store and the manufacturers have marketing teams who use marketing budgets to cover the cost of getting their products into our homes (and inspiring brand loyalty in us that would normally be lost to generics). We really need to stop and ask ourselves if coupons would’ve been around so long and if stores would still be accepting them if they weren’t a beneficial marketing tactic.

    Being friendly and patient and flexible is just quality living advice. People should be kind and courteous, whether they are using coupons or not. Whether they are the customer or the cashier. Whether we’re driving or walking. However, there’s no need to accept abuse from any position. Since we don’t know the whole story here–just Fox News’s spin (and we all know that Fox News is completely factual, right?)–everything is questionable. If the customer was abusive, Walmart had the right to say, “This isn’t acceptable.” If Walmart was abusive, customers can shop elsewhere. The bottom line is that no one should have to endure abuse of any kind. Stores have the right to refuse service and customers have the right to spend their money and use their coupons elsewhere.

    • Amen sister! Well put. I wrote a big comment too…but I like yours better! I always forget that it is beneficial for the stores to accept coupons because they are being reimbursed the face value plus the processing fee. It’s too bad that the stores don’t take this in to account when creating their coupon policies. We are choosing to shop at their establishment, and are in no way impacting their bottom line because they are getting reimbursed. It seems like no matter how nice I am, or how easy I try to make the transaction- I get the same response- like I am an annoyance.

      Anyway…thanks for reminding us of the fact that they do get reimbursed- someone should remind all of the cashiers and management that it’s good for business!

  • tia

    how is WM possibly going to ban this woman from ALL WMs for LIFE? is every store going to have a picture of her at each register for the next 50 years? to me, that’s funny.

  • Monica

    I chatted with a friend from Fox that said the lady called the station to report that she is no longer banned from the store. My Fox friend agreed that the story was poorly done.

    I also got some information from a Walmart employee emailed to me that might help you all figure out this crazy story:

    “The day before the video incident the customer had:
    1 come in to use a “ad match” coupon which was a b1g1 with no price on it. She was informed that they don’t honor them (see walmart coupon policy)
    2. threw a fit till the store called the competitor and found out the price
    3. was told that they would not do this again
    4. the system won’t let you ring up the item at a 0 price so the cashier rang them up at 1/2 price each. The customer got upset because 1 was supose to be free.
    5. to make the customer happy they gave the customer the lower walmart price
    6. the customer sent her kids back to get 12 more because it was a lower price

    The next day she came back to the store to talk to the manager as you can see from the video. I would like to see the unedited version because there is a lot more going on than we could see.

    One of my concerns is that the customer in her tv interview was shown holding printable coupons from the internet. So why didn’t she print the policy and have it available or available to the tv station?

    I know that the manager is at fault too. You should never touch another person or their property but I think the media is trying to make this a bigger issue than it was.

    There is also a policy on recording in the store which can be found on the website.

    I know you can’t take my word for this but I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of your followers were able to see/and comment that there are always 2 sides to every story and as a couponer and a retail associate I appreciate it”

    • Kristy

      I know there are always two sides to a story, and I believe that they both did not handle the situation correctly. I am worried that certain people can and will change couponing for the rest of us. There is no need to get mad when a certain “deal” dosen’t play out the way we thought it should. I didn’t realize that the policy had changed on matching an add at walmart, and that I had to get the price. I had a walmart manager go ahead and match the add with their price but informed me what the policy was she was nice and friendly about it and I was at fault for not knowing. On the other side to that situation I was kind and friendly back with a smile the whole time. If you are not willing to work with them or be kind why would they want to go above and beyond to help you out. I now know and will not make that mistake again however I am very new at this, thats no excuse. This video gave me a real need to have all the policys printed out and with me so I know what all the rules are.

      I don’t believe that she should be banned and now know they removed that. I just think she was working they system a little to hard, shes there everyday, sending her kids in for the same deal they kindly gave her…..I think we all need to feed our families and will do what we need to do but there is a limit to it all.I just need to save money and worry we will all have a bad name and reputation from this. I wish her well but maybe she needs to be a little nicer. He should have never touched her or her phone that was poor behavior, she should not have filmed the situation which made it go from bad to worse….. WOW!!

    • sami duh

      i agree on why didnt she print it, and if she didnt know it she could have stopped at customer service and found out before shopping. the video was crap and i think the report on the news was out to make walmart look like the bad guy, just listening to that woman talk i got the feeling she was a pain in the butt. and for not touching another person and their property…if someone came up to me in an argumenative way (at work or not) and shoved a phone in my face..and i said not to record me and they still did…id probably slap their phone away too. coupons arent rocket science..use them for what it says if you have a store you dont like dont shop there. target price matches too. i think its just become too easy to argue for some people to argue with their cashiers until they give in. i have no problem shopping at walmart both in nampa and in caldwell. have never had to argue with them if im unsure about a coupon being used there i ask before i get into line. a little respect for those around you can be a great thing.

    • CM

      Nice to see things cleared up a little bit. From a retail point of view and I’ll most like get someone upset about this, she was really taking advantage of the situation. I have seen this before, the store was nice enough to make an exception to the rule and she totally took advantage of it. She got her way and still went back to complain to the manager some more (many people know you sometimes get a giftcard when you complain). The only reason a video was involved was to try to get someone in trouble further.

      No matter how bad of service I receive if I do contact a manager to complain I always make it clear I do not want the person in question to loose their job. Just like customers we don’t know what’s going on with them. We don’t know if they had a gal like this two minutes before we walked up, got into a fender bender before coming to work, or just found our their hours had been cut. And while I do not condone or excuse poor customer service I know its going to happen from time to time.

      Sad that this got blown up but I think if she keeps it up she will be banned. I have no doubt the store will be keeping a closer eye on her.


  • Kristie

    Obviously we are only hearing one side of the story. She should not have video taped him without consent. Whether or not it’s against store policy, it is common courtesy.

  • Michelle

    I wonder if this would have made the news if it wasn’t Walmart? If the lady was banned from Safeway would the news station be doing a story about her?

  • No one knows what happened here and it is surprising that the media covered a story based on such hearsay. The media is always so quick to jump on such accusations aimed at big corporations and it would have been better had they tried to contact Wal-mart with more diligence that a couple of phone calls. This story of hers is in no way one sided, and this woman is not a victim. I love how they edit this “recording” to make it sound as though she is being assaulted or something.

    If you are treating people with such obvious disrespect, you deserve to be banned. Cashiers are just following their instructions from the store- they are not going to lose their jobs so you can save 50 cents on a box of crackers- they have responsibilities too. If for whatever reason your coupon is not accepted- kindly reject the item and get your coupons back and stop at customer service, go to another store or come back with the coupon policy in hand.

    As far as the whole not wanting to be recorded issue, there are reasons that in magazines and some videos, people’s faces are blurred out in the background- it’s because they did not give their permission to be filmed or photographed. This man probably did not want to hear of this video being posted on You Tube. Case closed- have some respect for the man’s privacy. I’m sure she wouldn’t appreciate her rant about a coupon on You Tube while her kids sit there mortified that their Mom is yelling at a casher at Wal-mart over fifty cents. People straight up don’t want unauthorized videos of them out in the universe, it doesn’t mean he did anything wrong.

    C’mon, this man was doing his job and he has someone’s iPhone shoved in his face. How annoying. Did this woman actually think she was going to come out on top because she was video-taping what is probably her wrong doing? I doubt that the man in question did anything but push the camera out of his face and relay to this woman that they are following the policy set forth by the corporate office.

    I think it’s great when we have coupons to stack, and use them in conjunction with sales or B1G1’s, but we have to draw the line and we have to be polite, and give the same respect that we expect.

    I hate it when people blame the economy for why they use coupons. I am an avid couponer, in no way extreme. But I don’t boast that I have to use coupons to survive while I am walking around yakking on my iPhone that costs $300 to buy and about $100 a month for service. I’m not compiling my grocery list on the newest iPad 2, and I am not driving a $60,000 vehicle- because of the economy. It’s ruining it for the people who really do need coupons to survive. Anyway…

    Shame on this lady for causing such an altercation over a coupon in front of her children! How embarrassing! And not at all a good example.

    I love this site!! And I love that you share all these coupon happenings around the globe. It’s just infuriating when people behave badly, have no coupon etiquette and ruin it for all of us! I doubt manufacturers will ever stop producing coupons, but the more incidents like this that occur- the more likely stores will tighten their policies more and more, and perhaps stop accepting them at all.

    Stories like this remind me that couponing is a privilage, not a right, and it inspires me to be nicer and give more respect to the people who staff the stores that I shop at.

    • Jessica B

      “But I don’t boast that I have to use coupons to survive while I am walking around yakking on my iPhone that costs $300 to buy and about $100 a month for service.”

      I had to LOL about this, I don’t know if her phone was a bday or christmas gift or something, but her phone is a lot nicer than mine LOL. mine barely takes pics :o) I agree with your entire post.

      • ricki

        FYI you can pick up a brand new iphone for under $50. so i dont think anyone can talk about that cuz it makes no difference. and being from that location i do have to say that the garrity walmart is the most undecisive on coupon policy. it entirely depends on #1 your checker and #2 what time of day it is. i only used to shop that particular walmart until they changed their coupon policy which had confused every employee in that store. you never get the same answer twice. EVER! and no transaction is ever a smooth sail. im not really sure what that walmart is trying to prove to corprate, but i know of at leat 6 people that they have litteally ran off. and these were legite couponers playing by the rules. these people had never even considered taking an albertsons doubler in there.

    • CM

      Love it, and very nicely put.

  • ricki

    and your statement is very well put and to the point coupning is a privilage and people try to take advantage of that.

  • Mary S

    I would really love to see the rest of her video, to get the rest of the story. It’s hard to tell what really happened based on what little they showed of her video, but it did seem like she was really upset and belligerent, maybe had she taken a copy of the Walmart Coupon Policy with her, and talked calmly with the store manager, she may have gotten to use her coupons and not banned from the store. My other question would be, is this the first time this has happened? If not, that might explain why she pulled out the camera……

  • Suzie

    I would have hated to have been her cashier….I live in a tiny town in Idaho, and both grocery stores are all but banning coupons because they have had so much trouble handling angry customers and cashiers. We need to keep our cool and have some tact. Be sure you have checked your coupon limits, the store’s coupon policy, and the product. If you have a problem, ask to take the coupons and product to the customer service desk for further clarification. Be a responsible shopper first and a couponer second. You’ll save the rest of us alot of grief. 🙂

  • joyce

    i didnt think the video showed anything. i really think there’s more to what really happen. what was the reason for video taping? i think the fact the this video is on U TUBE , i think it was wrong to show half of what went on. cause alot of the couponers that has been commenting , think she didnt do anything wrong. I think she did, by taping someone without permission. even if walmart did have it on the door, no one would pay attention to it. i work for walmart , i have seen people bring animals in the store , knowing that it states at the door , only seeing eye dogs allowed for medical use. people dont read whats one the door. that was just an example . and the more it gets talked about the bigger it gets.
    I clip coupons also, i save alot of money, but if a coupon doesnt go through, i dont make a big deal about it, i dont get that item and then move on. Its all about acting like Adults when we shop and use coupons!!

  • Lexie

    Wow, this is sad. First of all it makes both the couponer and the store look bad. It seems to me that the couponer sounded a little hostel to begin with with. Perhaps if she’d had a kinder tone of voice she would not have been met with so much opposition. I know a lot of people who work at Walmart who are treated terrible by their customers I suspect they are both at fault.

  • dionne

    she stated she wanted walmart to have a coupon policy posted walmart has a coupon policy . check their website i see she has printed coupons she has access to internet. i think she over reacted. i like shopping at walmart sometimes. you have your good and bad times. i don’t think it was totally the stores fault.

  • dlshnn

    The one thing I could not determine from the video was, why were they following her? Did the alarm go off when she left the store? Were they trying to get a plate number for some reason? Another point is if the manager/CSM/cashier actually touched her when he pushed the phone away that could be considered assault in many places. Also, I wondered if, like photography, if you are in a public place do you really need permission to film a person?

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